Everyone in the country needs to see this documentary series. It will save lives (and lots of money). I know—money is the key word. Money is what runs the country, and our lives. It has become our idol. So anyway, if you want to save yourself the expense of an expensive, quick, and for-sure death, watch this.

Go here to watch episode one https://go2.thetruthaboutcancer.com/agq-encore/episode-1/

But I have a secondary purpose in telling you about this. The information here can be applied to another hot topic in the world today—the opioid epidemic. This is a government/Big Pharma/established medicine creation as well. And I sit as one of the victims. But I’m not in the worst shape as a victim. There are others a lot worse off than me. I just hope and pray that with the notoriety Ty will receive with this work, he will proceed on to join me in explaining the REAL cause of drug abuse and addiction.

Ty tells us a history lesson in the first segment, which is airing today until 8:00 PM EST. That lesson is that Nazi Germany can attribute its beginning to a well-planned conspiracy by Bayer Pharmaceuticals to create a free slave labor trade at Auschwitz. Well, folks, that concept is alive and well in the USA.  Back before the creation of my current websites, I had a website simply entitled lindacheekmd.com. One post on that site talked about the fact that Hitler Germany was alive and well right here.  The US Attorney’s office was watching every move I made, and in a meeting AUSA Jenny Waering brought that post up laughing.  Well they can laugh all they want, they are another Nazi organization.

How are they doing it? By criminalizing drug use. Personally, I think that the government saw how Germany created thousands of free slaves through the concentration camps, and actually purposefully decided to do the same thing here. They just didn’t pick on the Jews. Instead, they picked on the Blacks. A government will always choose the population that they will get the greatest agreement with in the general population. And so, the use of drugs like opium, heroin, and cocaine was attributed mostly to the black population. It was NOT arbitrarily but purposefully decided to choose them for imprisonment.  And so the laws were created to denigrate drug use, associate it with the chosen population, and then move that population into prisons for cheap labor.

Just as Ty is opening our eyes to the evil control that the medical associations along with Big Pharma and government agencies have with forcing Americans to use harmful patent medicines, so we need our eyes opened to the evil of blaming drug addiction on the drugs, and criminalizing a population of people for doing something that is

  1. Not harmful in and of itself and
  2. Not the cause of the increased population involved in drug addiction today.

I have tried to spread the word in my feeble attempts through my DVDs, webinars, and writing. But people just aren’t getting it. Hopefully the lightbulb will go off and you will start to understand, get this information, and tell everyone.  For the short version of the REAL cause of drug abuse, go to the YouTube link https://youtu.be/YvG5Vv5rW5A .  For the complete DVD, go to https://www.sevenpillarstotalhealth.com/our-products/#!/DVDs/c/20493001/offset=0&sort=normal where you have a choice of combinations. For a complete natural treatment of whatever disease process you are going through, get the full set of DVDs that I have developed here: https://www.sevenpillarstotalhealth.com/our-products/#!/Five-star-combo/p/83616978/category=20493001. I hope you will pass this on so we can get the American people to understand that they are participating in a planned racist conspiracy by incarcerating people for drug use. And doing it, they are destroying generations of Americans. If you have read this and do nothing, you are just as guilty as the government and corporate leaders orchestrating it. The attacks on doctors for prescribing pain meds is a simple extension of this policy, because they make more money at it.  Stop believing the propaganda.