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Prescriber Support Act of 2016

Introduced on 4-28-16 by Katherine Clark [D-MA-5] and referred to Energy and Commerce Committee. Cosponsored by Evan Jenkins [R-WV-3]

Purpose: grants to States for training of prescribers relating to patient pain, substance misuse, and substance abuse disorders.

Grants—The Secretary may award grants to at least 3 States to establish, expand, or maintain a comprehensive regional, State, or municipal system to provide training, education, consultation, and other resources to enable prescribers—

“(1) to effectively and appropriately treat and manage patient pain; and

“(2) to prevent, identify, and respond to patient substance misuse and substance abuse disorders.

The training may be through a professional association, an institution of higher education, a nonprofit organization, or another appropriate entity.

3 years after receiving the grant, the State shall submit to the Secretary an evaluation of the extent to which the system funded through the grant has been effective in—

(1) improving the treatment and management of pain; and

(2) preventing, identifying, and responding to substance misuse and substance abuse disorders.

Minimum requirements.—

(1) a peer-to-peer consultation program that enables prescribers to receive real-time expert consultation (in person or remotely) with a pain or addiction specialist to aid in the individualized treatment and management of patient pain and in responding to patients who are exhibiting signs of substance misuse or substance abuse disorders;

(2) coordination with community-based resources and services, including mental health and substance abuse resources, pain and addiction specialists, primary care resources, and support groups; and

(3) a dedicated website to collect and disseminate information for prescribers, including information on the consultation program, a guide to the community-based resources and services, and appropriate training and educational materials.

Authorization of appropriations.— $15,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2017 through 2021.


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