Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, a physician who uses non-pharmaceutical healing not covered by insurance, is attacked for “only accepting cash”. He was also attacked for charging $90 per visit. That is actually proof that Dr. Zielke was actually a good, kind-hearted, compassionate physician. Many clinics charge $250 or more per visit.

Andrzej K. Zielke, MD is a board-certified anesthesiologist, pain management and critical care specialist in GIBSONIA, Pa. In Poland he is also a Head and Neck Surgeon and Board Certified Audiologist. He has spent most of his professional career working for different universities in Poland and USA. Dissatisfied with standard conventional medical care, he opened Medical Frontiers in 2003.

Some of the services he provides at Medical Frontiers are laser therapy, ozone therapy, prolotherapy including PRP (platelet rich plasma), nutrition, intravenous vitamin C, and spinal rehabilitation. As do all of us knowledgeable in healing alternatives, he believes that the secret of successful treatment is not lying in another new prescription medication but in the natural ability of the body to heal itself. The role of a physician is to understand these healing mechanisms and to create optimal conditions in the body necessary to make them possible.

Dr. Zielke provides his patients with information on how to restore the biochemical environment in their bodies, including dietary and lifestyle changes. So he did all the good things that I did, and actually helped people heal from their diseases. It might be the right thing to do, but it isn’t what the area hospitals or the government want. So they work together to eliminate such doctors.

The government propaganda machine has him referred to in the media as a “pill mill” to obviously tamper with public opinion and prospective jurors. He was arrested October 5, 2017 on charges that he overprescribed pain meds and fraud. There is no fraud here. A doctor who practices healing alternative medicine stays away from insurance so they don’t get charged with fraud. I know because I was charged with fraud because I accepted government insurance even though my alternatives were not charged to insurance. But in their media propaganda, the government tries to paint fraud into the doctor’s practice because it was cash-only.

The government also plants opiaphobic propaganda in people’s minds, using complaints of former patients. Usually a former patient is a disgruntled patient that has been discharged for breach of agreement, and they will do or say anything to hurt the physician. I don’t believe that the investigation was the result of patient complaints anyway. I think Dr. Zielke was targeted for the usual reasons:

  1. He is a minority, being Polish.
  2. He is independent, and there are probably hospital-owned pain management clinics that want his patients
  3. He uses healing alternatives. The government doesn’t want people healed.

They also try to make him look bad because he sends his patients to one pharmacy. That is actually recommended standard of care. A list of approved pharmacies provides better follow-up. With the negative treatment pain patients get from chain stores like CVS and Walgreens, the independent pharmacies or small ones like Medicine Shoppe are often chosen by the doctor.

I have a personal message to Erin Harper who was quoted in the media blaming the doctor and opioids for addiction:

Opioids don’t cause addiction. If you have friends that are addicts, instead of blaming doctors, watch my video The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse here: https://doctorsofcourage.org/videos/  and tell them about it. If you don’t, YOU are the guilty one for contributing to addiction.