CVS Health Background

Three partners in 1964 founded CVS Health and the initials stood for (CVS) Convenience Value and Services. In 1996, CVS Corporation became a standalone company trading on the New York Stock Exchange as NYSE:CVS and in 2007, they merged with Caremark Rx and their name was changed to CVS Caremark Corporation. CVS and Caremark is no stranger to corruption and fraud against their investors. CVS Health had to pay a hefty fine to their shareholders, to the sum of 310 million dollars, in an investor fraud lawsuit reported in June of 2016, and their chief financial officer Richard Scrushy served time and he was sentenced to federal prison. The former Governor of Alabama, Don Seigleman was also convicted of fraud, extortion, racketeering, and obstruction of justice.

CVS Health Fraudulent Acts

CVS Health Corporation is no strangers to class action and government lawsuits against them for ripping-off billions of dollars from consumers. This year in 2017, CVS was sued for charging more for Generic Drugs Paid for with Insurance and another popular lawsuit involved CVS “Bag Check” Class Action Settlement. Not only has CVS Corporation seen its fair shares of ups and downs, but their employees have been in the news for stealing prescription drugs, selling them, and ripping off consumers who gets their prescription drugs filled by CVS Pharmacies. A nationally televised theft was captured when CVS lost 37000 Prescription Pain Pills from 3 stores. There is also an alarming number of CVS Pharmacy employees being arrested all over this country and they appear to all have the same motives.

CVS refuse to apologize for their

horrible actions

There has been a lot of excuses given to the public about the Florida pill mill epidemic and how it got out of control. In 2010, it was estimated that Florida accounted for 85 percent of all the prescription narcotics sold in the U.S. and numerous cities were known for having mile long lines of peoples from neighboring states, standing in long lines to purchase legal prescription drugs for illegal use. This was later blamed on the prescription monitoring lack of programs in Florida, which many believe is a cover-up because nobody lost their jobs or no arrests were made against CVS employees or government officials.

The police departments were all aware that these narcotics were being diverted to other states because the police and investigators from other states were calling them and complaining about all the people they were locking up and overdoses. CVS and their distributors were caught red-handed dealing prescription drugs on a massive level and it was reported that the CEO had knowledge of these massive drug deals that turned normal pain prescriptions into a drug finely, killing hundreds of thousands of people, jailing millions more, and criminalizing FDA approved medications for people with pain and criminalizing their doctors all over this country who were not apart of the Florida pill mill.

CVS Health refusal to make a PUBLIC APOLOGY to the American people and the citizens of this country is outrageous and shameful. CVS Health has fueled their revenge against pain patients by calling them “Drug Addicts”, “Crooks”, and they have attacked their doctors by slandering them and telling millions and millions of patients all over the United States to change their doctors and calling these doctors murderers and other horrible untruthful lies. Chronic Pain Patients such as Sickle Cell sufferers requires pain treatment and their life expectancy has dropped from 45 years of age, down to 30 years of age; by ignoring and restricting their pain treatments which leads to early death. CVS is opening clinics and selling booze and junk food to people of this country and they have engaged in an illegal widespread fraudulent campaign to take over all the community based patients in the United States and place their doctors in jail using government paid tax dollars and resources. Patients should BOYCOTT CVS stores until they make a “public apology” and stop using their lobbying powers to corrupt more government officials and criminalizing the treatment of LEGAL PATIENTS WITH PAIN regardless of their color, race, creed, or religion.


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Editor: Billy Earley,
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Healthcare Advocate,
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