Dr. James HooperJames Fullerton Hooper, MD, 69, a psychiatrist and owner of Dr. James Hooper’s Clinic in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, had been indicted so far on five counts of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance and, according to the police press release, also five counts of trafficking in opium.  More charges are expected, according to Tuscaloosa police Lt. Teena Richardson. Now that is really strange, and the first time that I know of that a doctor has been charged with access to opium itself. I wonder if it is real, or just the Justice Department’s way of criminalizing another good doctor in the mind of the area citizens that will become jurors with erroneous but inflammatory charges.

The investigation of Dr. Hooper by the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force led by Captain Wayne Robertson, was supposedly based on complaints that he was prescribing “massive amounts of pain medication to patients without any medical verification,” Captain Robertson “justified” their attack on another good doctor by blaming prescription drugs, and those who prescribe them for the increase in illegal drug use and overdose deaths.

So the big question I have is, “What is the government’s purpose in using the term ‘opium’ in their public announcement? Not only did it make it into the newspapers, but the TV media as well through the CBS affiliate, WIAT channel 42 in Birmingham.  CBS is the primary TV station that spreads negative propaganda against doctors. They conspired with the government in my case too, to taint the jury pool with anti-doctor propaganda.

Opium is legally brought into the US only by the drug companies since it is the precursor to all of the opiates and opioids produced and sold. So how would Dr. Hooper get access to opium in order to traffic in it? There is no record of his being involved with any drug company.  I personally think that he’s had no contact with opium, but the government has no real charges to bring except the usual “prescribing without legitimate medical purpose”. So they throw in the word “opium” to make it a big splash in the media. True or not, it will stick in peoples’ minds.

So far there is really very little presented so far to give credence to the charges against Dr. Hooper. He has been in practice 34 years, is a distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and former chief psychiatrist and medical director at Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility, a psychiatric hospital. My guess is, that with his age, he has substantial assets that the government would like to confiscate. That’s the main reason for attacking physicians today.

Another problem presents itself with the article in the al.com about Dr. Hooper—the comments by readers. With the closing of good pain clinics all over the country and 1/3 of the population not being able to be treated, I thought that people would catch on to the evil the government is doing with these attacks. But the comments show otherwise. People believe this government propaganda as much now as ever.  PEOPLE IN THE PAIN COMMUNITY: You have to stop just whining in your FB support groups, and start letting people know in your community that what the government is doing is wrong.

As information presents itself, I will add it to the post. Stay tuned.