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Here is a list of doctors charged by location–State and then US District Court. What you will see here is that some districts are more aggressive than others targeting physicians for this illegal persecution. There are “hot spots” in the country where the U.S. Attorneys offices are obviously using the coattails of doctors to make money for the government, and achieve their own promotions. But we will probably see, as more doctors are identified, that the trend is growing across the country, as more U.S. Attorneys find out how easy it is, and jump on the gravy train.

Location US District Court Name Profession Arrested Convicted Sentence
AL-Birmingham Northern Hankins, Jerry B MD April, 2011
AL-Birmingham Northern Lodewick, Peter MD Plea Oct, 2015 4 yr probation
AL-Fayette Northern Holliman, Cassandra pharm tech
AL-Gadsden Northern Conner, Odean MD lost license
AL-Guntersville Northern Hunt, Jason Michael MD Dec, 2009
AL-Hoover Northern Korcz, Elizabeth MD
AL-Huntsville Northern Aggarwal, Shelinder MD Plea Oct, 2016 15 yr
AL-Jasper Northern Ali, Muhammad MD April, 2015 Plea Nov, 2015 acquitted
AL-Jasper Northern Bolling, George R pharmacist Plea Oct, 2016 2 yr
AL-Leesburg Northern Herrera, Pascual MD 2003 Licensure
AL-Midfield Northern Claybon, Ernest Albert MD May, 2015 Plea
AL-Northern Northern Ali, Muhammad Wasim MD Plea Nov, 2015 30 mo
AL-Tuscaloosa Northern Hooper, James MD
AL-Montgomery Middle Sanchez, Gilberto MD Aug, 2017
AL-Opelika Middle Huidor-Figueroa, Francisco MD Plea Dec, 2015
AL-Opelika Middle Torres, Erik Raul Owner Plea Mar, 2016
AL-Phenix City Middle Ritchea, Robert MD Sued Aug, 2010 Civil settlement Mar, 2012 Medicare fraud
AL-Phenix City Middle Ritchea, Robert MD May, 2016 Plea Feb, 2017 10 yr
AL-Daphne Southern Tarabein, Rassan MD Plea Aug, 2017
AL-Fairhope Southern Ndolo, Joseph Ngui Mwau MD Plea April, 2014
AL-Fairhope Southern Snellgrove, Richard MD
AL-Mobile Southern Couch, John Patrick MD May, 2015 Feb, 2017 20 yr
AL-Mobile Southern Palmer, Justin FNP Plea 30 mo
AL-Mobile Southern Parker, Bridgette FNP 20 mo
AL-Mobile Southern Ruan, Xiulu MD May, 2015 Feb, 2017 21 yr
AL-Southern Southern Hill, Karen Pharm Rep Plea July, 2017
AR-Conway Eastern Reifeiss, Jerry MD May, 2015 Plea April, 2016
AR-Little Rock Eastern Borengasser, Aaron PA May, 2015 acquitted
AR-Little Rock Eastern Brooks, Shawn MD plea May, 2016 surrendered license
AR-Little Rock Eastern Byrd, Randy ? Plea Nov, 2016
AR-Little Rock Eastern Byrd, Vanessa ? Plea Oct, 2016 37 mo
AR-Little Rock Eastern Cearns, Donna MD Plea Jan, 2017
AR-Little Rock Eastern Cochran, Aaron employee Plea Nov, 2016
AR-Little Rock Eastern Holland, Kristen Pharmacist May, 2015
AR-Little Rock Eastern Johns, Richard MD May, 2015 Plea Mar, 2017
AR-Little Rock Eastern King, Anthony Markeith owner
AR-Little Rock Eastern Raines, Kristen NP Aug, 2016
AR-Little Rock Eastern Spiker, James Jr. Plea Oct, 2016
AR-Little Rock Eastern Wyatt, Felicie G. MD May, 2015 acquitted
AR-Little Rock Eastern Zeman, Christine (Dr. Johns) Plea Jan, 2017
AR-Perryville Eastern Watson, Christopher Pharmacist Jan, 2015
AR-Harrison Western Hawk, James M. MD License suspended 2014
AZ-Phoenix Arizona Pirie, Lynne Bursey DO July, 2008 Plea Oct, 2008 18 mo probation
AZ-Scottsdale Arizona Pont, Jeffrey M MD Aug, 2004 Plea Dec, 2004 2 yr probation
AZ-Tempe Arizona Wilbirt, David A MD Aug, 2008 Plea Aug, 2008 4 mo
AZ-Tucson Arizona Hassman, Jeri MD 2004 2 yr probation
AZ-Tucson Arizona Ruben, David MD Sept, 2014
CA-Granite Bay Northern Capos, Nicholas J. Jr MD
CA-Napa Northern Woodward, Paul D. MD
CA-Northern Northern Fisher, Frank MD vindicated 2005
CA-Oakland Northern Daniels, Toni MD
CA-Oakland Northern Jessop, Carol MD
CA-Salinas Northern Mangar, Steven MD May, 2016
CA-Salinas Northern Sasson, Nicholas MD July, 2004 Plea Oct, 2004 5 yr probation
CA-San Francisco Northern Owens, Christopher MD July, 2017
CA-San Rafael Northern Chiarottino, Michael Roger MD Plea March, 2016 3 yr
CA-Elk Grove Eastern Kutschbach, Joan Z MD June, 2007 Plea Aug, 2007 30 d
CA-Fresno Eastern Cedar Pharmacy Pharm Plea Mar, 2015
CA-Fresno Eastern Chavarin, Mona Alicia pharm tech Feb, 2015
CA-Fresno Eastern Flores, Jose Luise MD
CA-Fresno Eastern Martinez, Christina A. MD Feb, 2015
CA-Fresno Eastern Nunez, Lenele Maria Office Mngr Feb, 2015
CA-Redding Eastern White, James Gregory MD Raid Aug, 2013 Plea May, 2014 2 yr probation
CA-Sacramento Eastern Dietrich, Peter Scott MD Jan, 2009 Plea Nov, 2009 60 days suspended
CA-Sacramento Eastern Stone, Ronnie E. MD civil settlement June, 2014
CA-Visalia Eastern Brown, Terrill Eugene MD Plea July, 2014 4 yr 9 mo
CA, Arcadia Central Healy, Daniel MD Feb, 2009 Plea July, 2009 4 yr
CA, Glendora Central Yassine, Bassam MD July, 2007 Plea June, 2008 37 mo
CA-Anaheim Central Ahles, Peter MD June, 2005 Plea Oct 2006 6mo home detention
CA-Chatsworth Central Grewal, Narinder S. MD Plea Nov, 2014
CA-Colton Central Opsahl, Jon S MD Mar, 2006 Plea Nov, 2007
CA-Corona Central Earley, Billy PA Medical Board
CA-Desert Hot Springs Central Lonergan, Tad MD
CA-Fountain Valley Central Nguyen, Kaitlyn Phuong PA Sept, 2017
CA-Fountain Valley Central Siew, Victor Boon Huat MD Plea 2017 70 months
CA-Glendale Central Johnson, Kenneth MD 9 yr
CA-Glendale Central Nwaigwe, Manasseh MD Plea May, 2016
CA-Glendora Central Garg, Madhu MD Jan, 2015 Plea Feb, 2016
CA-Glendora Central Gillespie, Jagehauel Owner Jan, 2015 6 yr
CA-Glendora Central Nunez, Diane Office Mngr Jan, 2015
CA-La Mirada Central Sun, Andrew MD April, 2014 Aug, 2014 63 mo
CA-Laguna Beach Central Olsen, Jeffrey MD July, 2017
CA-Los Angeles Central Bryan, Washington II MD May, 2016
CA-Los Angeles Central Kabov, Berry PharmD Oct, 2015 Jan, 2017
CA-Los Angeles Central Kabov, Dalibor PharmD Oct, 2015 Jan, 2017
CA-Los Angeles Central Kapoor, Sandeep MD
CA-Los Angeles Central Murray, Conrad MD Nov, 2011 4 yr
CA-Los Angeles Central Umansky, Michael MD Feb, 2003 Plea Aug, 2003 3 yr probation
CA-Los Angeles Central Williams, Richard MD Nov, 2008 Plea Nov, 2008 36 mo
CA-Lynwood Central Oparah, Sonny MD Aug, 2016
CA-Lynwood Central Ridgill, Edward MD Aug, 2016
CA-Midway City Central Le, Vu MD Dec, 2006 Plea Nov, 2009 57 mo
CA-Mission Viejo Central Yee, Alvin Mingczech MD 11 1/4 yr
CA-Norwalk Central Winkler, Heidi Ann MD June, 2006 Plea Feb, 2007 3 yr probation
CA-Reseda Central Davtyan, Anush Owner Plea Sept 2012 14 yr
CA-Rowland Heights Central Tseng, Hsiu-Ying DO Oct, 2015 30 yr
CA-San Fernando Central Bamdad, Masoud MD April, 2008 May, 2009 still waiting
CA-San Gabriel Valley Central Cham, Daniel MD Oct, 2014 Plea Mar, 2016
CA-Santa Barbara Central Diaz, Julio Gabriel MD Aug, 2015 27 yr 3 mo
CA-Tustin Central Schruggs, Ramon MD May, 2008 Plea June, 2009 2 yr probation
CA-West Covina Central Tennant, Forest MD
CA-West Hills Central Braun, Robert MD Oct, 2005 Plea Mar, 2007 70 mo
CA-West Hollywood Central Eisenberg, James W. MD Plea Aug, 2013
CA-Wilmington Central Dimowo, John MD Oct, 2013 May, 2015 3 yr probation
CA-El Cajon Southern Thota, Naga Raja MD Aug, 2016
CA-San Diego Southern Rygiel, Katarzyna MD Sept, 2004 DEA revoked
CA-San Diego Southern Watson, William Joseph June, 2013 Plea Aug, 2014 57 mo
CO-Colorado Springs Colorado Grigg, Peter MD Jan, 2009 Plea Aug, 2009 5 yr probation
CO-Craig Colorado Miller, Joel E. DO Aug, 2013
CO-Greeley Colorado Olds, Kenneth M MD June, 2008 Plea Mar, 2010 3 yr probation
CO-Greeley Colorado Tucker, Kelly W MD May, 2008 Plea May, 2008
CO-Littleton Colorado Connolly, Christine Ann MD Mar, 2008 Plea Dec, 2008 1 yr probation
CO-Parker Colorado Littleford, John Alan DO
CO-Silverthorne Colorado Clemmer, Kevin DO PleaMay, 2013 48 mo
CO-Silverthorne Colorado Schwartz, Keith A. MD Octo, 2014 15 yr
CO-Silverthorne Colorado Sheldon, Tina staff time served.
CO-Superior Colorado Spector, Michael Anthony MD June, 2003 Plea Dec, 2003 2 yr probation
CO-Wheatridge Colorado Ferrara, Joseph MD
CT-Bridgeport Connecticut Hall, Dudley MD
CT-Darien Connecticut Mansourov, Ramil MD July, 2017
CT-Fairfield Connecticut Bellofiore, Paul MD Plea Oct, 2016 2 yr probation
CT-Fairfield Connecticut Carbone, Francisco MD Plea July, 2011 24 mo
CT-Fairfield Connecticut Katsetos, John MD July, 2014 Plea May, 2015 7 yr
CT-Fairfield Connecticut Marshall, James W. Jr DO Plea Mar, 2011 24 mo
CT-Greenwich Connecticut Steinberg, Jordan MD May, 2009 Plea June, 2013 2 yr
CT-Hartford Connecticut Hsu, Ven C MD July, 2010
CT-Madison Connecticut Houghton, Scott W MD
CT-Milford Connecticut Howe’s Pharmacy Civil settlement Dec, 2013
CT-Milford Connecticut KlJusev, Ljudmil MD Nov, 2015
CT-Milford Connecticut Patel, Bharat MD July, 2017
CT-Naugatuck Connecticut Nelson’s Pharmacy Civil settlement Dec, 2013
CT-New Britain Connecticut Owens, Guy MD May, 2003 Plea April, 2005 3 yr suspended
CT-Ridgefield Connecticut Johnston, David DO Mar, 2014 health fraud
CT-South Glastonbury Connecticut Hanny, Thomas Anthony MD July, 2006 Plea Dec, 2006 33 mo
CT-Trumbull Connecticut Austrian, Donald MD Acquitted 2012 acquitted
CT-Waterbury Connecticut Hsu, Ven MD July, 2010 Feb, 2013 suspended
CT-Woodbridge Connecticut Mitra, Avijit MD civil settlement $45,000
DE-Dover Delaware Baker, Yvette MD Dec, 2011
DE-Dover Delaware Cemerlic, Senad MD Sept, 2015 Plea June, 2016 18 mo probation
DE-Newark Delaware Sokoloff, Keith DO Mar, 2005 Plea May, 2006 6 mo home detention
FL-Apalachicola Northern Merrill, Thomas DO Aug, 2005 July, 2006 life
FL-Destin Northern McCune, Bridgett Pharm rep
FL-Destin Northern Webb, David W. MD Feb, 2009 Sept, 2009 life
FL-Fort Walton Northern McGrail, Carolyn MD Aug, 2009 Plea July, 2009 5 mo
FL-Freeport Northern Ignasiak, Robert L. MD Sept, 2013 Plea Oct, 2013 30 yr
FL-Freeport Northern Ignasiak, Robert L. Jr MD Mar, 2008 July, 2009 24 1/3 yr
FL-Panama City Northern Durfey, John Q MD Dec, 2006 Plea Aug, 2007 20 yr
FL-Panama City Northern Williams, Freddie J. MD 2004 life. Died of cancer in 2006 age 56
FL-Pensacola Northern Caroni, Dennis owner Nov, 2011 20 yr
FL-Pensacola Northern DiLeo, Gerard M. MD Nov, 2011 1 yr
FL-Pensacola Northern Graves, James MD Feb, 2002 63 yr
FL-Pensacola Northern Martinez, Rogelio MD Feb, 2008 Plea April, 2009 6 yr
FL-Pensacola Northern Pastorek, Joseph G. II MD Nov, 2011 2 yr
FL-Bradenton Middle Lanning, John MD Plea June 2014
FL-Brandon Middle Camara, Yolanda Owner Mar, 2017
FL-Brandon Middle Heromin, Ronald John MD April, 2014 20 yr
FL-Brandon Middle Oliveria, Justin employee Mar, 2017
FL-Brandon Middle Sahijwani, Anil MD Plea Feb, 2017 45 mo
FL-Cape Coral Middle Otano, Jorge Pharm owner Plea Feb, 2015
FL-Cape Coral Middle Otano, Martha wife, pharm owner
FL-Daytona Middle Scolaro, Vincent DO May, 1998
FL-Ft Myers Middle Green, Jeffrey Pharm owner May, 2014 7 yr
FL-Ft Myers Middle Hebble, Karen Pharm Mngr May, 2014 5 yr
FL-Ft. Pierce Middle Reiter, Jeffrey J June, 2012
FL-Green Cove Springs Middle Sachs, Russell MD
FL-Gulfport Middle Bammer, Craig DO April, 2007 Plea Aug, 2009
FL-Haines City Middle Ibanez, Juan Antonio MD Oct, 2008 Plea Nov, 2008 51 mo
FL-Jacksonville Middle Gatlin, Dale Andrew June, 2012
FL-Jacksonville Middle Rose, Zachary Timothy Owner 15 2/3 yr
FL-Jacksonville Middle Tilak, Miland MD
FL-Jacksonville Middle Tilak, Suwarna MD
FL-Jacksonville Middle Yandle, Susan H MD June, 2012
FL-Kissimmee Middle Friedlander, Jeffrey H. MD April, 2009 Plea Oct, 2010 9 yr
FL-Melbourne Middle Mirza, Sarfraz Ahmed MD June, 2007 Plea Feb, 2008 2 years community control
FL-Naples Middle Johnston, Sharon L DO Aug, 2007 Plea July, 2008 30 mo
FL-Orlando Middle Aldridge, Billie MD April, 2016
FL-Orlando Middle Borges, Ibem MD Nov, 2013
FL-Orlando Middle Okonkwo, Valentine PharmD Mar, 2016 24 1/3 yr
FL-Orlando Middle Valle, Fernando MD June, 2012
FL-Orlando Middle Wang, David MD Aug, 2005 Plea July, 2008 5 yr probation
FL-Osprey Middle Cannata, Rosetta V. Office Mngr July, 2017
FL-Parkland Middle Cadet, Cynthia MD July, 2013 6 1/2 yr
FL-Pasco Middle Paey, Richard husband 2004 25 yr, pardoned in 2007
FL-Pasco Cty Middle Beckles, Benjamin A. PharmD Plea Mar, 2013 4 yr
FL-Sarasota Middle Buffalino, Joseph P. MD June, 2012
FL-Sarasota Middle Turner, Fred Joseph MD July, 2017
FL-Satellite Beach Middle Frazier, Marc Victor Owner Plea July 2015 44mo
FL-St. Augustine Middle Friedes, Lawrence M MD Feb, 2007 Plea Feb, 2008 10 yr
FL-St. Johns Middle Trivedi, Sanjay MD June, 2012
FL-St. Petersburg Middle Eicher, Mary Jane DO May, 2006 Plea Jan, 2007 36 mo probation
FL-Tampa Middle Barsoum, Ihab PharmD Aug, 2012 17 yr
FL-Tampa Middle Dominique, Jean C MD May, 2006 Plea May, 2006 5 yr probation
FL-Tampa Middle Feldman, Edward N. MD Feb, 2016 25 yr
FL-Tampa Middle Feldman, Kim wife Feb, 2016 4 yr
FL-Tampa Middle Fuertes, Gladys Owner Mar, 2015 19 1/2 yr
FL-Tampa Middle Fuertes, Mario Owner Mar, 2015 11 1/4 yr
FL-Tampa Middle Gold, Aigoul Owner Plea July, 2014 6 mo
FL-Tampa Middle Gold, Warren owner Plea July, 2014 1 yr 1 d
FL-Tampa Middle Mekowulu, Emmanuel I. PharmD Dec, 2012 10 yr
FL-Tampa Middle Rew, John MD Mar, 2009 Plea Oct, 2009 3 yr probation
FL-Tampa Middle Weiler, Brian C PharmD Dec, 2014
FL-Tampa (Dr. in Delaware) Middle Bolles, Olivia MD Nov, 2013 Jan, 2015 5 yr
FL-Tierra Verde Middle Denny, Kevin M MD May, 2009 Plea Sept, 2009 70 mo
FL-Winter Park Middle Brutus, Roland MD Feb, 2015
FL-Boca Raton Southern Carreras, Candace A (Dr. Azmat) Plea 24 mo
FL-Boca Raton Southern Clark, Sean Michael (Dr. Azmat) Plea 40 mo
FL-Boca Raton Southern LeFrancois, Adelard III (Dr. Azmat) Plea Aug, 2012 54 mo
FL-Boca Raton Southern Lizama, Adelaida (Dr. Azmat) Plea 18 mo
FL-Boynton Beach Southern Michel, Jean-Luc MD Mar, 2012
FL-Broward Southern Becker, Scott MD Plea July, 2013 70 mo
FL-Broward Southern Bozer, Amanda employee
FL-Broward Southern Bruno, Hector employee
FL-Broward Southern Byard, Belafonte employee
FL-Broward Southern Chowdary, Harish PA
FL-Broward Southern Chowdary, Vijay MD
FL-Broward Southern Colangelo, Vincent Owner Plea April, 2012
FL-Broward Southern Gervasio, Pasquale Owner Plea Nov, 2016
FL-Broward Southern Licata, Donna employee
FL-Broward Southern Merces, Nestor employee
FL-Broward Southern Ouw, Willem MD
FL-Broward Southern Rodriguez, jason employee
FL-Broward Southern Sendor, Jonathan Pharm rep Plea Jan, 2017 70 mo
FL-Broward Southern Shoopman, Sarah employee
FL-Coconut Creek Southern Stouffer, Lewis Gabriel June, 2012
FL-Coral Springs Southern Durgappa, Janardhanna MD April, 2006 Plea Aug, 2008 12 mo probation
FL-Davie Southern Anthony, Stephen DO Plea Mar, 2013
FL-Davie Southern Boyd, Jason owner Plea 7 yr
FL-Deerfield Beach Southern Twyman, Courtland Bur June, 2012
FL-Delray Beach Southern Karlin, Bruce Paul June, 2012
FL-Fort Lauderdale Southern Klein, Gerald MD 2015 4 yrs probation
FL-Fort Lauderdale Southern Morford, Shelly Lynn (Dr. Azmat) Plea 13 mo
FL-Fort Lauderdale Southern Norden, Jack MD Surrendered license April 2012
FL-Juno Beach Southern Deonarine, Denis MD May, 2005 25 yr
FL-Jupiter Southern Deonarine, Denis MD May, 2005 25 yr
FL-Lake Park Southern Lockridge, William R MD April, 2008 Plea Sept, 2009 12 mo
FL-Lake Worth Southern Afthinos, Konstantinos MD Plea Aug, 2012 15 mo
FL-Miami Southern Barrera, Carlos Manuel MD Jan, 2006 Plea April, 2006 6 mo home detention
FL-Miami Southern Bethencourt, Megaly S MD Mar, 2005 Plea April, 2006 6 mo home detention
FL-Miami Southern Diaz, Mario Alberto MD Mar, 2006 Plea Mar, 2006 30 mo
FL-Miami Southern Fernandez, Roberto MD Mar, 2017 Plea July, 2017
FL-Miami Southern Gonzalez, Juan Oscar MD Mar, 2005 Plea Mar, 2006 8 ;mo home detention
FL-Miami Southern Lopez, Peter Colon MD Oct, 2007 Plea Dec, 2008 22 mo
FL-Miami Southern Wayne, Christopher G. DO 70 mo
FL-Miami Beach Southern Solis, Armando MD Dec, 2004 Plea Aug, 2005 46 mo
FL-Miami Lakes Southern Guerra, Rene MD July, 2006 Plea April, 2007 18 mo
FL-Milton Southern Graves, James MD Feb, 2002 63 yr
FL-North Palm Beach Southern Manfredonia, Seraphin J MD Oct, 2006 Plea Feb, 2007 1 year home detention
FL-Palm Beach Southern Klug, Gerardo MD Feb, 2008 Mar, 2009 30 mo
FL-Palm Beach Cty Southern Kerr, Kristin D MD
FL-Palm Beach Garden Southern Castellanos, Agustin M MD Feb, 2006 Plea July, 2006 36 mo
FL-Palm Beach Gardens Southern Castronuovo, Joseph MD July, 2013 18 mo
FL-Palm Beach Gardens Southern Ressner, Eric L MD Feb, 2006 Plea Aug, 2006 48 mo
FL-PB Southern Christensen, John MD July, 2013 plea Sept 2016
FL-Palm City Southern Kammerman, Bruce MD June, 2012
FL-Plantation Southern Barbuscia, Francis (Dr. Azmat) Plea Aug, 2012 42 mo
FL-Plantation Southern Skolnik, Laurence MD April, 2016
FL-Pompano  Beach Southern Bengala, Michael MD June, 2012
FL- Pompano Beach Southern Thompson, Jeffrey Clark June, 2012
FL-Port Orange Southern Dietch, Michael Morgan MD Plea Oct, 2016 11 1/4 yr
FL-Southern Southern Morales, Jose Carlos Pharm owner Plea Dec, 2012
FL-West Delray Southern Schultz, Barry MD Nov, 2015 25 yr
FL-West Palm Beach Southern Fox, Stuart MD July, 2013
FL-West Palm Beach Southern Wise, Daniel John (Dr. Azmat) Plea 42 mo
GA-Alpharetta Northern Ilonzo, Bona Owner Plea Feb, 2017 8 yr
GA-Alpharetta Northern Ilonzo, Godfrey Owner Plea Feb, 2017
GA-Alpharetta Northern Stokes, Oscar MD Aug, 2014
GA-Atlanta Northern Iriele, Donatus Pharm Mar, 2017
GA-Atlanta Northern Lewis, Brenda employee
GA-Atlanta Northern Licata, Anthony Owner Plea 11 yr
GA-Atlanta Northern Ofume, Rosemary PharmD Mar, 2017
GA-Atlanta Northern Richardson, William MD Plea Feb, 2017 4 1/2 yr
GA-Atlanta Northern Roland, Romie MD Aug, 2014 10 yr 10 mo
GA-Carrollton Northern Astin, Phil III MD July, 2007 Plea Jan, 2007 10 yr
GA-Cartersville Northern Atkins, Tara Office Mngr Plea 2 yr
GA-Cartersville Northern Castellanos, Roland R Owner Mar, 2014 15 yr
GA-Cartersville Northern Chapman, James Earl MD
GA-Cartersville Northern Violante, Jesse owner Plea 4 1/3 yr
GA-Cartersville Northern Votrobek, Jason Cole MD, owner Mar, 2014 15 yr
GA-Conyers Northern Clavo, Anthony MD civil settlement Nov, 2016
GA-Duluth Northern Williams, George MD Jan, 2013 Plea May, 2015 7 yr
GA-Dunwoody Northern Piracha, Nisar MD 2017 7 1/4 yr
GA-Jonesboro Northern Nagareddy, Narendra MD Jan, 2016
GA-Kennesaw Northern Stokes, TaShawna MD
GA-Lilburn Northern Webman, Dara Office Mngr
GA-Lilburn Northern Webman, Larry MD Jan, 2013 Plea May, 2015 10 yr
GA-Lilburn Northern Webman, Randy MD Jan, 2013 Plea May, 2015 11 yr
GA-Newnan Northern Maddux, Hugh DDS 2013 1 yr 1 mo
GA-Rome Northern Gossett, Kenneth DO Plea Nov, 2012 42 mo
GA-Tucker Northern Assevero, Michael MD July, 2012
GA-Tucker Northern Gonzalez, Jeffrey owner
GA-Tucker Northern Johnston, Michael MD Plea Oct, 2015
GA-Tucker clinic, KY court Northern Shumrak, Joel owner April, 2015 14 yr
GA-Woodstock Northern Sinha, Sanjay MD Plea June, 2015 5 yr
GA-Augusta Middle Ndem, Imo F MD Mar, 2015
GA-Decatur Middle Avery-Kelly, Arnita DPM
GA-Fitzgerald Middle Jones, Edd Colbert III MD Plea Nov, 2016
GA-Monroe Middle Askari, Nevorn MD Plea Feb, 2017 5 1/2 yr
GA-Perry Middle Green, Spurgeon Jr MD July, 2004 Plea Nov, 2008 30 years
GA-Thomson Middle Ruble, Paul Spencer DO Plea Aug, 2016 5 yr
GA-Fort Gordon Southern Sanders, Lisa MD Feb, 2005 Plea May, 2005 6 mo
GA-Garden City Southern Azmat, Najam MD Jan, 2014 11 yr 1 mo
GA-Jesup Southern McArthur, William F III MD Nov, 2006 Plea Jan, 2008 30 mo
GA-Kingsland Southern Chua, Noel N MD Sept, 2006 Oct, 2007 life
GA-Savannah Southern Junco, Anthony Jr MD Jan, 2006 Plea Mar, 2006 3 mo
GA-Savannah Southern Ly, Hung Thien MD Oct, 2007 Plea May, 2009 97 mo
GA-Wrens Southern Yun, In Whan MD April, 2007 Plea Mar, 2008 5 yr probation
HI-Honolulu Hawaii Odegaard, Barry N MD April, 2006 Oct, 2008 5 yr
IA-Centerville Southern Jewett, Stephen S. MD Mar, 2006 Plea June, 2007 4 mo
IA-Des Moines Southern Baldi, Daniel DO Acquitted May, 2014
IA-Muscatine Southern Gierlus, David Vincent DO Aug, 2012 Plea Mar, 2013 8 yr
IA-Newton Southern Twyner, Lafayette J. MD Plea Feb, 2014 5 yr + 3 yr home confine
ID-Eagle Idaho Minas, Michael MD June, 2014 May, 2016 8 yr
IL-Chicago Northern Babu, Sathish Narayanappa MD Feb, 2014 Plea Sept, 2014 1 1/2 yr
IL-Chicago Northern Galvani, Theodore MD
IL-Chicago Northern Mohammed, Irfan employee
IL-Chicago Northern Shariff, Mohammed Owner
IL-Crystal Lake Northern Millette, Michael J. MD July, 2006 Jan, 2007 41 mo
IL-Elgin Northern Bush, Irving MD July, 2008 Plea Dec, 2008 30 mo probation
IL-Highland Park Northern Kane, Gerald MD April, 2008 Plea Sept, 2009 12 mo suspended
IL-McHenry Northern Popli, Raman MD License Suspended Mar 2017
IL-McHenry Northern Roberg, Bradford MD May, 2008 Feb, 2009 30 mo probation
IL-Northern Northern Mikaitis, William MD
IL-Oak Brook Northern Ha, Yong Soo MD Sept, 2007 fugitive
IL-Peru Northern Perales, Constantino MD Aug, 2013
IL-Sterling Northern Foong, Lee Lee wife, off.mngr Plea Sept, 2016
IL-Sterling Northern Ng, Richard DO Plea Sept, 2016
IL-Mount Vernon Eastern Smith, Joseph Kerry MD July, 2007 Plea April, 2008 10 mo
IL-Effingham Southern Kohli, Naeem Mahmood MD Jan, 2015 24 mo
IL-Granite City Southern Petrovich, John A. MD July, 2005 Plea Oct, 2005 5 yr probation
IL-Justice Southern Fernando, Samuel Cube MD Nov, 2006 Plea Aug, 2007 2 yr probation
IL-Marion Southern Bedi, Sukhdarshan S. MD July, 2009 Plea Nov, 2009 8 mo
IN-Fort Wayne Northern Cossi, Michael MD Mar, 2016
IN-Michigan City Northern Battle, Frederick MD April, 2004 Plea Oct, 2004 1 yr probation
IN-Fort Wayne Northern Cossi, Michael MD Mar, 2016
IN-Fort Wayne Northern Gundersen-Watson, Gay NP
IN-Fort Wayne Northern Hedrick, William MD
IN-Gary Northern Bek, Jong H MD Aug, 2003 May, 2005 41 mo
IN-Gary Northern Chube, Charles Randall MD Oct, 2004 May, 2006 60 mo
IN-Gary Northern Chube, David MD Oct, 2004 May, 2006 15 2/3 yr
IN-Kokomo Northern Brewer, Robert MD 2013
IN-Kokomo Northern Hartman, Gary PA 2013 1 1/2 yr
IN-Kokomo Northern Hewitt, Thomas PA Plea Jan 2015 6 yr
IN-Kokomo Northern Richards, Linda Nurse 2013
IN-Kokomo Northern Terpstra, William MD 2013 18 mo home detention, 15 yr probation
IN-Kokomo Northern Thomas, John PA 2013
IN-Kokomo Northern Wagoner, Don MD 2013 Plea, 2014 2 yr prison, 8 Home confine
IN-Kokomo Northern Wagoner, Marilyn MD 2013 Charges dismissed–medical
IN-Kokomo Northern Wagoner, Michelle Office Mngr 2013
IN-New Carlisle Northern Fischer, David V. MD April, 2004 Plea Sept, 2004 2 yr
IN-Anderson Southern Sturman, John K. Jur MD Charg-Aug 2016
IN-Bloomington Southern Tiwari, Kamal MD Sept, 2012 3 yr
IN-Connersville Southern Ferryman, Jeff PA Nov, 2013 Plea
IN-Connersville Southern Palmer, Daniel MD Nov, 2013 Plea 8 yr, 4 suspended
IN-Connersville Southern Ringel, David DO Nov, 2013 Plea June, 2016 4 yr probation
IN-Connersville Southern Wulff, David MD Oct, 2013 Plea
IN-Crawfordsville Southern O’Brien, Paul John DO Feb, 2009 Plea May, 2009 1 yr
IN-Indianapolis Southern Lievertz, Randolph MD Dec, 2001
IN-Jeffersonville Southern Baird, John MD April, 2014
IN-Jeffersonville Southern Marlow, Lea Dr. Plea 2013
IN-New Albany Southern Kinsey, Ricky DO
IN-Noblesville Southern Hernandez, Adolfo Pliego MD Mar, 2008 Plea Nov, 2008 6 yr
IN-Pemdleton Southern Jones, Eric MD Oct, 2014
KS-Goddard Kansas Simons, Lawrence M MD April, 2009 Plea Jan, 2010 2 yr
KS-Haysville Kansas Schneider, Linda LPN, off mngr 2010 33 yr
KS-Haysville Kansas Schneider, Stephen DO 2010 30 yr
KS-Kansas City Kansas Webb, James Dr. Raid Nov 2011 Plea 12 yr
KS–Kansas City Kansas Parsa, Bruce N DO May, 2003 Plea Oct, 2003 60 mo
KS-Manhattan Kansas Harding-Huffine, Sarah Office Mngr
KS-Manhattan Kansas Schuster, Michael MD
KS–Topeka Kansas Bickelhaupt, Ethan MD Sept, 2009 Plea Sept 2010 3 yr probation
KS-Wichita Kansas Henson, Steven MD
KY-Albany Eastern Cummings, Michael MD
KY-Augusta Eastern Brindley, Milton Lee MD Dec, 2008 Plea Oct, 2009 71 mo
KY-Berea Eastern Hubbard, Lonnie PharmD Feb, 2017 30 yr
KY-Franklin Eastern Reynolds, Roy D. MD Plea June, 2016
KY-Georgetown Eastern Godofsky, Alan Arnold MD
KY-Georgetown Eastern Schold, Alan Craig MD
KY-Georgetown Eastern Singleton, Ernest W. Owner, nurse Jan, 2013 June, 2013 20 yrs
KY-Georgetown Eastern White, Gregory Dr. Plea June, 2013
KY-Jackson Eastern Merced, Pablo A. Jr. MD
KY-Jeffersonville Eastern Campbell, Jeffrey A. MD, owner investigation
KY-Knoxville Eastern McCrary, Theodore PA April, 2015
KY-Lawrenceburg Eastern Hines, Kenneth Dr. Sept, 2017
KY-Lexington Eastern Leman, Michael D owner March, 2012 15 years
KY-London Eastern Tenhet, Charles T. PharmD Plea Dec, 2013 10 yr
KY-London Eastern Tenhet, Melissa wife Plea Dec, 2013 1 yr 1 d
KY-Paintsville Eastern Albert, Richard MD Plea Dec, 2011 75 mo
KY-Paintsville Eastern Bofill, Rano MD Plea Mar, 2014 4 yr
KY-Paintsville Eastern Cantrell, Tammy owner plea April, 2013 9 yr
KY-Paintsville Eastern Lackey, Shelby owner plea April, 2013 8 yr 1 mo
KY-Pikeville Eastern Lockhart, Beverly Pharm Mngr 72 mo
KY-Bowling Green Western Gott, C. Fred MD
KY-Louisville Western Guerrero, Jaime MD Jan, 2016 8 1/2 yr
KY-Louisville Western Kudmani, George MD Jan, 2017 48 mo
KY-Louisville Western Mudd, Kenneth MD July, 2004 Plea Oct, 2005 3 yr
KY-Louisville Western Ryabik, Brett MD Jan, 2004 Plea Feb, 2005 1 yr
KY-Louisville Western Senler, Tufan MD Mar, 2009 Plea April, 2009 12 mo home detention
KY-Louisville Western Thurman, David MD
KY-Tompkinsville Western Hayes, Clella MD June, 2014 Plea 2016 1 yr 1 d
LA-Bogalusa Eastern Stogner, Wallace Plea Aug, 2016 25 mo
LA-Metairie Eastern Ceasar, Shannon C. MD July, 2016 Plea April, 2017
LA-Metairie Eastern Dileo, Gerard MD Nov, 2011 2 years
LA-Metairie Eastern Guenther, Joseph MD April, 2005 Plea April, 2007 10 mo
LA-New Orleans Eastern Cullins, Suzette MD April, 2005 July, 2006 60 mo
LA-New Orleans Eastern Knight, Kenneth Dr. Plea Jan, 2017
LA-Slidell Eastern Pastorek, Joseph G. II MD Nov, 2011 1 yr
LA-Slidell Eastern Smith, Karen Plea Aug, 2016 4 yrs probation
LA-Baton Rouge Middle Barnes, Shanta owner
LA-Baton Rouge Middle Williams, Warren Sr. MD June, 2008 Plea Aug, 2012 3 yr probation
LA-Prairieville Middle Auzine, Donald MD May, 2008 Plea May, 2008 37 mo
LA-Bossier City Western McElwee, Tandy MD Sept, 2008 Plea Oct, 2010 5 yr
LA-Delhi Western LaFleur, Dan J MD Plea Aug, 2016
LA-Lake Charles Western Gorin, Kevin MD Jan, 2006 Plea June, 2006 48 days
LA-Shreveport Western Deloach, Betty MD April, 2005 Plea April 2007 6 mo
MA-Boston Massechusetts Mashali, Fathalla MD Plea Mar, 2017
MA-Boston Massechusetts Pliner, Lisa Nurse Mar, 2011 acquitted May, 2015
MA-Boston Massechusetts Zolot, Joseph MD Mar, 2011 acquitted May, 2015
MA-Lawrence Massechusetts Weinstein, Paul MD April, 2009 Plea Jan, 2011 63 mo
MA-Mashpee Massechusetts Brown, Michael R MD Aug, 2005 July, 2007 3 yr
MA-Melrose Massechusetts Howard, Douglas MD Jan, 2005 Plea Sept, 2005 3 mo, 27 mo suspended
MA-Plymouth Massechusetts Molmenti, Luis A MD Feb, 2005 Plea April 2005 2 yr probation
MA-Saugus Massechusetts Abbey, Julian A. MD Oct. 2005 39539 5 years probation
MD-Annapolis Maryland Shaw-Taylor, Kofi MD
MD-Baltimore Maryland Babaturk, Hasan H MD
MD-Baltimore Maryland Yacoub, John K. MD Plea May, 2014 1 yr 1 d
MD-Catonsville Maryland Little, Albert G MD Jan, 2007 Plea July, 2007 3 yr probation
MD-Clinton Maryland Vercauteren owner
MD-Deal Maryland Lewis, Bruce kevin Owner
MD-Delaware Maryland Dickenson, Eva MD Jan, 2017
MD-Falston Maryland Mathur, Rakesh MD lic susp Feb 2012
MD-Frederick Maryland Tauraso, Nicola MD Plea June, 2016 Died Aug, 2016
MD-Germantown Maryland Malik, Atif MD
MD-Germantown Maryland Sherlekar, Sandeep MD Deceased Sept 2016
MD-Hagerstown Maryland Russo, David PharmD Plea June, 2013 30 mo
MD-Nanjemoy Maryland Mori, Alex Owner
MD-Owings Mill Maryland Schlesinger, Richard MD May, 2004 Plea May, 2004 3 yr probation
MD-Pikesville Maryland Alexander, Daniel MD Plea Oct, 2015 18 mo
MD-Potomac Maryland Ajawat, Paramjit MD Sept, 2015 9 1/4 yr
MD-Potomac Maryland Ajrawat, Sukhveen Kaur MD Sept, 2015 deceased Feb, 2016
MD-Prince Frederick Maryland Mathews, George MD Plea Feb, 2014
MD-Timonium Maryland Crittenden, William III MD Feb, 2016 3 yr
MD-Timonium Maryland Gajduko, Marina PA suspended May, 2012
MD-Timonium Maryland Resnick, Alina M. owner Plea Oct, 2015 1 yr 1 d
MD-Timonium Maryland Resnick, Michael owner Plea Oct, 2015 3 yr
MD-Timonium Maryland Wiseberg, Gerald Owner Plea Oct, 2015 3 yr
MD-Towson Maryland Keenan, Robert M MD Oct, 2004 June, 2005 8 yr
MD-Waldorf Maryland Dalton, Thomas owner
MD-Waldorf Maryland Russell, Donald Owner
ME-Westbrook Maine Lazaro-Paulina, Juan Carol MD Aug, 2004 Plea Nov, 2005 30 days
ME-Westbrook Maine Shinderman, Marc MD Aug, 2005 July, 2006 6 mo
MI, Hamtramck Eastern Qandil, Basil MD April, 2014
MI, West Bloomfield Eastern Yezbic, Alphonse DO May, 2005 Plea Feb, 2006 2 wks
MI-Beverly Hills Eastern Geralt, John MD
MI-Canton Eastern Elmadhoun, Ahab PharmD
MI-Canton Eastern Gandhi, Guarang Pharm Off Mngr
MI-Canton Eastern Gandhi, Jayshriben PharmD
MI-Canton Eastern Patel, Babubhai PharmD 17 yr
MI-Canton Eastern Patel, Mehul PharmD
MI-Clinton Township Eastern Utarnachitt, Richard MD
MI-Dearborn Eastern Yaghmour, Waleed PharmD 6 yr
MI-Detroit Eastern Akinwumi, Abbey MD June, 2013 8 yr
MI-Detroit Eastern Bryan, Lauran MD 2016 1 yr 1 d
MI-Detroit Eastern Conrardy, Anthony MD Mar, 2017
MI-Detroit Eastern McCutchen, William III MD Mar, 2017
MI-Detroit Eastern Meghnot, Lillian Owner Plea
MI-Detroit Eastern Patel, Shardchandra MD Plea
MI-Detroit Eastern Perry-Thornton, Elena MD Sept, 2005 Plea Oct, 2006 72 mo
MI-Eastpoint Eastern Mercado-Francis, Jose MD Jan, 2008 Plea Jan, 2008 11 mo
MI-Farmington Hills Eastern Collazo, Luis MD Plea Feb 2015
MI-Farmington Hills Eastern Godoy, Carlos MD
MI-Farmington Hills Eastern Pamatmat, Adelfo MD 19 yr
MI-Farmington Hills Eastern Shafinia, Sohrab DO Feb, 2009 Plea Jan, 2011 6 3/4 years
MI-Ferndale Eastern Ahmad, Salahuddin MD May, 2008 Plea Sept 2009 36 mo
MI-Flint Eastern Mukherjee, Mukunda D MD June, 2004 Feb, 2006 328 yr
MI-Grand Blanc Eastern Pandya, Pradeep PharmD
MI-Inkster Eastern Spencer, Timothy PA
MI-Jackson Eastern Bashir, Javaid MD
MI-Madison Heights Eastern Benito, Ruben MD
MI-Menominee Eastern Cannella, Louis MD July, 2008 Plea Jan, 2009 48 mo
MI-Monroe Eastern Linares, Oscar MD Plea Dec, 2015 4 3/4 yr
MI-Monroe Eastern Pompy, Leslie MD Sept, 2016
MI-North Branch Eastern Lieberman, Ira DO Oct, 2003 Plea Oct, 2004 27 mo
MI-Novi Eastern Iyer, Ravi MD
MI-Oak Park Eastern Franklin, Jennifer MD Plea Aug, 2017
MI-Oxford Eastern Dababneh, Malik DO
MI-Pigeon Eastern Lafata, Philip MD Aug, 2009 Plea Sept, 2010 3 yr
MI-Rochester Eastern White, Larry Curtis DO April, 2007 Plea April, 2008 1 yr + 1 d
MI-Royal Oak Eastern Sokoll, William MD Oct, 2007 Plea April, 2008 9 mo
MI-Saginaw Eastern Oesterling, Joseph MD Dec, 2016
MI-Shelby Township Eastern Patel, Krina PharmD
MI-Shelby Township Eastern Patel, Sanjay Pharm Off Mngr
MI-Southfield Eastern Bilyeu, Stuart W. DO July, 2005 Plea April 2006 5 yr
MI-St. Clair Eastern Dewilde, Steven B DO Nov, 2003 Plea April 2004 1 yr
MI-Taylor Eastern Emerson, Paul H DO Aug, 2007 Plea Jan, 2009 12 yr
MI-Toronto Eastern Khunt, Mukesh PharmD
MI-Troy Eastern Weiss, Michael DO
MI-Warren Eastern Awada, Hussein MD Plea Feb 2015 8 yr
MI-Waterford Eastern Dayananda, Dewundara P MD Oct, 2003 Plea July, 2005 4 yr probation
MI-Waterford Eastern Deundara, Patabendige S. MD Dec, 2003 Plea July, 2005 4 yr probation
MI-West Bloomfield Eastern Daniel, Rajat MD
MI-West Bloomfield Eastern Fowler, Carl MD Mar, 2014
MI-West Bloomfield Eastern Zigmond, Boris D.C.
MI-Windsor Eastern Sharma, Vikas PharmD
MI-Ypsilanti Eastern Ahmed, Muhammad Dr.
MI-Ypsilanti Eastern Ashrafkhan, Sardar MD 23 yr
MI-Bath Western Kelly, Paul MD
MI-Coldwater Western Chong, Joon MD Plea Sept, 2013 18 mo
MI-Grand Rapids Western Davis, Horace Junior MD 15 mo
MN-Bloomington Minnesota Polukhin, Elena Lev MD
MO-Cedar Hill Eastern Katz, Harry Meyer MD June, 2004 Plea Mar, 2005 16 mo
MO-Clarksville Eastern Kreutzer, Donald W. MD April, 2003 in Illinois
MO-Florence Eastern Christensen, Chris A. MD
MO-Green City Eastern Richards, Kenneth D DO Feb, 2007 Plea June, 2008 24 mo probation
MO-Halfway Eastern Crisp, Nolan Denny MD Plea April, 2013 2 yr
MO-Richmond Heights Eastern Osaghaemorgan, Harry MD
MO-St. Charles Cty Eastern Hassan, Khaled R. MD Plea Jan, 2014
MO-St. Louis Eastern Chlystra, Russell 26 mo
MO-Boonville Western Akremi, Janet MD BOM
MO-Harrisonville Western Ringel, Steven MD Oct, 2004 Plea Feb, 2005 30 mo
MO-Kansas City Western Williamson, Wayne W MD Oct, 2009 Plea Nov, 2010 36 mo
MO-Republic Western Wadley, Ester DO Aug, 2004 Plea April, 2005 5 yr probation
MO-St. Joseph Western Jorgensen, Eric MD April, 2003 Plea Aug, 2003 3 yr probation
MS-Cleveland Northern Brown, Nathaniel MD 39 mo
MS-Cleveland Northern Livingston, Sandra owner Plea, 2015 36 mo
MS-Biloxi Southern Trieu, Thomas MD May, 2008 Plea June, 2009 8 yr
MS-Biloxi Southern Van, Thu-Hoa MD May, 2008 Plea June 2009 12 mo
MS-Brandon Southern Tincher, Steven MD Sept, 2016
MS-Canton Southern Schwab, Edward T DO Mar, 2006 Plea Sept, 2006 22 mo
MS-Jackson Southern Glass, Ted Alan MD Nov, 2006 Plea Feb, 2007 4 yr probation
MS-Pass Christian Southern Mazur, Richard A. MD July, 2004 Plea June, 2005 27 mo
MS-Waveland Southern Morris, Steven Anthony MD Plea Oct, 2015 37 mo
MT-Billings Montana Metzger, Michael E MD Dec, 2008 April, 2009 3 yr probation
MT-Ennis Montana Bischoff, James MD Aug, 2004 Plea Sept, 2006 10 yr
MT-Helena Montana Ibsen, Mark S. MD BOM Attack 2015
MT-Libby Montana Knecht, Clyde MD Medical board
NC-New Bern Eastern Kumar, Sanjay MD
NC-Wilmington Eastern Talley, Joseph MD 2002 license revoked
NC-Wilmington Eastern Tobin, Christopher Greg MD July, 2008 Aug, 2009 36 mo
NC-Cary Middle Reese, Perry III MD April, 2008 Feb, 2009 20 yrs
NC-Winston Salem Middle Davis, John Blevins MD Oct, 2007 Plea June, 2008 3 yr probation
NC-Winston-Salem Middle Moore, Benjamin MD Plea  2002 Committed suicide
NC-Charlotte Western McIntosh-Filmore, Margaret MD May, 2008 Plea Aug, 2009 1 yr home confinement
NC-Charlotte Western Williams, Warren H MD April, 2005 May, 2006 1 yr + 1 d
NH-East Wakefield New Hampshire McCullom, Douglas C. DO Plea Nov, 2012 3 yr probation
NH-Somersworth New Hampshire Clough, Chris, PA PA-C
NJ New Jersey Lee, David MD BOM attack–permanent retirement
NJ-Barnegat New Jersey Moschowitz, Vasili MD BOM attack–permanent revocation
NJ-Bayonne New Jersey McGee, John MD BOM attack–5 yr suspension
NJ-Belleville New Jersey Cozzarelli, Vincent PharmD
NJ-Belleville New Jersey Jaszczult, Joan DO Sept, 2005 Mar, 2008 11 yr
NJ-Belmar New Jersey Hessein, Amgad MD
NJ-Bernards Township New Jersey Sharif, Mudassar MD
NJ-Brick New Jersey Campione, Frank PA BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Cherry Hill New Jersey Matalon, Vivienne MD 2016BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Cherry Hill New Jersey Newmark, Thomas MD BOM attack–permanent revocation
NJ-Clementon New Jersey Forman, Steven DPM Mar, 2017 BOM BOM attack–5 yr suspension
NJ-Clifton New Jersey Bosotov, Dusan MD Nov, 2015
NJ-East Hanover New Jersey Stefanelli, Leonard PharmD Plea Jan, 2014 37 mo
NJ-Edison New Jersey Partharkar, Munoj MD
NJ-Edison New Jersey Patharkar, Munoj MD Aug, 2015 Plea 2016 tax, attacked again 2016 Subsys
NJ-Fair Haven New Jersey Lopresti, Jacqueline DO July, 2013 57 mo
NJ-Florham Park New Jersey Carlucci, Robert PharmD 42 mo
NJ-Florham Park New Jersey Carlucci, William PharmD 42 mo
NJ-Freehold New Jersey Scott, Ronald BOM attack–permanent revocation
NJ-Gloucester Township New Jersey Intellisano, Ronald DO BOM attack–5 yr suspension
NJ-Little Falls New Jersey Kang, Byung MD BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Manahawkin New Jersey Rudolph, Herbert MD BOM attack–5 yr suspension
NJ-Manahawkin New Jersey Stanch, James M MD Feb, 2006 Plea June, 2006 57 mo
NJ-Matawan New Jersey Binder, Randy PharmD Plea July, 2013
NJ-Medford New Jersey Dateshidze, Jane PharmD June, 2016 BOPh attack–temp suspension
NJ-Medford New Jersey Ludwikowski, Michael PharmD Nov, 2016 Aug, 2017
NJ-Medford Lakes New Jersey Goldfield, David PharmD Nov, 2016 Plea 2016
NJ-Middleton New Jersey Eatough, Philip B DO Oct, 2007 Plea Mar 2009 41 mo
NJ-Millville New Jersey Faswala, Munir Hussain MD Feb, 2005 fugitive
NJ-Mount Laurel New Jersey Vasoya, Pravin MD June, 2008 Plea Feb, 2009 57 mo
NJ-New Brunswick New Jersey Mach, Philip MD Aug, 2005 Plea May, 2007 15 mo
NJ-Newton New Jersey Greenberg, Anthony MD BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Northfield New Jersey Nigalan, Manuel B MD June, 2009 Plea May, 2010 3 yr
NJ-Nutley New Jersey Durante, Michael MD Mar, 2011 Dec, 2013 11 1/3 yr
NJ-Ocean Township New Jersey DiLorenzo, Paul MD
NJ-Oradell New Jersey Rosen, Jay MD BOM attack–permanent revocation
NJ-Paramus New Jersey Rutigliano, Michael MD BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Paterson New Jersey Corazon, Alexis MD BOM attack–voluntary cessation of practice
NJ-Pequannock New Jersey Jasinski, Darius DPM BOM attack–3 yr suspension
NJ-Phillipsburg New Jersey Sun, Kenneth MD BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Prospect Park New Jersey Jabakji, Mohamed MD BOM attack–3 yr revocation
NJ-Red Bank New Jersey Lewandowski, Kenneth DO Plea Jan, 2016 6 yr
NJ-Red Bank New Jersey Ludden, James DPM July, 2017 BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Ridgewood New Jersey Cowan, James MD BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Roselle Park New Jersey Evans, Eugene MD Jan, 2015 Plea April, 2015 5 yr state
NJ-Sicklerville New Jersey Agrawal, Pankaj MD June, 2008 Plea Mar, 2009 63 mo
NJ-Sicklerville New Jersey Rahman, Ronald MD June, 2009 Plea Jan, 2012 25 mo
NJ-Toms River New Jersey Moreles, James MD BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Totowa New Jersey D’Amico, Jason pharm tech
NJ-Trenton New Jersey Lahham, Hassan MD Plea Jan, 2013 9 yr
NJ-Voorhees New Jersey Wolfe, William R. Owner, Dr. June, 2016
NJ-Warren New Jersey Beecher, George MD BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Warren New Jersey Stoveken, Andrew BOM attack–temp suspension
NJ-Wayne New Jersey Ilem, Priscilla MD Plea Dec, 2012 5 yr probation
NJ-Woodbury New Jersey Sirechi, John B DO June, 2004 Plea Sept, 2005 3 yr probation
NM-Albuguerque New Mexico Vigil, Gloria FNP July, 2010 Plea May, 2011 41 mo
NM-Albuquerque New Mexico Henry, Jesse B MD June, 2003 Plea Sept, 2004 5 yr probation
NM-Las Cruces New Mexico Jain, Pawankumar MD Plea, Feb, 2016
NM-Portales New Mexico Jones, David FNP
NV-Henderson Nevada Kuthuru, Mahesh MD Plea Oct, 2015 28 mo
NV-Las Vegas Nevada Bararia, Vinay MD Plea Dec, 2013 44 mo
NV-Las Vegas Nevada Bass, Harrison MD Dec, 2006 Mar, 2008 25 yr
NV-Las Vegas Nevada Bruce, Victor MD Plea July, 2014 46 mo
NV-Las Vegas Nevada Bruce, Victor MD Plea July, 2014 46 mo
NV-Las Vegas Nevada Litwin, David PA Mar, 2017
NV-Las Vegas Nevada Paulin, Sebastian Jr Dr. 2015 24 mo
NV-Las Vegas Nevada Steel, Doyle Stuart MD Dec, 2005 Plea Mar, 2007 7 1/4 yr
NV-Las Vegas Nevada Wetselaar, Henri MD Mar, 2017 10 yr
NV-Reno Nevada Rand, Robert MD Plea July 2017
NY Pearlman, Jeff drug rep Sept, 2016
NY-Albany Northern Martinez, Estrella MD Nov, 2006 Plea May, 2007 3 yr probation
NY-Gouverneur Northern Dehart, Gail E MD May, 2005 Plea Feb 2006 5 yr probation
NY-Lima Northern Leathersich, Jeffrey C. PA Plea June, 2016 6 mo home dention, 3 yr probation
NY-Liverpool Northern Beals, William MD Dec, 2012
NY-New Hartford Northern Kaskiw, Richard P. MD June, 2007 Plea Aug, 2007 1 yr probation
NY-Niagara Falls Northern Mehta, Pravin MD plea May 2015 2 yr
NY-North Tonawanda Northern Bennett, Matthew MD Nov, 2015 3 yr
NY-Rochester Northern Maye, John MD Oct, 2013 plea 1 yr
NY-Utica Northern Kuthuru, Mahesh NY Plea Jan, 2015 18 mo
NY-Youngstown Northern Gillick, Daniel MD Jan, 2014 6 mo home detention
NY-Brentwood Eastern Deslouches, Rools FNP Plea Nov, 2013
NY-Brooklyn Eastern Desgrottes, Schiller MD 2013
NY-Brooklyn Eastern Feygin, Lazar MD
NY-Brooklyn Eastern Gohari, Kian PharmD Nov, 2016
NY-Brooklyn Eastern Hasan, Shaikh Monirul MD June, 2012 30 day
NY-Brooklyn Eastern Kanevsky, Zhanna MD 2013 5 yr probation
NY-Brooklyn Eastern Nazaire, Marie PA
NY-Brooklyn Eastern Owusu, Stephen DPM Plea Nov, 2013
NY-Brooklyn Eastern Taitt, Michael MD April, 2017
NY-Central Islip Eastern Kader, Nasreen MD Sept, 2014 Plea Nov 2015 6 mo house arrest
NY-East Islip Eastern Mandarano, Carmine MD Plea Sept, 2014 Probation
NY-Great Neck Eastern Jacobson, Eric MD June, 2012 Plea May, 2014 8 yr
NY-Harlem Eastern Gibbs, Robert MD 2013 5 yr probation
NY-Long Island Eastern Bergman, Davis MD Plea child sex Dec 2016
NY-Long Island Eastern Blackman, Noel MD Feb, 2016 Plea Aug, 2016 50 mo
NY-Long Island Eastern Conway, William MD June, 2012 Plea July, 2013 8 yr
NY-Long Island Eastern Kaloudis, Nicholas MD
NY-Long Island Eastern Persaud, Anand MD July, 2013
NY-Long Island Eastern Randall, Michael DO May, 2014 June, 2016 32 mo
NY-Long Island Eastern Stambler, Leonard I MD Oct, 2013 10 yr
NY-Long Island Eastern Telang, Frank MD 30 mo
NY-Long Island Eastern Troyan, Michael PA Nov, 2015 Plea June, 2016 5 yr + 3 yr home confine
NY-Manhattan Eastern Belfar, William S. MD
NY-Manhattan Eastern Bregman, Davis MD 2014 Plea Dec, 2015
NY-Manhattan Eastern Castro, Hector MD July, 2015 5.5 yr
NY-Manhattan Eastern McClung, Paul MD April, 2017
NY-Manhattan Eastern Mirilashvili, Moshe MD Mar, 2016 13 1/3 yr
NY-Manhattan Eastern Rodriguez, Felix MD Plea Feb, 2013 3 yr 1 mo
NY-Manhattan Eastern Tesher, Martin MD June, 2017
NY-Manhattan Eastern Wijetilaka, Rohan MD July, 2012 Plea June, 2014 3 yr
NY-Merrick Eastern Belfiore, Michael DO Oct, 2014
NY-New York Eastern McNeil, Apryl Mamzette MD July, 2005 Plea April, 2006 20 mo
NY-New York Eastern Nyamekye, Absylom Kwabena MD July, 2005 Plea April, 2006 20 mo
NY-New York Eastern Zhao, Mengjia MD July, 2015 4 yr probation
NY-Oceanside Eastern Morgan, Richard A. DO May, 2007 Plea Mar, 2009 14 yr
NY-Queens Eastern Duffy, David MD May, 2015
NY-Queens Eastern Jakacki, Lilian Pharm Owner 4 yrs
NY-Queens Eastern Lambrakis, Emmanuel MD Dec, 2016
NY-Queens Eastern Li, Stan Xuhui MD 2014 10-20 yr
NY-Queens Eastern Maynard, Gracia MD Mar, 2013 Plea Nov, 2014 54 mo
NY-Rosedale Eastern Shankman, Richard M DPM Nov, 2006 Plea Sept, 2007 5 yr
NY-Sag Harbor Eastern Chait, Michael MD Mar, 2007 plea Apr, 2009 3 yr
NY-Smithtown Eastern Fagin, Mitchel Stewart MD
NY-Staten Island Eastern Lanting, Felix (85 y/o) MD Nov, 2010 Jan, 2013 6 mo house arrest
NY-Staten Island Eastern Marchetta, Leonard PA Sept, 2014 Plea Jan, 2015 11 yr
NY-Staten Island Eastern Taylor, David MD
NY-Yonkers Eastern Chai, Christina PharmD Oct, 2014
NY-Yonkers Eastern Lee, Ji Yun (Hi Jong) PharmD, owner Oct, 2014
NY-Bronx Southern Lowe, Kevin MD Owner May, 2015 12 yr
NY-Bronx Southern Terdiman, Robert MD Feb, 2014 Plea Mar, 2015 time served
NY-Bronx Southern Virey, Tomasito MD Feb, 2014 Plea 2014 suicide Feb, 2014
NY-Gansevoort Southern Gundel, Jeffrey MD Plea Dec, 2014 6 1/2 yr
NY-Orange Cty Southern Ramirez, Alfred MD Oct, 2015 Dead in home confinement Oct, 2016
NY-southern Southern Hirsh, Howard PharmD
NY-southern Southern Podell, Daniel PharmD
NY-southern Southern Weintraub, Frederick DPM Plea Aug, 2016 18 mo
NY-southern Southern Zaslow, Lawrence PharmD
NY-Voorhees Southern McIlhenny, Lisa employee June, 2016
NY-Westchester Southern Roth, Arnold MD Plea Aug, 2013 1-3 yr
NY-Alfred Western Keith, Rosalie DO Oct, 2005 Plea Jan, 2006 Fine $5000
NY-Amherst Western Cowie, Albert MD April, 2015 Plea Jan, 2016
NY-Amherst Western Gosy, Eugene MD
NY-Lima Western Leathersich, Jeffrey C. PA Plea June, 2016 6 mo home dention, 3 yr probation
NY-West Seneca Western Coburn, Brandon FNP Plea May, 2017 9 yr
OH-Akron Northern Harper, Adolph Jr. MD 10 yr
OH-Akron Northern Heim, Brian D. MD 63 mo
OH-Alexandria Northern Climer, Karen employee Plea Dec, 2015 6 mo
OH-Alexandria Northern Rath, David MD Plea Dec, 2015
OH-Andover Northern Swanson, Shannon L. DO
OH-Boardman Northern Martinez, Jorge A. MD Sept, 2004 June, 2006 life
OH-Cleveland Northern Gilreath, Marcellus MD Plea July 2013
OH-Cleveland Northern Stegawski, Christopher MD Feb, 2015 13 1/3 yr
OH-Findlay Northern Lassiter, James MD Plea June, 2013
OH-Pittsburgh Northern Rydze, Richard MD May, 2017
OH-Ravenna Northern Ingram, Gregory MD
OH-Solon Northern Akhtar-Zaidi, Syed Jawad MD
OH-Stark Cty Northern Lazzerini, Frank MD Raid Feb 2016
OH-Strongsville Northern Salouha, Osama PharmD
OH-Strongsville Northern Salouha, Samah wife
OH-Strongsville Northern Sbeih, Sbeih PharmD
OH-Toledo Northern Hall, Darrell A. MD 2013 5 yr
OH-Cincinnati Southern Broadnax, Walter MD May, 2007 Plea Nov, 2011
OH-Cincinnati Southern Dahlsten, John MD April, 2012 May, 2014 4 mo
OH-Cincinnati Southern Fantauzzi, Mark DO plea Jan 2013
OH-Cincinnati Southern Naramore, Stanley L DO July, 2008 Plea July, 2008 48 mo
OH-Cincinnati Southern Pierce, Stephen MD Plea Dec, 2012
OH-Columbus Southern Banks, Brenda MD 2012 48 Mo
OH-Columbus Southern Long, Karen D. Dr. Plea Dec, 2015
OH-Dayton Southern Kirkwood, Beverly wife Plea Aug, 2017
OH-Dayton Southern Kirkwood, David MD Plea Aug, 2017
OH-Dayton Southern Lucente, Julia I. MD Plea June, 2014
OH-Dayton Southern Yang, Han M. MD Plea Jan, 2012
OH-Marietta Southern Kiser, Donald Raymond DO April, 2007 Plea Feb, 2008 7 1/4 yr
OH-New Albany Southern Lake, Kevin B. DO Plea Jan, 2017
OH-Pataskala Southern Dragash, Terry DO Plea May, 2014 1 yr
OH-Portsmouth Southern Callihan, John Randy Owner 60 mo
OH-Portsmouth Southern Huff, Kevin Owner Plea June, 2012 21.83 yr
OH-Portsmouth Southern Lundeen, James MD
OH-Scioto Cty Southern Dawes, Michael MD May, 2011 License Suspended
OH-South Point Southern Huffman, Alice employee Plea 2010 5 yr
OH-South Point Southern Huffman, Denise owner Plea 2010 12 2/3 yr
OH-South Point Southern Volkman, Paul MD May, 2007 May, 2011 4 life terms
OH-Waverly Southern Hoxie, David Albert MD May, 2005 Plea Aug, 2006 3 year community control
OH-Wheelersburg Southern Adkins, George Marshal owner Plea Sept, 2012 10 yr
OH-Wheelersburg Southern Fankell, Raymond Pharmacist
OH-Wheelersburg Southern Georgescu, Victor MD Suicide Aug, 2012
OH-Wheelersburg Southern Temponeras, John MD
OH-Wheelersburg Southern Temponeras, Margaret MD Plea April, 2017
OK-Catoosa Northern Lau, Abel MD May, 2008 Plea Aug, 2009 6 mo home detention
OK-Jay Northern Mease, Darrell R. MD civil settlement Sept, 2016
OK-Roland Eastern Friedl, John Conrad DO
OK-Roland Eastern Howell, George MD
OK-Roland Eastern Myers, Ronald MD
OK-Roland Eastern Tougas, Bernard PA, Owner
OK-Sallisaw Eastern Smith, William Kerry MD April, 2016
OK-Tulsa Eastern Cohlmia, George MD civil settlement Aug, 2017
OK-Tulsa Eastern Sangha, Anoop MD civil settlement Nov, 2016
OK-Edmond Western Bhandary, Amar Nath MD April, 2013 hung jury, May, 2013 Plea 30 mo
OK-Enid Western Cheng, Paul P. MD Oct, 2006 Plea July, 2007 2 yr probation
OK-Kingfisher Western Krablin, James Brett MD civil settlement Aug, 2017
OK-Midwest City Western Nichols, Regan DO June, 2017
OK-Norman Western Phung, Can D MD May, 2008 Plea July, 2009 9 3/4 yr
OK-Norman Western Williams, Ronald L. DDS civil settlement July, 2013
OK-Oklahoma City Western Jenkins, Harvey MD Mar, 2016
OK-Oklahoma City Western Jones, William D. MD civil settlement Aug, 2013
OK-Oklahoma City Western Rogers, Stanley DO civil settlement July, 2014
OK-Oklahoma City Western Valuck, William DO Dec, 2013 Plea Aug, 2014 8 yr  (murder)
OK-western Western Dismukes, Jennifer DO civil settlement April, 2017
OR-Portland Oregon Demille, Julie Ann FNP
OR-Portland Oregon Idumwonyi, Osasuyi K. Office Mngr
PA-Ambler Eastern Summers, Alan MD
PA-Bensalem Eastern Pagalilauan, Manuel MD April, 2007 Plea June, 2008 9 mo
PA-Bethlehem Eastern Delp, William DO Nov, 2003 Plea Jan, 2005 1-2 yrs
PA-Churchville Eastern Lipson, Philip A DO June, 2005 Plea June, 2005 36 mo
PA–Delaware Cty Eastern Wean, Lawrence MD Dec, 2014
PA-Folcroft Eastern Herzstein, Heather employee
PA-Franconia Eastern Ruth, Richard R. DO Nov, 2013 15-30 yr
PA-Ft. Washington Eastern Werther, Norman MD June, 2013 25 yr
PA-Huntingdon Valley Eastern Kofsky, Albert DO Aug, 2006 Plea Sept, 2008 1 yr + 1 d
PA-Lafayette Hill Eastern Rosen, Michael MD April, 2013
PA-Mechanicsburg Eastern Cho, Jay MD Feb, 2015 Death Nov, 2015
PA-Mechanicsburg Eastern Zampogna, Jennifer MD June, 2007 Plea Sept, 2009 23 mo probation
PA-Media Eastern Patel, Mitesh PharmD
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Alexander, Edward J MD Oct, 2007 Plea Feb 2008 3 years probation
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Bado, Jeffrey DO Dec, 2016
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Barnett, Randy MD Jan, 2005 Plea Oct, 2004 24 mo probation
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Borkson, Joseph MD April, 2007 Plea Sept, 2008 60 mo
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Chaudhry, Aziz MD Oct, 2006 Plea June, 2008 15 mo
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Gerson, Arlene PharmD Plea April, 2013
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Mangino, William II MD Oct, 2004 July, 2007 8 1/2-20 yrs
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Masso, Cynthia MD
PA-Philadelphia Eastern McKinney, Laurence T MD April, 2009 Mar, 2010 7 1/4 yr
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Milchin, Michael Office Mngr
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Minicozzi, Richard MD Mar, 2012 7 yr
PA-Philadelphia Eastern O’Brien, William J. III DO July, 2005 June, 2016 30 yr
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Poulshock, Andrew S DO Jan, 2005 Plea Dec, 2004 3 yr probation
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Rongione, Angela employee
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Sabugo, Evelyn Frances MD Mar, 2007 Plea May, 2008 18 mo
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Vanterpool, Bevis PharmD 63 mo
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Verdell, Clarence R MD investigation
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Vira, John D.C.
PA-Philadelphia Eastern Weiss, Randy DO plea 4 yr
PA-Phillipsburg Eastern Adams, Lawrence MD June, 2007 Oct, 2008 7-14 yr
PA-Richboro Eastern Koff, Richard MD Jan, 2005 Plea Jan 2005 4 yr probation
PA-Ridley Park Eastern Parsia, Keyhosrow MD
PA-Villanova Eastern Khan, Azad MD
PA-Willow Grove Eastern Werther, Norman MD Aug, 2011 Sept, 2013 25 yr
PA-Curwensville Middle Girardi, David MD July, 2008 Plea Mar, 2008 2 yr probation
PA-Dunmore Middle Lisnichy, Nicholas MD Dec, 2004 Plea Feb 2005 6-12 yr
PA-East Stroudsburg Middle Pascal, Harold J MD Dec, 2006 Plea Feb, 2008 6-18 mo
PA-Johnstown Middle Davis, Glenn MD Feb, 2016 6 yr
PA-Middleton Middle Caviness, Paul H. MD June, 2007 Plea Nov, 2007 9-23 mo
PA-Milford Middle Li, Fuhai MD
PA-New Cumberland Middle Wait, David MD Aug, 2014 Plea, 2015 8 yr
PA-Wellsboro Middle Terry, John MD Jan, 2016 20 mo
PA-West Pittston Middle Alexanderian, Harry MD Oct, 2004 Plea May 2005 6 mo home detention
PA-Wilkes-Barre Middle Hussain, Abdul MD July, 2005 Plea Jan, 2006 3-10 yr
PA-York Middle Krajewski, Walter DO civil settlement July 2016
PA-York Middle Schneider, Amy Office Mngr 30 mo
PA-Canonburg Western Kathpal, Gurbachan MD Nov, 2004 Plea May, 2006 2-4 yr
PA-Cranberry Western Stowell, Steven MD April, 2008 Plea Oct, 2008 24 mo probation
PA-Dubois Western Bradley, Thomas MD Jan, 2008 Plea Oct, 2008 5 yr probation
PA-DuBois Western Yande, Rajendra D. DO Raid Oct 2011 Plea Jan 2013 4-8 yr state
PA-Gibsonia Western Zielke, Andrzej MD
PA-New Castle Western Wagman, Philip G MD Oct, 2004 May, 2006 7-15 yr
PA-Pittsburgh Western Barnett, Alan MD Aug, 2016 5 yr probation
PA-Pittsburgh Western Bregar, Frank MD Oct, 2005 Plea April, 2006 3 mo home detention
PA-Pittsburgh Western Clark, Brent E. MD
PA-Pittsburgh Western Garner, Daniel DDS
PA-Pittsburgh Western Griffin, Charles Brian PharmD Dec, 2013 40 mo
PA-Pittsburgh Western Herndon, Oliver MD Plea May, 2012 11 yr 3mo
PA-Pittsburgh Western Norkus, George PharmD July, 2016
PA-Pittsburgh Western Rottschaefer, Bernard MD June, 2003 March, 2004 6 1/3 yr
PA-Pittsburgh Western Snyder, Robert DO Feb, 2006 Plea Sept, 2006 1 yr probation
PA-Pittsburgh Western Stanko, Kenneth M. MD Plea Jan, 2017 1 yr 1 d
PA-Springdale Western Bajwa, Jatinder MD Mar, 2005 Plea Sept 2006 2 yr probation
PA-Uniontown Western Dileo, Dominic W. MD Plea July, 2016 10 yr
PR-Adjuntas Puerto Rico Roman-Torres, Alexis MD May, 2008 Plea July, 2009 18 mo
PR-Carolina Puerto Rico Vazquez-Senti, Jose Victor MD Sept, 2007 Sept, 2010 time served
PR-Vega Alta Puerto Rico Zouairbani, Mohamed MD July, 2011 Plea July, 2011 1 yr + 1 d
RI-Cranston Rhode Island Ruelos, Jorge MD July, 2012 Suspended July, 2012
RI-Providence Rhode Island Rosenberg, Jerrold MD
SC-Aiken South Carolina Walker, Mackie James DPM
SC-Greenville South Carolina Myers, Michael Frank MD Dec, 2006 May, 2007 78 mo
SC-Hilton Head South Carolina Hershline, Roger MD June, 2009 Plea Feb, 2010 41 mo
SC-Hodges South Carolina McIver, Ronald Allen DO Aug, 2004 Sept, 2005 30 yr
SC-Myrtle Beach South Carolina Alerre, Ricardo MD Feb, 2003 19 yr 7 mo
SC-Myrtle Beach South Carolina Bordeaux, Deborah MD 8 yr 1 mo
SC-Myrtle Beach South Carolina Devlin, Thomas employee 2 yr
SC-Myrtle Beach South Carolina Jackson, Michael MD 24 1/3 yr
SC-Myrtle Beach South Carolina Pulivarthi, Venkata 3 yrs probation
SC-Myrtle Beach South Carolina Suggs, Windy employee 2 yr
SC-Myrtle Beach South Carolina Sutherland, Deborah employee Feb, 2004 2 yr
SC-Myrtle Beach South Carolina Vandergriff, David employee 12 mo
SC-Sumter South Carolina Aycock, George C. Jr MD July, 2009 Plea Sept 2009 1 yr + 1 da
SC-W. Columbia South Carolina Shortt, James M MD Oct, 2005 Plea July, 2006 1 yr + 1 d
SD-Mitchell South Dakota Dodge, Jack MD Aug, 2005 Plea April, 2006 5 yr
TN-Chattanooga Eastern Blake, Faith owner Plea 44 yr
TN-Chattanooga Eastern Lang, Barbara owner Jan, 2015 280 yr
TN-Chattanooga Eastern Lang, Barbara Owner Nov, 2014 23 1/3 yr
TN-Chattanooga Eastern Larmore, charles NP Plea 13 yr
TN-Chattanooga Eastern Sherard, Jerome MD Plea 60 mo
TN-Greenville Eastern McNeese, Robert D. PharmD 2013 63 mo
TN-Hixson Eastern Tennessee Pain Institute Raid May 2016
TN-Johnson City Eastern Brown, Thomas Patrick PharmD Plea April, 2013 5 yr
TN-Jonesborough Eastern Barnett, Sherry L. FNP Plea Feb, 2016 2 yr
TN-Knoxville Eastern Clemons, Cynthia FNP
TN-Knoxville Eastern Hoffstetter, Sylvia owner April, 2015
TN-Knoxville Eastern Myers, Sanford Kent MD Dec, 2006 Plea Nov, 2008 13 yr
TN-Maryville Eastern Blankenship, Walter D. PA Plea
TN-Maryville Eastern Brickhouse, David Eric PA
TN-Maryville Eastern Cordes, Jamie Chiles NP Plea
TN-Maryville Eastern Fetzer, Sherry Ann NP Plea
TN-Maryville Eastern Guzman, Tammy owner April, 2013 21 yr
TN-Maryville Eastern Henry, Wendi Owner’s daughter raid 2010 2014 18 yr
TN-Maryville Eastern Joyner, James Brian MD 70 mo
TN-Maryville Eastern Kincaid, Randy Owner raid 2010 69 yr
TN-Maryville Eastern Kincaid, Sandra Owner raid 2010 39 yr
TN-Maryville Eastern Kirkland, Buffy Rene NP Plea
TN-Maryville Eastern Lewis, Don Robert PA Plea June, 2016
TN-Maryville Eastern Lewis, Don Robert Jr NP
TN-Maryville Eastern Morgan, Dustin Owner’s son raid 2010 17 yr
TN-Maryville Eastern Smith, Donna Jeanne NP Plea
TN-Maryville Eastern Thomas, Deborah G MD Plea
TN-Morristown Eastern Mohamed, Abdelrahman MD Lawsuit July, 2017
TN-Winchester Eastern Reimers, Elizabeth MD Oct, 2008 Plea Mar, 2011 70 mo
TN-Nashville Middle Fletcher, Christopher W MD Sept, 2005 Plea Sept, 2005 3 yr probation
TN-Portland Middle Walker, Allen R Jr MD Feb, 2012
TN-Bartlett Western Patterson, Michael MD Plea 16 yr
TN-Franklin Western Moss, Joe P MD Dec, 2004 Plea April, 2007 18 mo
TN-Germantown Western Boatwright, Larry E. PharmD Oct, 2012 15 2/3 yr
TN-Jackson Western Douglas, Kelvin Lynn MD Oct, 2007 Plea Sept, 2008 time served
TN-Tiptonville Western Dubrule, Rosaire Michel MD Aug, 2007 Nov, 2014 12.5 yr
TX-Carrollton Northern Lipe, Jonathan Paul PharmD civil settlement Feb 2017
TX-Dallas Northern Clark, Cordell MD April, 2003 Plea Oct, 2003 10 yr probation
TX-Dallas Northern Iwuoha, Emmanuel C. employee Oct. 2015
TX-Dallas Northern Marshall, Harold MD Sept, 2007 Plea June, 2008 10 yr probation
TX-Dallas Northern Maynard, Daniel DO One of first
TX-Dallas Northern Okechuku, Theodore MD Oct, 2015 25 yr
TX-Dallas Northern Oti, Electi N. PA Oct, 2015 8 yr
TX-Desoto Northern Frimpong, Kumi PharmD Feb, 2017 24 mo
TX-Desoto Northern Kigham, Ndufola PharmD Feb, 2017 27 mo
TX-Duncanville Northern Kornell, Bernard MD Nov, 2005 Plea Mar, 2007 10 yr
TX-Frisco Northern Alexander, Bruce MD Dec, 2006 Plea May 2007 6 mo home detention
TX-Garland Northern Martinez, Jose L. Owner Feb, 2014
TX-Garland Northern Niamatali, Habiboola Dr. Aug, 2016 6 1/2 yr
TX-Garland Northern Padron, Nicolas Alfonso MD Plea Sept, 2013 7 1/4 yr
TX-Granbury Northern Esparza, John Christopher PharmD Plea Jan, 2016 6 yr
TX-Murphy Northern Fino, Sameer Andoni MD Plea Feb, 2016
TX-Sunnyvale Northern Hollier, Lisa L. PharmD 60 mo
TX-Palestine Eastern Williams, Michael L MD Oct, 2006 Plea Sept, 2008 2 yrs home confinement, suspended
TX-Austin Southern Sofinowski, Richard E. Dr
TX-Corpus Christi Southern Pendleton, Michael MD Raided Nov, 2016
TX-Houston Southern Bertoni, Mario MD
TX-Houston Southern Clardy, Christina MD May, 2011
TX-Houston Southern Covington, Karl MD April, 2012
TX-Houston Southern Devido, David PharmD Plea July, 2016
TX-Houston Southern Elder, Christopher L. MD Feb, 2008 June, 2010 15 mo
TX-Houston Southern Evans, Richard A. MD July, 2016 60 mo
TX-Houston Southern Gibson, Donald II MD May, 2012 Plea Oct, 2013 52 mo
TX-Houston Southern Herpin, Callie MD Sept, 2004 Plea April, 2006 10 yr
TX-Houston Southern Jacinthe, Edwindge MD
TX-Houston Southern Kahn, Ronald MD
TX-Houston Southern Khan, Fahim Ahmed MD 51 mo
TX-Houston Southern Menser-Parks, Melanie MD Aug, 2016
TX-Houston Southern Osire, Agnes PharmD 45 mo
TX-Houston Southern Peters, Alonzo III MD July, 2006 Plea Jan, 2009 5 yr
TX-Houston Southern Umawa Imo owner June, 2011
TX-Houston Southern Williams, Richard MD Plea 2016 60 mo
TX-McAllen Southern Andrews, Richard DO Plea Jan, 2017 8 yr
TX-McAllen Southern Faridi, Muhammad Owner Plea Aug, 2016 9 yr
TX-Montgomery Cty Southern Petrash, Gerald PA April, 2012
TX-Webster Southern Sharma, Arun MD June, 2009 Plea April, 2010 15 yr
TX-Webster Southern Sharma, Kiran MD June, 2009 Plea April, 2010 8 yr
TX-El Paso Western Valdez, Anthony F. MD July, 2011 20 yr
TX-Leander Western Mansolo, Ronald M MD Plea June, 2016
TX-San Antonio Western Bocanegra, Javier MD Raided Nov, 2016
UT-Bountiful Utah McCandless, Jeremy R MD Aug, 2009 Plea Mar, 2011 18 mo
UT-Bountiful Utah Pickens, James Eliot MD May, 2008 Plea April, 2009 21 mo
UT-Brigham City Utah MacKay, Dewey MD 2011 20 years reduced to 3
UT-Layton Utah Taylor, Paul R. MD Nov, 2007 Plea Oct, 2009 85 mo
UT-Salt Lake City Utah Larson, Michael J. DVM
UT-Salt Lake City Utah Stack, Warren R MD Dec, 2007 Plea July, 2009 9 yr
UT-Salt Lake City Utah Theodore, Alexander MD May, 2006 Plea April, 2007 1 yr
UT-Salt Lake City Utah Weitzel, Robert MD 2007 15 yr, released
UT-Salt Lake City Utah Wilcox, Simmon Lee Dr. 2016 8 yr
VA Clark, Freeman MD
VA Statkis Dr. early
VA-Alexandria Eastern Wade, Larren MD Plea Feb, 2013 70 mo
VA-Arlington Eastern Escobar, Ereida A. employee
VA-Arlington Eastern Simon, Derron McRae MD Plea Dec, 2014 15 yr
VA-Chantilly Eastern Boccone, Paul owner August, 2012 15 years
VA-Chantilly Eastern Brown, Charles CFNP Nov, 2012 5 yr
VA-Chesapeake Eastern Loxley, Sidney S. MD Jan, 2005 Plea Dec, 2005 7 1/4 yr
VA-Clarksville Eastern Ross, James Stanley MD Jan, 2007 Plea Aug, 2007 19 mo
VA-Fredericksburg Eastern Scranage, Clarence Jr MD Aug, 2017
VA-McLean Eastern Hurwitz, William MD 2004 25 yr
VA-Norfolk Eastern Haque, Ehteshamul MD Oct, 2008 Plea Nov, 2008
VA-Reston Eastern Raza, Jamal MD Jan, 2011 Plea Nov, 2011 15 mo
VA-Stafford Eastern Mohanty, Nibedita MD Plea Feb, 2015
VA-Sterling Eastern Petties, Donald Alvin MD Plea Jan, 2014
VA-Appalachia Western Ford, Michael B. MD BOM Feb, 2012
VA-Blacksburg Western Purpera, Frank MD Raided Sept, 2016
VA-Dante Western Lambert, Denny
VA-Dublin Western Cheek, Linda MD Feb, 2013 33 mo
VA-Grundy Western Arora, Vasu MD
VA-Grundy Western Sutherland, Franklin MD 70 mo
VA-Lexington Western Heatwole, Stanley MD Plea Nov, 2016 3 yr probation, 6 mo home confine
VA-Norton Western Ehtesham, Uzma MD Raid Oct, 2016
VA-Norton Western Shepard, Felix Eugene MD Plea Aug, 2017
VA-Pembroke Western Morgan, David DO Raid 2015
VA-Richlands Western Kennedy, Gloria FNP Plea Nov 2015 46 mo
VA-Roanoke Western Collins, Steven DO Plea Feb, 2015
VA-Roanoke Western Knox, Cecil MD Acquitted Oct, 2003
VI-Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Maynard, Paul V MD Sept, 2003 Feb, 2007 7 mo
WA-Deer Park Eastern Hindman, Keith DO July, 2007 Plea April, 2009 9 mo
WA-Bellevue Western Gogenola, Lawrence Joseph MD May, 2008 Plea Aug, 2008 2 yr probation
WA-Bothell Western Parris, Lawrence L MD May, 2008 Plea Aug, 2008 2 yr probation
WA-Kirkland Western Scheyer, William J MD Jan, 2005 Plea Jan, 2005 60 days home confinement
WA-Seattle Western Crouthamel, Matthew R MD Dec, 2007 Plea Mar, 2008 3 yr probation
WA-Seattle Western Kapanjie, Theodore MD May, 2009 Plea May, 2009 1 yr probation
WA-Seattle Western Levine, Howard J MD June, 2007 Plea Feb, 2008 22 mo
WA-Seattle Western Levitt, Keith Neil MD July, 2008 Plea Oct, 2008 3 yr probation
WA-Seattle Western Li, Frank MD
WA-Snohomish Western Le, Hieu Tu MD Plea Dec, 2013 5 yr
Washington, DC Washington, DC Robinson, Ivan Lamont NP Aug, 2017
Washington-DC Washington, DC Hackney, David T MD Dec, 2006 Plea Oct, 2007
Washington-DC Washington, DC Salerian, Alen J. MD
WI-Brookfield Eastern Yee, Jerry DO 1 yr 1 d
WI-Columbus Eastern Burtman, Mark L MD Raid June, 2011
WI-Manitowoc Szyman, Charles MD
WI-New Berlin Eastern Pellmann, Roger MD Oct, 2010 4 years
WI-Oshkosh Eastern Jacobson, Joel C MD Sept, 2005 Plea Aug, 2006 6 mo
WI-Oshkosh Eastern Orta-Rosario, Porfirio MD July, 2007 Aug, 2009 5 yrs
WI-Wauwatosa Eastern Kotsonis, Steven MD
WI-Cadott Western Bowe, Clifford MD investigation
WV-Blacksville Northern Ortenzio, Louis MD Oct, 2005 Plea Mar, 2006 6 mo home detention
WV-Bridgeport Northern Blount, Mario PharmD
WV-Harrison Cty Northern Milan, Edita MD
WV-Martinsburg Northern Clark, Amanda employee
WV-Martinsburg Northern Colbert, Tracie employee
WV-Martinsburg Northern Duffy, Tressie MD June, 2016 1 yr + 1day
WV-McMechen Northern Chalifoux, Roland DO Raid April, 2015
WV-Wheeling Northern Crake, Robert J DO Mar, 2008 Plea June, 2008 36 mo probation
WV-Wood Cty Northern Hogan, Robert Timothy II Dr. Owner Plea Oct, 2014 48 mo
WV, TN, OH-West Portsmouth Southern Bias, Tracy owner plea May, 2013 14 years
WV-Barboursville Southern Agyekum, Ohene PharmD Plea May, 2015 5 1/3 yr
WV-Barboursville Southern Chaney, Donald MD Plea Jan, 2017 6 mo
WV-Charleston Southern Allara, Robert MD April, 2008 Plea April, 2008 5 mo
WV-Charleston Southern Derakhshan, Iraj MD Plea April, 2016
WV-Charleston Southern Sipsy, Lonnie Keigh DO Oct, 2007 Plea, Feb, 2008 1 yr + 1 d
WV-Daniels Southern Kostenko, Michael DO Plea April, 2017 20 yrs
WV-Glen Daniel Southern Gordinho, Jorge Abbud MD Nov, 2015 Plea Jan 2016 8 yr
WV-Logan Cty Southern Gonzales-Ramos, Fernando MD Plea April, 2013 5 yr 11 mo
WV-Milton Southern Dawson, Anita DO plea Jan 2013 2 years
WV-Point Pleasant Southern Morgan, Breton Lee MD Sept, 2006 Plea Mar, 2007 30 days
WV-Princeton Southern Wills, Danny Ray MD Aug, 2009 Plea Jan, 2009 6 mo
WV-South Charleston Southern Bates, Jeffrey Kent MD Aug, 2006 Plea Aug, 2006 3 mo
WV-Williamson Southern Miller, Myra Sue Office Mngr Plea Mar, 2013 6 mo
WV-Williamson Southern Ryckman, William F MD Owner Mar, 2012 6 mo
WY-Casper Wyoming Kahn, Shakeel MD
WY–Lovell Wyoming Baumstarck, Joseph MD May, 2008 Plea Dec, 2008 3 yr probation