The following Bills pertaining to healthcare, opioids, prescription drugs, and drug abuse/addiction have been introduced to the House of Representatives for the 2017-18 Congressional session.

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As more Bills are added or as they proceed down the congressional track toward law, we will update their page.

Number Title Sponsor Sponsor’s District Date Introduced Committee Referral Subcommittee Stage
H. Amdt.405 Amends Bill 3354 Bill Flores R-TX-17 Failed
H.R.102 Expanding Care for Veterans Act Julia Brownley D-CA-26 1/3/2017 Veteran’s Affairs Health
H.R.253 Family First Prevention Services Act of 2017 Vern Buchanan R-FL-16 1/4/2017 Ways & Means Human Resources
H.R.664 STOP OD Act of 2017 David Joyce R-OH-14 1/24/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary, Oversight, Armed Services Emerging Threats and Capabilities
H.R.992 Expanding Opportunities for Recovery Act of 2017 Bill Foster D-IL-11 2/9/2017 Energy & Commerce Health
H.R.993 Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 2017 Bill Foster D-IL-11 2/9/2017 Energy & Commerce Health
H.R.994 Examining Opioid Treatment Infrastructure Act of 2017 Bill Foster D-IL-11 2/9/2017 Energy & Commerce, Natural Resources Indian Native Affairs
H.R.1101 Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2017 Sam Johnson R-TX-3 2/16/2017 Education & Workforce Passed
H.R.1162 No Hero Left Untreated Act Stephen Knight R-CA-25 2/16/2017 Veteran’s Affairs Passed
H.R.1215 Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017 Steve King R-IA-4 2/24/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Passed
H.R.1375 Prescriber Support Act of 2017 Katherine Clark D-MA-5 3/7/2017 Energy & Commerce
H.R.1554 Jessie’s Law Tim Walberg R-MI-7 3/15/2017 Energy & Commerce Health
H.R.1676 Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act Eliot Engel D-NY-16 3/22/2017 Energy & Commerce Health 247 co-sponsors
H.R.1732 Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2017 Charles Dent R-PA-15 3/27/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.1781 Comprehensive Fentanyl Control Act Daniel Donovan R-NY-11 3/29/2017 Energy & Commerce, Oversight, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.1854 Prescription Drug Monitoring Act of 2017 Evan Jenkins R-WV-3 4/3/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.2025 Abuse-Deterrent Opioids Plan for Tomorrow Act of 2017 Morgan Griffith R-VA-9 4/6/2017 Energy & Commerce Health
H.R.2038 Budgeting for Opioid Addiction Treatment Act John B. Larson D-CT-1 4/6/2017 Health
H.R.2063 Opioid PACE Act of 2017 Bradley Schneider D-IL-10 4/6/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.Res.268 Expressing the sense of the H of R regarding the trafficking of illicit fentanyl into the US from Mexico and China David McKinley R-WV-1 4/6/2017 Foreign Affairs, Judiciary, Energy & Commerce Western Hemisphere
H.R.2142 INTERDICT Act Niki Tsongas D-MA-3 4/25/2017 Homeland Security Passed
H.R.2652 Veteran Overmedication Prevention Act of 2017 Mike Coffman R-CO-6 5/25/2017 Veteran’s Affairs
H.R.2834 Partnership Grants to Strengthen Families Affected by Parental Substance Abuse Act Danny Davis D-IL-7 6/8/2017 Ways & Means Passed
H.R.2838 Acupuncture for Our Heroes Act Judy Chu D-CA-27 6/8/2017 Veteran’s Affairs Health
H.R.2839 Acupuncture for Heroes and Seniors Act of 2017 Judy Chu D-CA-27 6/8/2017 Energy & Commerce, Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, Ways & Means
H.R.3105 Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act James McGovern D-MA-2 6/29/2017 Education & Workforce, Energy & Commerce Health
H.R.3249 Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act of 2017 Barbara Comstock R-VA-10 7/14/2017 Judicary
H.R.3254 Heroin and Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 2017 MichelleLujan Grisham D-NM-1 7/14/2017 Ways & Means, Energy & Commerce, Budget
H.R.3356 Prison Reform and Redemption Act Doug Collins R-GA-9 7/24/2017 Judicary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.3382 YOUTH Act Katherine Clark D-MA-5 7/25/2017 Energy & Commerce Health
H.R.3495 Opioid and Heroin Abuse Crisis Investment Act of 2017 Ben Ray Lujan D-NM-3 7/27/2017 Energy & Commerce Health
H.R.3566 Addiction Recovery for Rural communities Act Cheri Bustos D-IL-17 7/28/2017 Agriculture Commodity Exchanges, Energy, & Credit
H.R.3692 Addiction Treatment Access Improvement Act of 2017 Paul Tonko D-NY-20 9/7/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.3832 Veterans Opioid Abuse Prevention Act Neal Dunn R-FL-2 9/26/2017 Veteran’s Affairs Health
H.R.3964 Opioid Addiction Prevention Act of 2017 Phil Roe R-TN-1 10/16/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.3991 Expanded Access to Opioid Abuse Treatment Act of 2017 MichelleLujan Grisham D-NM-1 10/6/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.4073 Opioid Immediate Suspension Order Act of 2017 Gerald Connolly D-VA-11 10/16/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.4075 Improve Addiction Education Act of 2017 Donald Norcross D-NJ-1 10/16/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.4079 RESTORE Act of 2017 Brian Fitzpatrick R-PA-8 10/19/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.4080 Effective Opioid Enforcement Act of 2017 William Keating D-MA-9 10/19/2017 Energy  Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.4095 DEA Opioid Enforcement Restoration Act of 2017 Stephen Lynch D-MA-8 10/23/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary
H.R.4097 Medicare Beneficiary Opioid Addiction Treatment Act Richard Neal D-MA-1 10/23/2017 Energy & Commerce, Ways & Means Health
H.R.4133 Medicare Patient Empowerment Act of 2017 Pete Sessions R-TX-32 10/25/2017 Energy & Commerce, Ways & Means
H.Res.590 Calling on the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to conduct a clinical study assessing the effectiveness of treating chronic pain in veterans with cannabis in comparison to opioids J. Luis Correa D-CA-46 10/26/2017 Health
H.R.4190 Federal Opioid Response Fairness Act of 2017 Ann Kuster D-NH-2 10/31/2017 Health
H.R.4236 MONITOR Act of 2017 Brian Fitzpatrick R-PA-8 11/3/2017 Energy & Commerce Health
H.R.4261 SAFE Justice Act Bobby Scott D-VA-3 11/6/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary Crime, Terrorism,
H.R.4275 Empowering Pharmacists in the Fight Against Opioid Abuse Act Mark DeSaulnier D-CA-11 11/7/2017 Energy & Commerce
H.R.4284 INFO Act Robert Latta R-OH-5 11/7/2017 Energy & Commerce
H.R.4408 Opioid Addiction Prevention Act of 2017 John Katko R-NY-24 11/15/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary
H.Res.627 Recognizing that access to hospitals and other health care providers for patients in rural areas of the US is essential to the survival and success of communities in the US Lynn Jenkins R-KS-2 11/16/2017 Energy & Commerce
H.R.4482 Opioid Abuse Deterrence, Research, and Recovery Act of 2017 Mark Meadows R-NC-11 11/29/2017 Energy & Commerce, Judiciary
H.R.4501 Combating the Opioid Epidemic Act David Loebsack D-IA-2 11/30/2017 Energy & Commerce