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Ambassador Membership

Ambassador membership is for medical professionals who have been attacked, or their immediate family members (spouse, children, etc).  In order for your membership to be processed, you must provide information on the ambassador you are joining for.  That is to protect the privacy of the ambassadors who meet in the forums with bbPress, and in communication with each other.

This application will be a 2-step process. First, you apply for the membership here. Provide the legal name of the ambassador, along with his/her level of attack (Medical board, raid, arrest, indictment, conviction, etc), State of attack (where he lived/worked/was attacked). Any other information to support the application can be sent in the message section, or any immediate needs of the proposed member).  This step, however will not make you a member.  With verification of the attack, we will send you the link in an email that you will then use to join DoC as an ambassador.  If we are unable to verify his/her attack, we will contact you by email to provide us with verification.

Application for Ambassador Membership

Features of the DoC Ambassadors Membership

  • A Lifetime Membership to
    • Access to an ever-evolving video tutorial library that is always being updated.
    • Access to a group forum to help you connect with other professionals fast
  • A community of like-minded professionals and families working together and growing in numbers.
  • Webinars
    • Monthly live Webinars with experts (plus access to the recordings of every Webinar)
    • Monthly live Q & A sessions (plus access to the recordings)
  • Resources
    • A resources tab packed with recommendations, many including exclusive offers for assistance.
    • A resources tab of the latest media reports on related subjects.
  • Free defense assistance—amicus curiae, expert witnessing, discovery evaluation, etc.
  • Press Releases as appropriate
  • And more as the needs are determined