Nationwide – The Washington Post and 60 Minutes exposed Government corruption, lies, deception, and their research documentary revealed that the DEA, Medical Boards, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) employees, on behalf of Big Pharma, viciously and deliberately victimized good hard-working Americans.

The War against chronic pain victims and doctors is a well-planned attack against the Medical Community by Big Pharma in an attempt to take over the healthcare industry. CVS Health was identified by 60 Minutes as one of the major sponsors of this scheme to tag doctors as drug dealers and treat hard-working injured Americans like criminals, drug addicts, and drug seekers.

Big Pharma lobbied and paid-off Congress, including all of the Government agencies that regulate doctors and healthcare entities abroad. The end game is control and sweet revenge! Why else would a Fortune 500 corporation publicly call for a WAR against doctors and legitimate pain sufferers? This War is about arresting thousands of doctors and calling them “drug dealers,” it’s about calling legitimate patients “drug addicts,” and it’s about blaming thousands of overdose deaths on doctors, when in fact, “China” and other countries are importing illegal Fentanyl and other drugs that are killing millions of Americans and blamed on the doctor’s legal and valid prescriptions. This is how Lobbying Groups used your Government to win this War:

(i). CVS was one of the major players in the Florida Pill Mill epidemic, humiliated, and they were charged and found guilty of violating U.S. Controlled Substance Laws. They were selling prescription opioids out of their stores for profits on a massive level,

(ii). CVS was one of the major players in lobbying Congress and Government agencies like the DEA. Sixty of the “top” DEA department heads is now working for Big Pharma after using tax-paying dollars to create this crazy war against doctors and patients,

(iii). CVS called for this war against pain patients and doctors and they treated these patients like shit. They called the police on patients for no reason and they discriminated again people with Tattoos and of ethnic color, especially Black,

(iv). CVS has stated in court documents that they work directly with Government to point out doctors and patients. The DEA, DOJ, and Congress is the same Government that 60 Minutes proved that Big Pharma absolutely controls and influence these agencies,

(v). CVS opened thousands of clinics around the U.S.A., “Minute Clinics” and they offer the same services as community clinics traditionally ran by doctors. Minute Clinics use Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, the Medical Board restrict doctors from using these professionals for very good reasons, and

(vi). CVS just purchased AETNA Healthcare for 30 Billion dollars to implement another coercive monopoly and take over the medical community by implementing more fraud, deception, lies, and by controlling U.S. Government institutions, just like the Washington Post uncovered.

Billy Z. Earley is a healthcare advocate turned activist for patients and patient rights. Big Pharma and their control over U.S. Government agencies have corrupted the Doctor-Patient relationship completely.

On behalf of the American Pain Institute (API), Doctors of Courage (DOC), Black Doctors Matter (BDM), and the World Sickle Cell Federation (WSCF), we continue to protest and fight against CVS and Government misconduct.

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  • HELP MAKE CHANGE: Sign our petition requesting that Congress enact a Medical Board Civilian Police Review Committee law to deter medical board police and prosecutorial misconduct and hold these officials responsible for their actions. The most common crime against doctors made by the medical board police teams are “FALSE REPORTS” that police officers refer to as accusations. These are criminal actions by law enforcement and they are not held accountable for making false statements, perjury, and manufacturing evidence. A Civilian Police Review Committee will help stop these senseless acts against healthcare providers and restore justice and constitutional rights.
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Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation