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Acquit Doctors in the Courts

Doctors are being charged with criminal activity all over the country for doing their job per their training and oath. This needs to come to an end, but the government won’t do that. It’s become a cash cow for them.  We, the people, need to understand the motives and techniques used, and find ways to combat them. Take away the money they make convicting us, and medicine will return to what it should be—taking care of the patient.

Get the Laws Changed

In order to change the laws, the legislators need to understand the need. That is up to us.

  1. The American people need to be informed of the truth about opioids, pain management, and addiction. Government propaganda has governed our thinking for 100 years. With the truth, all can be made right in under 5 years.
  2. The legislators need to be informed: Change the law or be fired.  On the menu under Communicate, you will find the phone numbers, office locations, email addresses, facebook and twitter accounts for all of the legislators, both Senators and Congressmen, for every corner of the country.  Call, post, tweet, write continuously.




Support Doctors Going to Trial


Defendants are trapped in a black hole.  They are told not to talk about their case to the press, and often, even to not testify at trial.  All of the employees in offices become automatic witnesses for the government, even if they don’t want to be.  Then the doctor can’t communicate with them. Virtually all defense witnesses are stripped away. Pharmacists are threatened that if they don’t testify against the physician, they could be charged criminally. And with the threats the government can produce, most people will cave and desert the physician, even to the point of perjury against him on the witness stand.  The doctor’s case is played by the media using inflammatory phrases like “pill mill” for the sensationalism. They don’t care either if they help put innocent people in prison.

What Can YOU Do?

1.  Communicate your disgust to the media. Write letters to the editor, put posts on their FB page, tweet your disapproval, put posts on your own FB page.
2.  Set up a “Support the Doctor” FB page where people can post the truth about the doctor and show the support behind him.
3. Tell all of the medical professionals in your area about DoctorsofCourage and ask them to join. It’s only a matter of time before
every doctor is targetted.
4. Form or join any/all local protests pertaining to healthcare, go to town hall meetings, school administrations, and tell them the truth, as explained here on DoctorsofCourage.

It’s not necessary for you to be a member of DoC to accomplish these tasks. But membership will make the tasks easier, because you can benefit from what others have done, piggyback, or copy and paste.



Help us build the list of charged/convicted innocent doctors


list2We have created a list of many of the physicians that have had charges brought against them.  The list is on the menu heading “Charged”.  

But often we hear about the doctor AFTER he has taken a plea. It is imperative that every doctor in the country knows about us, joins us to learn how to combat this evil, and use our resources.  

1. First, tell every doctor in your area about DoctorsofCourage. Send them a letter that is available for copying under Aids For Writing.

2. If you hear of a doctor who is being investigated, has been raided, arrested, charged, or convicted, please email us with the name and contact information.

Understand the REAL reason for these attacks on doctors:


There are only 2 “professions” where the government can forfeit the person’s assets in a criminal procedure—racketeering and medicine.  In medicine, the only way to forfeit assets is under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).  So in order to put money in the Justice Department coffers, some smart US Attorney started attacking doctors for doing pain management under the CSA by declaring the doctor working “outside the course of professional practice”.  Now this has become common practice. Even though judges on the Supreme Court have made the statement that the phrase should refer to doctors acting like street pushers, they have allowed these charges to stick by refusing to hear cases that come to them. It’s all a ploy to make money.


Please add cases that you are familiar with to the website.  If you have information to share, please fill out the contact form at the bottom. If you are a doctor under attack, please join the membership site and use those of us with experience to win your case.


Help communicate with doctors in prison to get their stories.


prison-370111_640Part of our goal is to free and exonerate all physicians in prison. We need to get the word to them, and use their stories to teach. Locate federal prisoners through  


Thank you.






Join Our Communication to Legislators Campaign


On the menu under Communicate, you will find the phone numbers, office locations, email addresses, facebook and twitter accounts for all of the legislators, both Senators and Congressmen, for every corner of the country.  We need people dedicated to communicating with their legislators on a 2-3x/week basis at least, and daily if possible, to tweet a statement–personal or one provided.  You can sign up to do this, which would help us make sure that all legislators are being covered on a regular basis. As legislators are found that are on our side, we need to provide them with the information they need to get new laws passed.

It is imperative that every American communicate with the health issues staff person for their legislators. If you don't have that contact information, you can get it by filling out the contact form here:

Who Are My Health Issues Staff?

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