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2016 US Senate Elections

The following chart shows the states that are having elections. We need to know how these candidates stand in the area of prosecuting physicians for doing pain management. We need representatives in congress that will strengthen the law as meant by the 1970 legislature exempting doctors and pharmacists from prosecution. Please check with the prospective candidates for your state and communicate their position to me. I will then post it on the website for all to see. Please share with all your contacts. We need changes in Congress.

State Name Party Age Profession
Alabama Shelby, Richard R, incumbent 1986 82
Crumpton, Ron D
Alaska Murkowski, Lisa R, incumbent 2002 59
Lamb, Thomas R
Lochner, Bob R
Arizona Clark, Lennie D
Kirkpatrick, Ann D Congresswoman
McCain, John R, incumbent 1986 80
Meluskey, Alex R
Pizer, David R
Van Steenwyk, Clair R
Ward, Kelli R
Arkansas Boozman, John R, incumbent 2010 65
Eldridge, Conner D
Gilbert, Frank Libertarian
Tate, Jason Write-in
California Harris, Kamala D
Sanchez, Loretta D
Stokes, Steve D
Del Beccaro, Tom R
Sundheim, Duf R
Wyman, Phil R
Beitiks, Mike I only issue–climate change
Colorado Bennet, Michael D, incumbent 2009 51
Keyser, Jon R State rep
Littleton, Peggy R Cty. Commissioner
Lopez, Greg R SBA director
Neville, Tim R State Senator
Rosier, Donald R Jefferson Cty Commissioner
Menconi, Arn Green
Connecticut Blumenthal, Richard D, incumbent 2010 70
Carter, Dan R State rep
Orchulli, Jack R Apparal co. CEO
Wolf, August R Olympic athlete
Florida Beruff, Carlos R Real estate developer
DeRenzo, Donald J. R
DeSantis, Ron R US Rep
Godwin, M. Elisabeth R
Jolly, David R US Rep
Katz, Ilya R College lecturer
Lopez-Cantera, Carlos R Lt. Gov
Smith, Joe R. Chiropractor
Wilcox, Todd R
Coleman, Richard D
Gibbons, Sam Brian D
Grayson, Alan D US Rep
Jones, Lateresa D
Keith, Pam D Attorney
Larose, Josh D
Murphy, Patrick D US Rep
Georgia Isakson, Johnny R, incumbent 2004 71 has Parkinson’s
Bacallao, Mary Kay R college professor
Grayson, Derrick R
Barksdale, Jum D Investment firm exec
Copeland, Cheryl D Project manager
Coyne, John D Businessman
Hawaii Schatz, Brian D, incumbent 2012
Idaho Crapo, Mike R, 1998 65
Sturgill, Jerry D
Illinois Kirk, Mark R, incumbent 2010 57
Duckworth, Tammy D US Rep
Brown, Jum I teacher
Aguayo, Chris Veterans Party Veterans Party State Chair
Indiana Hill, Baron D
Young, Todd R
Iowa Grassley, Chuck R, incumbent 1980 83
Hogg, Rob D State Senator
Fiegen, Tom D Former st. senator
Krause, Bob D Former State rep
Judge, Patty D Ex-Lt Gov
Kansas Moran, Jerry R, incumbent 2010 62
Singh- Bey, Monique D
Wiesner, Patrick D Attorney
Kentucky Gray, Jim D Mayor
Houlihan, Rory D
Kender, Jeffq D
Leach, Ron D
Recktenwald, Tom D
Short, Grant D
Wilder, Sellus D
Gould, James R
Paul, Rand R, incumbent 2010 53
Slaughter, Stephen R
Louisiana Boustany, Charles R US Rep
Cao, Joseph R Former US Rep
Fleming, John R US Rep
Kennedy, John R State Treas
Maness, Rob R Ret USAF Col
Hebert, Troy I
Campbell, Foster D Public Service Commissioner
Edwards, Derrick D Attorney
Fayard, Caroline D Attorney
Pellerin, Josh D Businessman
Maryland Van Hollen, Chris D
Edwards, Donna US Rep
Szeliga, Kathy R State delegate
Missouri Blunt, Roy R, incumbent 2010 66
Nichols, Kristi R Sales manager, tea party activist
Mowinski, Bernie R Ret. Army Sgt
Luethy, Ryan D R
Kander, Jason D Sec of State
Bush, Cori D Pastor
Dubie, Wana D Activist
Mack, Robert D
Nevada Cortez Masto, Catherine D Nevada Attorney General
Angle, Sharron R
Heck, Joe R
New Hampshire Ayotte, Kelly R, incumbent 2010 48
Rubens, Jim R Former state sen
Hassan, Maggie D Governor
New York Shumer, Chuck D, incumbent 1998 66 Possible senate Dem Leader if elected
Long, Wendy R
North Carolina Burr, Richard R, incumbent 2004 61
Ross, Deborah D, Former state rep
North Dakota Hoeven, John R, incumbent 2010 59
Glassheim, Eliot D State rep
Marquette, Robert Libertarian
Ohio Portman, Rob R, incumbent 2010 60
Strickland, Ted D Former gov
DeMare, Joe Green
Rupert, Scott I
Oklahoma Lankford, James R, incumbent 2014
Oregon Callahan, Mark R IT consultant
Carpenter, Sam R Businessman
Laschober, Dan R Business consultant
Reynolds, Steven R
Stewart, Faye R Cty. Commissioner
Stine, Kevin D City councilor
Weaver, Paul D Ret. Locomotive engineer
Wyden, Ron D, incumbent 1996 67
Pennsylvania Toomey, Pat R, incumbent 2010 54
McGinty, Kathleen D Former chief of staff
South Carolina Scott, Tim R, incumbent 2013
Dixon, Thomas D Pastor
South Dakota Thune, John R, incumbent 2004 55
Williams, Jay D Chair of Cty Democratic Party
Utah Gaskill, William R
Lee, Mike R, incumbent 2010 45
Oliver, Craig D
Snow, Misty D
Swinton, Jonathan D Marriage therapist
Tuan Quoc Vo, Jade D
Vermont Leahy, Patrick D, incumbent 1974 76
Washington Murray, Patty D, incumbent 1992 66
Cornell, Phil D
Goberman, Pavel D
Vance, Chris R Former st. rep
Mike the Mover R
Cummings, Ted I
Tsimerman, Alex I
Wisconsin Feingold, Russ D Former senator
Johnson, Ron R, incumbent 2010 61

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