Medical Board Ethnic Cleansing

Of Minorities Confirmed

Los Angeles – Above shows a picture of  former Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod who was the Chair of the Senate Committee on Business, Professions, and Economic Development. License Discipline Data Shows Clear Racial Bias against Mexican and Black medical professionals. The study involved over 10 years of discipline data from the Medical Board of California and it shows a relationship between race and professional license discipline outcomes, so reports the California Research Bureau.

Having conducted the research at the behest of the Medical Board of California (Board), the Research Bureau looked at the discipline imposed by the Board from 2003-2013. The Research Bureau analyzed 125,792 physician records and 32,978 complaint records to look for any evidence of disparate treatment for minority physicians in the Board’s disciplinary outcomes. Its research concluded:

  • Latino and Black physicians were both more likely to receive complaints than other races.
  • Latino/a and Black physicians were both more likely to see those complaints escalate to investigations than other races.
  • Latino and Black physicians were both more likely to see those investigations result in discipline than other races.
  • Asian physicians had a reduced likelihood of receiving complaints than other races.
  • Asian physicians had a reduced likelihood of seeing complaints escalate to investigations than other races.

Law Enforcement Crimes Reaches Epidemic

Levels Against Color Doctors / Nurses

Doctors of color and nurses are becoming extinct because of medical board discrimination and department of justice involvement in the practice of medicine. Thousands of doctors and nurses of color are subjected to serious misconduct and abuse at the hands of rogue government and law enforcement officers acting on behalf of the boards. Special interest groups, like CVS Health, has weighed in on the community clinics and they have pushed unlawful and illegal investigations by government officials of doctors and patients, which has led to increased overdose deaths and doctors being criminalized for legally treating their patients. The results of this study represents a direct attack on people of color and doctors and nurses are losing their licenses as a result of serious misconduct associated with the targeting of Black and Mexican owned clinic healthcare businesses and livelihoods.

Common Types Of Misconduct Seen

Against Color Peoples

  • Making False Police Reports,
  • Tampering with Evidence,
  • Manufacturing Evidence,
  • Concealing Evidence,
  • Perjury and False Statement,
  • Retaliation and Bullying,
  • Paying and Pressuring Co-workers/Employees to provide false testimony, and
  • Aiding and Abetting the Judges who work and is under their authority.

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  • HELP MAKE CHANGE: Sign our petition requesting that Congress enact a Medical Board Civilian Police Review Committee law to deter medical board police and prosecutorial misconduct and hold these officials responsible for their actions. The most common crime against doctors made by the medical board police teams are “FALSE REPORTS” that police officers refer to as accusations. These are criminal actions by law enforcement and they are not held accountable for making false statements, perjury, and manufacturing evidence. A Civilian Police Review Committee will help stop these senseless acts against healthcare providers and restore justice and constitutional rights.
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Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation