Bad Prosecutors Stealing The Show

Los Angeles – Prosecutorial misconduct occurs when a prosecutor breaks a law or a code of professional ethics in the course of a prosecution. In Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 78 (1935), Justice Sutherland explained prosecutorial misconduct meant, “Overstepping the bounds of that propriety and fairness which should characterize the conduct of such an officer in the prosecution of a criminal offense.” What does this mean in plain English? The prosecutor is a representative of the Court and they must uphold the United States Constitution and the laws of this land.

Prosecutorial misconduct is a valid threat against the Judicial System and the people who entrust in the Justice Department to protect them and uphold the laws passed by Congress. Prosecutorial misconduct is rampant and over the last decade, it has become more vigilant than police misconduct and corruption itself. Some statistics shows that a third of all prosecutions in this country represent prosecutorial misconduct. These are astonishing figures and they appear to be on the rise. The Courts have overturned up to 45% of wrongful convictions based on DNA evidence, in many cases, were identified by “bad” prosecutors intentionally convicting innocent people.

Why are people putting up with this type of misconduct? There is a simple explanation of why these “bad” prosecutors are able to get away with breaking the law and ruining people lives; (i) Immunity from prosecution, and (ii) Big Government. The government has created laws or failed to enforce laws that were passed by Congress, to protect the people. A good valid example would be immigration laws. These laws were passed and well established but many of them have been intentionally ignored and some re-written, without the approval of Congress. Another example would be when former FBI director James Comey stated he could not criminally charge Hillary Clinton for wrongdoing, when in fact, the record shows that he made his mind up, not to charge Hillary, months before she was deposed. James Comey has prosecutorial immunity from breaking the law and this is something that needs to change in this country.

When To File A State Bar Complaint For

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Statistics shows that prosecutors are rarely punished for their crimes and wrongdoings against innocent people. In one such case, the prosecutor threatened to charge the defendant a fee of $20,000 dollars a day for each day of the hearing. It’s easy to do the math, a hearing lasting 7 days would end up costing the defendant $140.000 dollars… Why would a prosecutor impose a fine that is supposed to be accessed by the Administrative Judge? We missed out on a very minor detail; the defendant had complained to the prosecutor’s boss that he and other members of their investigative team were involved with corruption and evidence tampering.

We have seen this happen, time, and time again. When you report police and law enforcement misconduct, which you should, there is a good chance that you will face retaliation by the prosecutor and the police officer working the case. The Judge appeared to be okay with the prosecutions threats made to the defendant while he used extortion and obstruction of justice to make the defendant aware; who is the real boss. There are literately thousands of articles on prosecutorial misconduct and the system allows this kind of stuff to happen, time, and time again. The State Bar is a remedy for redress dealing with crooked prosecutors, taking the law into their own hands. This incident is a true story and the defendant sought the State Bar to have the prosecutor’s license taken and disbarred. Keep in mind, all prosecutors are not crooked, but making a valid complaint against the ones that’s out there screwing people can actually help identify judicial crimes and abuse of power against innocent people. This can lead to significant decreases in misconduct by lawyers claiming immunity against violating Constitutional laws and due process rights of its citizens. You should also send a copy of your complaint to your Congressman.

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Editor: Billy Earley,
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