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Uzma Ehtesham, MD, a psychiatrist in Norton, VA is the next independent minority SW Virginia doctor to be attacked illegally by the government for monetary gain. This time it appears to be state, not federal. Naturally with all the money the feds are making with these heinous acts, the states want some of the pie. On October 12, 2016, the Sheriff’s office, state police, and the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control division raided her office but declined to comment on what was happening.

I happened to be carrying my message of illegal government overreach to the doctors in the SW Virginia region, and a patient in another office told me of Dr. Ehtesham’s raid. According to the patient (purely unsubstantiated), the doctor was raided because another area doctor’s son overdosed on some of her medication.

Now first, the government doesn’t work that fast. The twenty year old man died October 9 and the raid happened three days later. Before raids on doctors’ offices occur, they have been under investigation for possibly years. So I think the two occurrences were partly coincidental. However, I’ll bet the government pushed the raid up a bit so that the publicity of the young man’s death could be used against Dr. Ehtesham later.

But something that Dr. Ehtesham needs to know is that the young man’s father was investigated by the Virginia Board of Medicine in 1994, at which time he admitted that he owned some marijuana. So is medication really a contributor to this young man’s possible addiction? It sounds like the familial tendency was already in place.

Dr. Ehtesham was one of the doctors on my list to visit when I was informed of her circumstances. I went to her office, introduced myself to her receptionist who went back to the doctor to see if she would talk with me. The answer I got was to wait until she had spoken with her lawyer. Big mistake. Big, big mistake (borrowed from Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman). After waiting for 30 minutes, I got the implied message and left. Later I returned and the receptionist continued to work behind the glass window as I stood there for 5 minutes. A patient finally remarked, “She’s ignoring you. You’ll have to talk through the glass.” I left.

Part of the problem with getting these attacks on doctors stopped is that defense attorneys are in on them as well. They know that their financial interests are in keeping the attacks going. So they don’t want their clients speaking to others who could show them the corruption in the legal system. They get by with this because of the “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law” statement.  But, for any doctors reading this (and I hope Dr. Ehtesham comes to my website as I left my card), I warn them about saying anything to me. In general, I am the one doing the talking, so that they know what the future holds, and how to best approach the situation. As I am available for consults, I can evaluate their records and office procedures, help them understand what the government might do, and point out the good defensive strategies they have. But defense lawyers want to keep their clients in the dark. Remember—lawyers aren’t working for you, they are working for the Bar Association and themselves.

The following comments by Dr. Ehtesham’s patients on Facebook show that she is following the proper procedures to ensure legitimate prescribing to the best of her ability:

  1. Say what you will, she was a good psychiatrist and I didn’t see her just handing out pills. Actually she was rather strict on some, dating them for exact due date. Too many people are upset with her over the wait, and not getting their preferred pills.

  1. I’ve known her for the better part of a decade and she was always by the book on drug screens and prescription monitoring reports. Something is not adding up.

  1. I don’t get why the VA ABC agents went in? I never got a beer there…

  1. Dr. Uzma Ehtesham is a wonderful psychiatrist that just does not hand out more meds than what she should.

  1. I don’t know how that works. I guess her clinic is shut down. You can’t find and keep a good doctor for the overrun of dope heads.

  1. Anyone who knows her knows this woman cares deeply for her patients. Psychiatry isn’t an easy field and the mainstay treatment does involve medication management. I have always had great respect for her as a clinician.

  1. I’ve been with her around 15 years. I don’t know what I will do without her! She’s helped me more than anyone else could ever have, and the one thing I love the most about her is she always tells me the truth there’s onlhy so much she can do to help me. Give it to the Lord. He is my rock and is always there for me! God bless you Dr. Ehtesham. You are in my prayers.

There is a large hospital-owned clinic presence in Norton. I’ll bet she is competition and the hospital and government are working together to get rid of her.

So, Dr. Ehtesham, I wish you the best in your fight against government overreach. Please know that I am available if you ever want to talk with me.