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Steven Kotsonis, M.D.Steven Kotsonis, MD, 34, of Compassionate Care Clinic in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin was indicted June 21st.  The indictment was for 21 counts including conspiracy and distribution of controlled drugs. His office manager, Susan Moyer, 53, was charged with 10 similar counts. Dr. Kotsonis is expected to plead not guilty this week. According to the indictment, Dr. Kotsonis, licensed to dispense controlled substances such as oxycodone, morphine and Valium, did so “illegally” from 2012 to 2013.

Previously, another doctor, Dr. Donald Beaver of Beaver Medical Clinic had his license suspended in 2012 for prescribing controlled drugs “without a legitimate purpose”, the catchall phrase being used by the Justice Department illegally today. Dr. Kotsonis stepped up to the plate to take care of Dr. Beaver’s patients—a very honorable and compassionate thing to do.  Ms. Moyer had worked for Dr. Beaver and then started working for Dr. Kotsonis.

According to the DEA, they warned Kotsonis, stressing that he needed to be the one in the clinic making out prescriptions and Dr. Kotsonis agreed. Now with that as a history, do you really think that Dr. Kotsonis would be so stupid as to sign prescriptions of patients he hadn’t seen, which they are now saying he did?

This attack on another physician just shows how brazen the government has become in attacking anyone in the medical profession with these illegal charges. And the crass manner in which the media portray the doctor is unbelievable.

A newspaper article written by John Diedrich of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel   has obviously spurious quotes ascribed to Dr. Kotsonis and Ms. Moyer, but the source of those quotes is not given. My guess is they are made up by the government just for the media to publish. The writer also criticizes Dr. Kotsonis for putting higher numbers on prescriptions. But in reality, that might have been to save the patient money.  Writing only one week of medication at a time costs the patient 4x more than writing a month at a time. And that’s what it looked like he was doing, if Dr. Beaver’s prescription was for 30 pills while Dr. Kotsonis’s was for 120. At that number, it must have been for short-acting meds, which are usually required every 4-6 hours to maintain pain control.

An office visit by a DEA undercover agent (who are usually drug abusers who will say anything the government tells them to say to avoid prosecution themselves) claimed that vitals weren’t taken. Now really, if the chief complaint is pain, are blood pressure and temperature really necessary? Depending on how busy the clinic was, I can understand not checking vitals with every visit. And should that really be considered a crime?  According to the new laws being proposed by Congress, it will be a crime, and every doctor in the country will be likely guilty of committing one if the Justice Department has their way. The government has created their gravy train, and as this case demonstrates, they will fabricate “crimes” to criminalize as many doctors as they can. The main thing at that visit was the Dr. Kotsonis did ask about pain levels. That pertains to the chief complaint, and should be all that is necessary to continue an effective prescription.

According to Mr. Diedrich, patients were found that were selling their pills–a woman who ran homes for “the disadvantaged” using residents to get the pills and then sold them, for example. Now I wonder if that person has been charged with distribution. My guess is no. Doctors are the target today because of their assets.

Dr. Kostonis was also castigated for treating patients outside the area and from other states. But since it’s only about 40 miles to Illinois, that’s really not so bad. People in my area now have to travel 2 or more hours to get to a pain management physician, and if they have Medicaid it is more like 4-6 hours.

The primary reason for this attack on Dr. Kotsonis appears to be the continuation of government persecution of doctors that are really doing nothing wrong.  More than likely Dr. Kotsonis is an independent family physician who provided care for the expendable (per government agenda) population in his area. Controlled drugs have been given the notoriety of causing drug addiction and leading to the heroin epidemic and increased overdose deaths.  My charge, however, is that it is the government attacks such as this one that are causing the overdoses. And the REAL cause of addiction is not the medication. If you are interested in knowing what the real cause of addiction is, you can attend a webinar that I will be providing on the subject soon, or get the DVD I am producing. Sign up to follow the blog and you should be notified when these are available.  Meanwhile, stop believing all the hype being spread by the media as a part of erroneous government propaganda.

Dr. Kotsonis is still able to practice medicine. Although the Compassionate Care Clinic is closed, it would appear he still has a practice at Stevanovic Family Clinic which has been in operation since 2011.  He is also now running Faithful Physician Services, a mobile medical practice that brings primary medical care to the home. If you are in the area, please support Dr. Kotsonis.