Government overreach into state jurisdiction is occuring more and more with unfettered power by the Department of Justice. The greatest offence is in the area of medicine. In spite of the Laws written and the Case Law from the Supreme Court, more outrageous offenses are occurring every day. For the most part, legislators are unaware of what is happening, or they are turning a blind eye to it, protecting their colleagues “for the money”  Laws are being drafted by non-medical government officials based on misinformation and propaganda that has its origins in racism.

In this section we will provide the Bills being introduced in Congress that pertain to these illegitimate attacks on compassionate medical professionals and the chronic pain patients they serve.

Individual evaluation of the bills and laws will be available for DoC members.  This is a task we need people to help with, so if you are a DoC member, please contribute to the effort by writing up an evaluation on a bill that hasn’t been done yet.

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