I guess you could call this a call to action post. Or you could call it a gripe session. I am a member of several chronic pain patient advocacy groups and Facebook groups. I try to teach information that they can use to combat the evil being done by our government today. I haven’t gotten anywhere, to the point that I’m going in a different direction now. But if the people most affected (besides the doctors sticking their necks out to treat them) won’t learn what they need to know to fight the propaganda, who can they expect to?

Here is an article that supposedly got over 3000 replies to their request for information:   https://www.painnewsnetwork.org/cdc-survey-results/#.Wb2X1p6EZoc.gmail

Although I read some of PNN’s articles, I’m not a fan. Mainly because even though they are supposedly an organization with a goal to educate people about pain, they stick with conventional thought, are not open to alternative concepts, and discriminate against doctors, such as myself, who have put everything on the line and lost in the fight against illegal government overreach. Sometimes when people’s incomes are dependent on a concept continuing, they don’t really do what is necessary to end the problem.

But if you look at the results of this survey, and are one of those affected, you need to be doing everything possible to learn what you can do to stop this. The main thing is to stop the gravy train in the courts. They attack doctors because they make money at it, and have nice easy cushy job security for years. It’s a lot easier to walk into a doctor’s office and haul off medical records than it is to approach a meth house that might explode.  So how do we stop the gravy train? Education of the masses. And what they need to learn is here on THIS website, NOT PNN.

So my suggestion is, watch the videos, especially Using Law Illegally Against Doctors and The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse, read the posts, learn the facts, and then spread the information to everyone you know. Give your doctor this information. Recommend that they buy the DVDs and set them up to play in their waiting room. Forewarned is forearmed. We need to stand together or we will die separately.