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Convicted Nurse Practitioner

Convicted Nurse Practitioner

Charles Brown, Jr, CFNP, indicted on 4 counts, was convicted and sentenced to 60 months (5 years) in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for his role in distributing oxycodone at Chantilly Specialists, owned by Mr. Paul Baccone, also convicted. Charles was the lead nurse practitioner in the practice. Brown began work at Chantilly Specialists in July 2009, supervised by Dr. Carol Currier. Dr. Joel Match took over in this position from Dr. Currier in 2011.

For the sensationalism, all the press reported about Brown was: “Evidence showed that Brown provided 600 customers more than 800,000 oxycodone-based pills, including 14,400 to a single addict.”  Now if we look at the numbers here, over the 6 years covered by the indictment, that means each customer got an average of less than 1 pill per day.  Not bad for a pain management clinic, really. Are they charging him with inadequate treatment?  I don’t think so. I think they are trying to make the prescribing look like it was too much.   Even the 14,000 pills prescribed to a single addict computes to only 6/day, which if Percocet was the medicine, could be an appropriate amount. Here the fault would like with government persecution and propaganda against long-acting opioids, forcing a lot of practitioners to prescribe short-acting low dose opioids for chronic pain. But that isn’t Mr. Brown’s fault.

The use of “outside the course of professional practice” is being used in all cases to prosecute legitimate practitioners, Mr. Brown being one of many. This is the way the Justice Department has gotten around the exemption of medical professionals in the CSA. This problem needs to be addressed and corrected by Congress, but they do nothing as well. Everybody’s in it for the money.

So why are they really going after a Nurse Practitioner?  My guess is he didn’t take their offer of testifying against Mr. Baccone. So they also persecuted him to make him an example.

Mr. Brown, we would love to know more about your case.

If anyone knows any information about this case, please communicate it to us.  Mr. Brown might be the federal inmate by register number 79444-083, listed as a 55 y/o Black Male, currently on home confinement through the Washington DC RRM, scheduled for release on June 2, 2016.