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Linda S. Cheek, MD


Linda Cheek got her BA in Biology at University of Texas at Austin, MA in Guidance and Counseling at Phillips University and finally her MD at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio twenty-two years later.

Dr. Cheek’s Journey to the Light

Being a second career physician starting medical school at the age of 37, Dr. Cheek already had some knowledge of natural healing.  Having a mother who was a nurse, well versed in home remedies, she had experience in healing.  When the professors at UTHSCSA would make comments like: “There is nothing to treat that” when Dr. Cheek knew otherwise, she knew from the start that medical school education does not have all the answers.

While learning acupuncture, Dr. Cheek was introduced to auricular therapy, a fascinating energy medicine.  That led her to cleansing and other forms of energy medicine like homeopathy. The Hippocratic Oath states that the physician’s first job is to relieve suffering and “First do no harm”.  Since most allopathic medicine does harm by stopping the healing process, Dr. Cheek’s purpose in her practice was to teach her patients how to heal disease through cleansing and the Seven Steps to Healing.

In order to teach her patients how to heal from disease and combat the general misconceptions of conventional medicine, she developed group counseling sessions that were required of all of her pain management patients. She was completely open with the government about what she was doing. The results she was getting with healing was unbelievable. But the government isn’t interested in helping people heal. They want to help people die before they start drawing social security. Therefore, Dr. Cheek became a target.