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2018 US Senate Elections

The following chart shows the states that are having Senate elections in 2018. These are the individuals we need to be targeting most to find out where they stand in the area of prosecuting physicians for doing pain management. We need representatives in congress that will strengthen the law as meant by the 1970 legislature exempting doctors and pharmacists from prosecution. Please check with the prospective candidates for your state and communicate their position to me. I will then post it on the website for all to see. Please share with all your contacts. We need changes in Congress.

State Name Party Age Profession Other Info Committees
Arizona Jeff Flake R 55 Public Affairs Morman, US Rep Energy, Foreign, Judiciary, Aging
California Dianne Feinstein D 86 Government History, city government, mayor San Francisco, previous chair Narcotics Caucus
Connecticut Chris Murphy D 46 Lawyer US Rep, state rep
Delaware Tom Carper D 71 Economics MBA, US Rep, born in Danville, VA, navy pilot
Florida Bill Nelson D 76 Lawyer State rep, US rep, Armed Services, Budget, Science, Finance, C Aging
Hawaii Mazie Hirono D 71 Lawyer State rep, Lt. Gov, US rep, Japanese, non-practicing Buddhist
Indiana Joe Donnelly D 63 Lawyer US Rep, school board
Maine Angus King I 74 Lawyer private practice, Gov of Maine, 1972–chief counsel to US Senate Armed Services, Budget, Rules, Intelegence
Maryland Ben Cardin D 75 Lawyer US rep, state rep, Jewish
Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren D 69 Lawyer law professor, consumer protection advocate
Michigan Debbie Stabenow D 68 Social Work State rep, state sen, Master Social Work
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar D 58 Lawyer County attorney, possible Supreme Court nominee, run for president
Mississippi Roger Wicker R 67 Lawyer USAF, state Sen, US Rep, Armed Services, Budget, Science, Environment, Economics
Missouri Claire McCaskill D 65 Lawyer State Auditor, County Prosecutor, State rep
Montana Jon Tester D 62 Teacher, farmer BS music, music teacher, organic farmer, state sen
Nebraska Deb Fischer R 67 Rancher BS education, state legis,
Nevada Dean Heller R 58 stockbroker BA of BA, stockbroker, Pacific Stock Exchange, State Treasurer, state rep, state sec
New Jersey Bob Menendez D 64 Lawyer BA poli sci, US rep, state sen & rep, indicted April 1, 2015 on federal Banking, Finance, C Foreign
New Mexico Martin Heinrich D 47 Mech engineer BA mechanical engineering, worked AmeriCorps fellow, Cottonwood Gulch
New York Kirsten Gillibrand D 51 Lawyer US Rep,  Private practice, Appeals court law clerk, defense lawyer for
North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp D 63 Lawyer  state Attorney Gen, Tax Commissioner, breast CA survivor,
Ohio Sherrod Brown D 65 Public Affairs US Rep, Sec State Ohio, State rep, BA Russian studies, MA Public Admin, education
Pennsylvania Bob Casey JR D 58 Lawyer  state treas, state auditor general, son of Pensylvania gov, private law
Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse D 63 Lawyer  clerk Appeals Court Judge West VA, State Attorney General, US Attorney
Tennessee Bob Corker R 66 Management Mayor Chattanooga, BS Industrial Mgmt, found Chattanooga Neighborhood
Texas Ted Cruz R 47 Lawyer Texas Solicitor General, Law professor
Utah Orrin Hatch R 84 Lawyer President pro tem of Senate, Morman,
Vermont Bernie Sanders I 77 Poli Sci US rep, Mayor Burlington, BA Poli sci, social democracy, Young People’s Socialist
Virginia Tim Kaine D 60 Lawyer chair Nat’l Dem Comm, Gov VA, Lt Gov VA, Mayor Richmond & City Council, BA economics, Honduras mission at Catholic school, private law practice
Washingon Maria Cantwell D 60 Public Affairs US rep, state rep, BA Public Admin
West Virginia Joe Manchin D 71 Bus admin Gov WV, Sec St WV, st sen, house of delegates, BA bus admin,
Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin D 56 Lawyer US Rep, Wisc state assembly, lesbian
Wyoming John Barrasso R 66 Physician State sen, physician, orthopedics,