Charles Larmore, FNP, worked at Superior One, a pain management clinic in Chattanooga, TN owned by Barbara Lang.  The information here is an example of the position of conscience that these attacks on pain management offices cause.  Here we have an innocent practitioner forced to take a plea agreement, but refusing to give false testimony against another and paying dearly for it. The plea was conspiring to distribute and dispense controlled drugs between 2009 and 2012. I’m sure Mr. Larmore had no more illegally distributed controlled substances–which by law means that he was standing out on the street corner selling prescriptions without a patient evaluation–than I did.

Because Mr. Larmore didn’t testify at Barbara Lang’s (the owner) trial. US Attorney Gregg Sullivan said he felt “lukewarm” about Larmore’s cooperation to the judge.

“Mr. Larmore has a hard time embracing his culpability,” Sullivan said. “That’s why he didn’t testify for the government at Lang’s trial.”

But Larmore’s attorney, Hilary Hodgkins, said Larmore was simply going through an internal struggle. He cannot reconcile the act of distributing narcotics to addicts with his self-image. She called it a “suspension of disbelief.”

At his plea hearing, Mr. Larmore apologized for his actions and said he is taking responsibility. That’s a hard pill to swallow when you are innocent—to admit guilt for whatever reason when you know you are innocent.

Mr. Larmore was sentenced to 13 years in prison, while the doctor he worked under (Jerome Sherard) got 5 years because he falsely testified for the prosecution. Judges are involved in this conspiracy as well.