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In July, 2015 TaShawna Stokes, wife of Dr. Oscar J. Stokes who was previously raided and charged illegally as a pain management physician, was indicted for alleged participation in her husband’s clinic in Alpharetta, GA. Dr. Oscar Stokes’ clinic had been raided by the DEA in 2014. The government is trying to implicate TaShawna as also operating out of Oscar’s clinic in a drug conspiracy. She is accused of forging her husband’s signature on some of the opioid prescriptions. Now with that accusation, obviously the government is planning on involving TaShawna on innuendo alone, as it would be impossible to prove beyond reasonable doubt that she forged prescriptions.

This case exemplifies how horribly evil our government is. For money, bonuses, power and promotions, US Attorneys will create a crime where there is no crime, destroying lives and families. Oscar and TaShawna have 2 children under the age of 10, and yet these unscrupulous government agents will try to achieve 20+ year sentences for these children’s parents for simply doing their job.

How ridiculous is this? TaShawna is charged with seeing patients at Oscar’s clinic and forging his name on the scripts. She wouldn’t have to do that–she’s a doctor with her own DEA certificate. But the government can create a crime just with words. . If you don’t believe that, read Sidney Powell’s book Licensed to Lie or read my posts about it which start here:

Also, TaShawna is a pediatrician, with an office in Kennesaw, GA, a 40-minute drive away from Oscar’s clinic. How can she be in two places at once? TaShawna has been a celebrity before, but in a good way. Receiving her bachelor’s degree at Auburn University in Alabama, she was Miss Auburn in 2001 and keynote speaker at their 2012 Summer Bridge Luncheon. That’s no small potatoes achievement. Auburn University is a public research university with more than more than 28,000 students. It is one of Alabama’s largest universities and one of the state’s two public flagship universities.

I charge the US government with flagrantly targeting minority physicians by race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, independent from hospital ownership, or rural practices, usually family practice, to charge them with crimes that aren’t crimes simply because they can, and for the intent of making money through forfeiture of assets. That, folks, is the crime. And to stop this flagrant abuse of power, we, the people, need to take away the immunity of prosecution that we bestowed on our government agents back when they had a modicum of honor and integrity.