C. Fred Gott, MD, 65, a cardiologist in Bowling Green, KY who also provided pain management services, is scheduled for a 4-week trial in Bowling Green, KY starting September 13. All chronic pain advocates within driving distance should be there to support him. 

The targeting of Dr. Gott began in 2013 with the deaths of three patients. That made him an “easy” target with the stigma attached. So they raided his office and the Kentucky Board Of Medical Licensure forced him to agree to an order of indefinite restriction of his license in 2014. Standard MO.

The initial indictment came in June 2015 with charges of “conspiring with others to knowingly and intentionally distribute and dispense, not for a legitimate medical purpose in the usual course of professional practice, controlled substances” which is an illegal use of the law meant to exempt doctors. The time frame was from 2006 to Sept., 2013. That allows the government to confiscate more of the doctor’s assets because they are using that same period to charge him with Medicare/Medicaid fraud by submitting claims at a higher code than the service provided and ordering unnecessary tests. The superceding indictment charges him with one count of conspiracy to knowingly and intentionally distribute and dispense, not for a legitimate medical purpose and beyond the bounds of professional medical practice, controlled substances; Counts two through 18 are charges of unlawful distribution and dispensing of controlled substances, three involving serious physical injury or death; Count 19 is health care fraud resulting in death. Counts 20-50 are health care fraud for upcoding and for medically unnecessary spirometry tests or electrocardiograms.

Our government is going broke. Their method now to try to save money is to charge innocent doctors for fraud where there is none, and then reclaim all the money issued to that doctor for every case during that time period. So in other words, Dr. Gott, if convicted, worked for 7 years for nothing. How would you like the government to come in and take 7 years of your income fraudulently?  

As for the charges of distribution resulting in death, it has been the Supreme Court decision in cases involving states that the drugs have to be determined as the actual cause of death. But even so, if the drugs were prescribed in good faith and for a legitimate purpose (which only the doctor can determine per the Controlled Substance Act—not the government), he should not be held criminally responsible. If the families want to bring civil charges, let them. But doctors should not be criminalized for their medical decision making. If allowed to do that here, when might your life be in jeopardy, depending on a doctor’s decision, and he waivers because of fear of criminal charges?

If convicted as charged, Dr. Gott could receive 20 years to life in federal prison and a $12 million fine. We have to stop these illegal incarcerations based on stigmatization and government propaganda for money.