Dr. Henson on a medical missionary trip in Tanzania

It is unbelievable and maddening how brazen the DOJ is now at criminalizing good, compassionate doctors. They have it down to a science. The right words—the propagandizing media—and a law-abiding citizen could become a convicted felon. Steven R. Henson, MD, 54, of Wichita, KS is another potential casualty in the illegal attacks on doctors. WE have to stop it!

Back in January, 2016, Dr. Henson was indicted on 31 counts of operating a “prescription drug operation”.  The DOJ has turned the criminal code Title 21 or Controlled Substances Act against doctors instead of the foreign drug cartels it was designed for—for MONEY!! When they can create crime where there is no crime, against doctors, against investment firms like Enron, or accountant agencies like Arthur Andersen, who’s to say they won’t figure out a way to get you next?  America—wake up!! In order to attack doctors with the CSA, they use the phrases like they used against Dr. Henson—“laundered funds”, “diverting prescription drugs to the streets”, “conspiracy to distribute” “unlawful distribution”. You see, they have to make the “crime” fit the “law”—in this case, the Controlled Substance Act.

Another problem is that the DOJ feeds the media with only what they want people to believe—to set the doctor up. In the media releases, Dr. Henson is described as a physician at the Kansas Men’s Clinic. Part of their plan is to turn public opinion by making them think that he was inappropriately writing controlled substances at a urological facility where opioids would not usually be necessary. But what they don’t tell you is that he also worked at a pain management clinic in another part of town, only identified on the indictment as “a location at 1861 N. Rock Road”. In order to try to force doctors into copping pleas, they also fabricate the worst possible charges. For example—the death of a patient. Just the idea of a possible 20 year sentence is enough to make most doctors, even though innocent, accept a plea of guilt. Just look at the list of physicians I have found that did just that here:  http://doctorsofcourage.org/index.php/list-of-doctors-charged/. They’ve done that to Dr. Henson, charging him with the death of N.M.  But what they don’t tell you is that N.M took all of his pills at once, including a prescription from another physician.  Folks, this was purely an act of suicide, and no doctor is responsible for that.  And how does the DOJ lie about this case? They claim in their indictment that Dr. Henson “diverted prescription drugs to the streets” causing his death. This label of a “street drug dealer” is how the DOJ uses the CSA against doctors, even though the prescription is received by a legitimate patient being evaluated by a practicing physician in his office.  It is pure fabrication of a crime to fit the law. And yet the Supreme Court has stated, in Boyd v. U. S., the disputed question is whether the defendant issued the scripts in good faith in the course of his professional practice. The court stated that if they were issued in good faith “for the purpose of curing disease or relieving suffering”, the defendant should be acquitted.

In Jin Fuey Moy v. U. S., the phrases ‘to a patient’ and ‘in the course of his professional practice’ granted immunity to a registered physician in dispensing controlled drugs strictly in his professional practice. But the DOJ ignores that in District Court, and the Supreme Court turns a blind eye to what is going on, because this illegal activity is reaping billions of dollars in forfeited assets. Doctors spend up to 10 years in school, only to have everything they finally are able to earn be confiscated by a crooked Justice Department.

And then there is the standard “confidential source” or undercover agent—someone who fraudulently poses as a patient. The DOJ comes to court after the fact and saying that doctors are treating people “without legitimate purpose” because these fakes don’t really need the pills they are prescribed. But doctors aren’t mind-readers. These “fakes” give a history of pain as their primary complaint. So are doctors now supposed to consider every new patient as a liar, or be guilty of a criminal act?  Come on, people! Get real! The primary doctor/patient relationship is one of trust. Without that, a doctor can’t practice.

Dr. Henson is also indicted for the alleged actions of some of his patients who allegedly sold some of their prescribed medications. Again, doctors don’t have crystal balls and can’t be responsible for what people do with their legitimately prescribed medication.

Another standard MO of the DOJ is to attack how the doctor charges for visits. This is a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  If you take insurance, as Drs. Couch and Ruan in Mobile, Alabama, they charge you with insurance fraud with “unnecessary billing”. And if you don’t take insurance so that you can be affordable to everyone (because insurance dictates that all patients must be billed the same amount), then they charge you with “illegal drug trafficking and money laundering” by using the term “cash-paying patients” in court like that is a crime.

So now, a word to you citizens of Kansas. It is my prayer that Dr. Henson maintains his innocence and that you see through these illegal charges. Fill the courtroom with support. Don’t believe what the media tell you. They are simply the government propaganda machine.  Since I’ve been where Dr. Henson is, I’ll be happy to answer any questions.  I would like to point out that I will be conducting a webinar next week, April 24-27, on Sidney Powell’s book Licensed to Lie, and how it can be applied to what the DOJ is doing to doctors today all over the country.  I hope to see you there. Join me at https://join.me/sevenpillars at 3:00PM EST each day.