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How low will the government go to convict independent minority primary care physicians who take care of the complete patient?  How about, when there is nothing else, charge them with sex crimes! I have a little inside information about this technique, having met a government pimp in prison. According to her, she was actually “employed” by the government to meet with targets, and then testify to sexual favors that never even took place.  This type of illegal conduct is rampant in our Justice Department today. As a result of their new MO—whatever it takes to achieve a conviction—they will create crime where there is no crime, have fake witnesses give false testimony, force people to commit perjury or face prosecution, throw people in “the hole” (segregation in jails) to establish their not being a defense witness, and so on.

A probable case of attack on a doctor by these sorts of tactics is happening to Asok K. Roy of St. Augustine, FL. His office was raided last week, with agents questioning him about exchanging sexual favors for medicine. How would a raid on the office provide any evidence of that?  It would appear to me that they have again created a crime where one doesn’t exist in order to obtain a warrant for an illegal search.  Usually they use Medicare/Medicaid fraud to do that. So I wonder—did Dr. Roy even accept government insurance?  Many pain management physicians are not accepting government insurance just for the protection of not giving the government an avenue of raiding their office. So now, are they stooping to false charges like “sexual favors”? The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of Health were involved in the raid. Sounds a little fishy to me.

According to ABC First Coast News Anchor Jessica Clark, Dr. Roy told her that agents questioned him about exchanging sexual favors for medicine, a charge he called “absolutely ridiculous”. “They say X, Y, Z. All kinds of stupid nuisance.” He continued, “They’re all thinking we are doing a sex scam here… and I’m doing drugs, selling drugs to the patients for money, and all kinds of stupid things.”

Dr. Roy denies any wrongdoing. That is substantiated by a patient who sees him for pain management. She said “They’re very caring to me. Everything’s legit. They drug test me. Everything is legit as with any doctor I’ve seen in the past.”

Dr. Roy’s practice specializes in both pain management and treatment for opioid addiction. This is a warning to doctors all over the country. With the push to increase prescriptions of Suboxone by the government and increasing the number of patients a doctor can treat, they are setting more doctors up for charges like this. And the purpose is to forfeit more doctors’ assets to make more money for the Justice Department. This is illegal activity by a branch of government above the law that is supposed to be the guardian of justice. Pure horse manure.

At the same time of the raid, the State Surgeon General’s Office placed an emergency suspension on Dr. Roy’s license. The reasons given were that Dr. Roy used his medical office as a front for a pill mill operation that gave people prescriptions without examinations. The document also stated Dr. Roy’s wife worked at the office as an unlicensed medical professional. Dr. Roy denied the accusations.

So with a swipe of their pen, the government has thrown hundreds of patients out on the street for their pain management, where more will die from accidental overdose. But that will just add more statistics to the government’s propaganda blaming doctors for the opioid deaths.