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Los Angeles – The Pain News Network blasted Dr. Timothy Munzing as inexperienced and unfamiliar with the practice of doctor Forest Tennant, who is a well-known pain specialists and former one time Mayor of West Covina. The DEA raided Dr. Forest Tennant’s home in November of 2017 with a search warrant alleging drug trafficking and claiming his patients were selling their prescriptions, which they referred to as “drugs” on the black market. The DEA Agency was identified through a joint investigation done by the Washington Post and 60 Minutes who exposed corruption within the Drug Enforcement Agency. The findings detailed how the Drug Distributors (Big Pharma) infiltrated the DEA and paid-off 53 of their top lawyers and prosecutors in the Tom Morino scandal, which was propelled in the News Headlines when President Donald Trump picked Congressman Tom Morino to be his Drug Zar, which ended in protests and chaos. The joint research investigation proved that Congressman Tom Morino was also paid-off by the Drug Distributors to pass legislation that restricted the DEA from going after Big Pharma, as drug cartels. The Drug Distributors, according to investigative results, were aggressively lobbying and controlling the Drug Enforcement Agency from 2000, all the way to 2017.

Who is Doctor Timothy Munzing? Dr. Munzing is a self-proclaimed expert witness for the DEA and other government agencies, like the Medical Board of California. Expert witnesses for the DEA and the Medical Boards are paid for their services and their testimony is based on investigative narratives. There are a lot of good expert witnesses who are honest and objective about how they review cases against doctors, but there are just a many crooked so-called expert witness doctors who would knowingly testify to harm other doctors and people in general, using false testimony. In this case, I believe Dr. Timothy Munzing’s evaluation and findings are based on what the DEA wants him to find and say. The Pain News Network hits the donkey right on the tail; Dr. Munzing is not only unfamiliar with Dr. Tennant’s practice, but he is not an honest expert witness because he tends to follow narratives given to him by the prosecution, instead of following what he know is ethical and correct. Experts like Dr. Munzing are responsible for jailing thousands of U.S. doctors, calling them drug dealers and associating their practices with the black market, a false, “fake news” narrative that has been widely debunked and exposed.


Doctor Michael Schatman, a research specialist in pain management, exposed a national scheme by the Drug Distributors who control the CDC, DEA, Medical Boards, and Congressional Members like Tom Morino; this is a scheme to criminalize medicine and call doctors drug dealers and their patients addicts. This scheme involved creating a “Fake” opioid prescription pill crisis and thousands of overdose deaths blamed on doctors when the fact shows that 90 percent of overdose deaths in the United States are caused by illegal drugs pouring into this country from China and other countries. The DEA has been criticized from its inability to stop illegal drugs for hitting the streets in this country and under the guidance and control of the Drug Distributors, the DEA has launched its war against U.S. Trained doctors for treating legitimate people with valid pain problems. New York is a small example of how this war on  doctors and chronic pain patients have shaped the media; here you have a small bust of 90 pounds of Fentanyl from China, enough to kill 32 million people, and the news media does not report this on television. In fact, many busts similar to this is not reported. The news medias, like MSNBC are reporting that prescription overdose deaths is shooting up to  the sky, when their own records shows the opposite. This is why “Fake” news is in the headlines and this is what Dr. Munzings testimony is based on, a false and deliberate attack on doctors directed by the Drug Distributors and Big Pharma. This is a war carried-out by the DEA and other government regulatory agencies paid for by the Drug Distributors and special interest groups.


The fact speaks in volume, Dr. Munzing works at Kaiser and he also works for the state police department as an expert witness. The fact that expert witnesses are paid by police agencies should raise a red flag because police misconduct and prosecutorial misconduct is extremely common against unsuspecting citizens. Dr. Munzing is, at the best, another foot soldier used by the Drug Distributors, who are controlling the DEA and other government agencies, to continue an assault against doctors in this country by calling them drug dealers, a narrative that has proven to be false and malicious. I applaud the Pain News Network for telling it like it is, Dr. Munzing is ignorant, not only to the practice of Dr. Tennant, but he is ignorant or an accessory to the general war against doctors and patients , a narrative possibly controliing his intellectual thoughts by virtue of wanting to make a name for himself by jailing doctors illegally and by seeking acceptance by corrupt prosecutors and state actors pushing a false narrative against well-trained compassionate doctors using police misconduct and fraud.

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Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation