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holocaustYou are living in an American Holocaust right now. I’m not trying to take away from the horror of the German Holocaust at all, or minimize it. The purpose of Hitler’s attack on the Jews was economics. And right now the American government is also involved on an attack of intentional genocide, also for economic reasons. Our government—the people you have voted into office to work for you, has chosen a path of genocide for economic reasons. Their intention is to cull out the “undesirables” and “expendables” in our DOLLAR-based economy. And who are the “undesirables” and “expendables”?  Anyone who has lost their productivity or who are costing the government money. That includes the disabled, the elderly, those on Medicare or Medicaid, the poor, and the uninsured.

They are doing this culling through the withholding of pain medication. Since many of the expendable population are dependent on pain medication to do their activities of daily living, by denying them access, the expendable population is shrinking, through DEATH!!! 

Here is my proposal:

We need to show the American people the real agenda here: the murder of innocent people. And we need to get the government to acknowledge what they are doing. Someday the government will have to build a monument to those that have died for the cause.

So we need a record of all those who have lost their lives to the American Holocaust.  We need a website for people to leave their memorials to those who have died or who have had their lives ruined by this. is available for $12.95/year on Hostgator. If there is anyone with another website already with Hostgator or BlueHost, etc, adding another website doesn’t cost any more once you have the domain name. If anyone is interested in setting this up, message me and I’ll walk you through the process. Or if you already know how, great, because I’m a neophyte. I have so many active websites right now on my Hostgator account that I’m afraid I’ll run out of space if I do it. Besides, I know someone out there has the desire to be a part of this endeavor.

MemoryQuiltThen, I also propose that we start making memorial quilts. If we can put a square in for every person who has died because of the government, then when we meet for rallies we can display the quilts.  We can also put them on U-tube, and any other social media venue. Someday this memorial can make a trip around the US like the Vietnam Memorial does.

For a beginning, use my website to start making a list of those who have died. I will then place the memorial on the In Memoriam page. Then we need a quilter to organize the quilt ideas and either make the square or, if someone close to the person wants to do their own, give them the directions. The quilts could be either an organized pattern or patchwork. Quilts could even be done in communities that have been ravaged by the holocaust.

So, victims of the holocaust, what do you think? Is this an idea that you could support?