Over the weekend I was personally attacked because of my response to an ugly comment on a news article about a fellow MD.  The Times News of Kingsport, Tennessee reported on a second attack on Abdelrahman H. Mohamed, MD, a neurologist in Morristown, TN who did pain management. Dr. Mohamed is being added as a defendant to a lawsuit against the opioid manufacturing companies of Purdue Pharmaceuticals, Mallinckrodt PLC and Endo Pharmaceuticals. This is becoming another way for states to make money off the back of the opioid paranoia set up through government propaganda. Dr. Mohamed, another minority physician attacked for providing pain management, pleaded guilty to earlier charges of health care fraud, probably thinking that would be the end. But as with me, it wasn’t.

I know the DOJ and how they lie to the defendant, the press, the Grand Jury, and the jury during trial. I know that doctors like Dr. Mohamed are being hung without just cause illegally. I understand that you have to have been there to really understand, but it still amazes me how ignorant the average American is. It amazes me even more how ugly these ignorant Americans can be.

Disqus is a community of people on the web who get involved in discussions and media comments. I have yet to meet anyone there with comments that aren’t derogatory and ugly. I run into some of them on my twitter account @lindacheekmd, and my YouTube account. Here is the thread of comments from Disqus members just from this article about Dr. Mohammed:

Literacola : Why isn’t this Mohamed in jail?

Linda Cheek: The doctor is innocent of committing a crime in spite of his plea. Learn the truth. See my post above.
[I had written a post giving the URL to this website as well as the location of my DVDs on the Illegal Use of the Law Against Doctors and The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse. However, the newspaper didn’t publish that post, and have yet to tell me why, even though they had no problem with publishing my email address.]

drop dead fred: What post?

Linda Cheek: I guess the paper doesn’t want to print the truth. As usual, papers only want to print the propaganda from the government. But if you google me you can find the information.

Then this idiot shows up: Just Me: Do you have any idea how powerful these narcotics are?! Lady are you for real?! These drugs kill people every single day and there’s doctors out there giving em out like candy! This doctor needs to lose his license permanently, pay a hefty fine and be incarcerated, maybe others will learn when one is made an example of.

Disregard my previous post, I just googled you and you are just like this so called “doctor”! It’s all about the money isn’t it Linda? Convicted felon, lost your license to practice medicine and hide behind God and fake religion, you’re despicable! Google Linda Cheek md convicted to read all about this disgraced “doctor”.

Linda Cheek: It always amazes me how people living in ignorance will always go to the negative and believe that over anything else. When you google Linda Cheek MD, you find articles first about my being an innocent convicted, my book Target: Pain Doc, and my website Doctors of Courage on which you will find my complete story of prosecutorial misconduct, violation of constitutional rights, and flat out breaking of the law by the government to convict me. You have to scroll through several pages to get to the bad stuff.  Since you choose to live in ignorance, I’m sorry for you. I hope you never need relief from pain

Just Me: I’ve seen what these drugs do to people, do to families. Are you honestly trying to say there is not an opioid problem? Innocent! LMAO! Apparently the prosecutor nor judge thought you so innocent. How much time did you serve again? How many counts were you convicted of? How many lives did you ruin by handing out this poison like candy?

Linda Cheek: Your ignorance is overwhelming. The problem is it is widespread due to the government propaganda designed to put innocent doctors (like myself) in prison just to forfeit assets or provide the DOJ with jobs. I will continue to try to reach people who are willing to listen. Obviously you aren’t one of them.

Just Me: The only site claiming your innocence is your own! Actually other then your own everything points to your guilt and no sweetheart, the very first pages speak of your crimes and guilt, don’t have to look far at all. Another one of your lies. It’s never your fault is it? You never did anything wrong did you? Kept writing out scripts for that poison without any right to do so and yet it’s not your fault. Even when convicted you blame your lawyer! How can you live in such denial? Amazing! Look around woman, people are dying from these drugs! Families are being ripped apart! Thank God you are no longer able to keep peddling that poison. Shame on you! May your God have mercy on your soul.

Literacola: Oh yeah I just looked you up. You’re an evil drug dealer and you’re facing over 1,000 years in prison. I can tell by your photo and the look on your face and your atrocious makeup job that you’re a complete psychopath and a dangerous criminal.

Geek Alert: Hard to feel sorry for someone who has years of education (often largely subsidized by the public) that is duty bound to protect the public and simply chooses to make money being a drug dealer. If the shoe fits wear it and maybe you can use your experience and conviction to change the best practices and standard of care for folks who have drug dependencies

Just Me: 900 prescriptions written in a 6 day period! Bet you had hand cramps after that. Guilty of defrauding Medicaid and Medicare. Everything is right there for the public to see, site after site on the very first pages you Google. Why do you want to lie when it’s right there? I encourage anyone to do their own research.

Linda Cheek: That is just pure BS. Where did you get that, or did you make it up: Again, it’s a shame you are more interested in the propaganda than the truth.

ED: Put both Docs in the trash

I really liked the comment about my makeup job! LMAO!

If you read this and don’t like the fact that the average American thinks like this, then you need to get the information I have provided through my DVDs and webinars out to as many people as you can.   ??Do I really look like a psychopathic criminal??