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Cheek, Linda S. MD.  Dublin, VA

Convicted February 28, 2013 on 172 charges of oxycodone distribution and 1 charge using office to commit a crime. Although found guilty by jury of the oxycodone distribution charges, they found her innocent of using her office to commit a crime.  Does that make sense? It shows to us that the jury simply agreed with the government because of prejudice caused by government misinformation about pain management in the country.  Judge Conrad reversed the jury’s not guilty verdict on the last count, however, so the government could confiscate the office building, the main reason for the attack in the first place.

Feldman, Edward Neil, MD.  Tampa, FL

 Convicted of illegally prescribing oxycodone that lead to the deaths of three patients. “In each case, the jury found he prescribed controlled narcotics without legitimate medical purpose and outside the course of normal practice.”

Kristen L. Raines, FNP. Little Rock, AK

Convicted of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Her two co-defendants were acquitted of the charges.




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