Are Minute Clinics Taking Over?

CVS is opening thousands of retail clinics all over this country and they hire Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners to work inside of these pharmacy store clinics. The real key to understanding how CVS is using Big Pharma and the U.S. Government to gain control of the healthcare system using this covert sinister plot involving the DEA, the Medical Boards, Local Police, Politicians, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Mainstream Media. There is a casual connections between all of these agencies and government officials.

Not long ago, CVS was one of the major players in the worst illegal drug trades in the history of the United States. The Florida “pill mill” epidemic took innocent lives of thousands of Americans and sent hundreds of thousands of Americans packing for the jails and prison lock-ups. For the longest, people could travel to Florida and buy legal pain pills without a prescription and CVS Pharmacies were engaged in selling these powerful pain pills to people that they knew were selling them on the streets and in other cities and states. These horrible crimes led to the Criminalization of Medicine; a term used to describe how doctors are falsely persecuted by the U.S. Government for treating real people with pain and anxiety conditions using legal methods and prescriptions.

The Criminalization of Medicine was started by CVS and Big Pharma in order to make legal prescriptions illegal and use Government agencies like the DEA and the Medical Boards; to go after compassionate good doctors and take their assets and put them out of business. Florida’s politicians and Government officials were well aware of the pill mills before the scandal hit the national news headlines. Have anybody asked themselves where was the Attorney General during the illegal pill mill trades? Where was the Medical Board and why they ignored the pill mill trade? Where was the Police Department since they seen all these people from around the world buying prescription drugs for resale on the streets? Where was the DEA and why did they allow the pill mill trade to happen openly without doing a damn thing? We also ask ourselves, what was the Department of Justice doing in Florida during years of illegal prescription pill trades and drug dealers standing in mile long lines to purchase legal pain pills for illegal sale? The absence of all these entities can be described fully using two simple words “Paid Off.” CVS and Big Pharma paid a very small fine for what they did and nobody went the jail or lost their license in one of the biggest drug capers in the history of this country and known to mankind.

CVS Never Apologized

CVS and Walgreens refused to apologize to the American people for all the deaths and loss of life that they directly caused from their participation in the illegal pill mill drug trades seen in Florida. Most authorities realize that CVS stopped selling cigarettes and changed their names from Caremark to CVS Health, to booster the image of their Minute Clinics, which was a business plan very well thought-out to take over the “community” clinics and patients in this country. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing! CVS Health has gone from one extreme, right to another, by unlawfully pointing out doctors to the same type of Government that they were able to control during the Florida pill mill crisis. Let’s face it, CVS got off with a slap on the hand and they were allowed to start opening clinics and pointing out doctors right away to the DEA and state Medical Boards. How else can CVS take over the “Market Shares” of clinics in this country using their pharmacies as doctor offices and non-doctors to do all of the work? They are using rogue government agencies and corrupt political officials to carry-out their agenda.

CVS is utilizing the Physician Assistants and the Nurse Practitioners to work in their Minute Clinics and they have “Numerous Doctors” supervising these clinics but they are not on site. The Medical Board is actually a “hidden” police department controlled by the Attorney General’s office. The Attorney General’s office is also responsible for overseeing and controlling the judges, police officers, FBI, and the DEA. It’s no coincidence that when doctors are accused of wrongdoing by the Medical Boards, they immediately suspend the doctor’s rights to hire and supervise physician assistants and nurse practitioners. By limiting community doctors from using these mid level practitioners, they have create an unlawful competition between these professionals that are commonly used in the community clinic settings. What a better way to make these mid level practitioners available for CVS Health to hire by restricting millions of community doctors from supervising mid levels. One can surely see the extent and overreach of the government and their involvement in helping CVS gain control of hiring these mid level healthcare providers with the help of the Medical Boards, Corrupt Judges, Crooked Politicians, and the Attorney General’s office; the same groups of government officials that did nothing in Florida until public outcry outweighed greed and special interests.

News Media Collaboration and

Setting The Stage

The Deputy Attorney General’s office also works hand and hand with police officers calling themselves investigators for the Medical Board. It’s a complex system and that’s why Florida was a complex criminal act that involved the judges, courts, and the Attorney General’s office of that state. The Department of Justice allowed this misconduct to rise to epidemic levels and nobody was fired for letting this happen. One would reasonably suspect that collusion and criminal cover-ups had to play a major role and the mainstream media did not report on anybody getting fired and thrown in jail.The mainstream media is usually present when the Attorney General’s office and the Medical Board police make their busts. The news medias have a special bonding type relationship with these agencies and that’s why they always air the doctors looking like they are criminals even though they have plead not guilty.

The former CVS Minute Clinic president Andrew Sussman M.D. stated that CVS goal is to reach and service half of all Americans within 10 miles of their homes and he said that CVS would transform primary care by expanding their national footprint. Click here to see the article. How do you think CVS Health, a special interests organization responsible for thousands of deaths stemming from Florida is going to open all of these clinics and not have any competition? Easy, they point out doctors in their “radius” and the Attorney General, Politicians, Judges, DEA’s, and Medical Boards do the work for them, using U.S. tax dollars to fund special interests activities to run doctors out of business.

The secret deal between CVS Health and the Government is perfect because CVS gets to take over the patients and the DEA and “rogue” government officials get to take possessions of healthcare providers’ assets, similar to the Civil Asset Forfeiture laws that are ripping off unsuspecting innocent Americans all over this country. Everybody knows pain medications are legal, however, by targeting any doctor who writes a prescription for pain, anxiety, depression, or chronic conditions such as Sickle Cell; CVS can point these doctors out and have the DEA and police officials with the Medical Boards use their powers to set these doctors up illegally and unlawfully, something that is being see done in thousands of courts around this country.

Types Of Fraud Done Nationwide

  1. CVS accused of targeting patients and doctors unlawfully
  2. Walgreens Tech Spill the beans on how they and CVS organize against patients
  3. CVS rejects sickle cell chronic pain patients citing they see too many blacks

CVS pharmacy is engage in widespread misconduct and the government is purposely blind to their abuse of the people and use of its agencies to carry-out these illegal acts against everybody. Boycott CVS health, CVS Pharmacy, and any other entity they have because they have violated human rights and used tax dollars to accomplish these hideous agendas. The Better Business bureau have a very poor rating for these clinics with a one star and many of the complaints would give the no stars if possible. See the link here. We are looking for supporters to sign our petition at to enact a Civilian Police Review Committee for the Medical Boards. Please support our cause and our march on Washington DC, April 23rd to the 30th of 2018.


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