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Sacramento Bee Writer ALEXEI KOSEFF

Fake News Hits The Sacramento Bees Again

Sacramento California – Alexei Koseff, a news writer with the Sacramento Bee decided to jump on the fake news wagon and wrote an article called,”Limit Pain Prescriptions to 3 Days, California Lawmakers Says,” which was published February 5, 2018. The problem with this report is that it shows that Alexei Koseff and Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez, D-Pomona, don’t have the slightest idea what is going on!

The import of illegal synthetic drugs from China and other countries has taken this country by storm. The undeniable truth is that news outlets like the Sacramento Bee is riding on a fantasy wheel of fake news reporting and misleading the American people to believe that doctors are responsible for opioid deaths when the fact shows that this is not true. CBS News reported that U.S. deaths is skyrocketing from illegal Fentanly from China. New York saw one of the biggest drug bust in its history, a small batch of Fentanly, which was estimated to be enough to kill 32 million people.

Of course, Alexei Koseff and Assemblyman Freddie Rodriquez can and will not address the real issues because of social engineering and the popularity of fake news in this country. Lets take a look at some real statistics that was just released by the CDC, the report shows West Virginia, Ohio, and new Hampshire have some of the highest opioid death rates in the country. Don’t forget, many experts say that the CDC results are doctored and many believe that this government agency is led and run by special interest groups, like those responsible for vaccines causing Autism to millions of children in America.

Now, lets take a look at New Hampshire, which was reported by the CDC to have (39.0 per 100,000) overdose rates identified in that state. New Hampshire’s total population is 1.3 million, which equals to approximately 400 deaths per year. Doctor Michael E. Schatman PhD, DASPE, CPE, is a clinical psychologist who has spent the past 26 years working in multidisciplinary chronic pain management. He is currently the Executive Director of the Foundation for Ethics in Pain Care in Bellevue, Washington, and Dr. Schatman is the author of over 40 journal articles and book chapters on various aspects of chronic pain management. Dr. Schatman says that news media outlets and government outlets have created a very false narrative about prescription overdose deaths and they have blamed this on doctors, which is not the case, the fact shows that China is leading the skyrocketing overdose deaths in the U.S. with the imports of their synthetic Fentanyl.

The Sacramento Bee, along with other news outlets, are running out of honey and looking to jump on the gravy train of fake news. It would probably be safe to say that most politicians would say and do anything to get elected and the majority of them are controlled by their donors and lobbying groups. CVS Health is leading the way to control politicians like Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez and over 35% of California lawmakers get fat checks from donors and special interest groups like CVS and the drug distributors. The real headlines should read, “The DEA Fails to Protect Americans from illegal Fentanyl from China that is Killing Peoples at alarming rates.” The majority of the chronic pain patient community realize that fake news and social engineering is turning real people into drug users and turning drug users into chronic pain patients; thanks to fake news outlets like the Sacramento Bee, CNN, and MSNBC. The world will never be the same again…


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Editor: Billy Earley,
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