The Drug Enforcement Agency arrested 74-year-old Doctor David Taylor, a Staten Island Pain Management Specialist in June of 2017. The DEA reported that Dr. Taylor ran a pill mill that pumped millions of painkillers into his own community. The DEA set the tone for their usual attack on doctors prescribing and treating patients for chronic pain and anxiety disorders.

The Drug Enforcement investigation statistics are “way” out of the ballpark and the numbers that they have given to the news stations and local media just does not add up! You can do the math for yourself and you will also see that this investigation and unlawful drug charge of this doctor is nothing more than a witch hunt to destroy another American doctor and take his money from him in a Policing for Profits scheme that this government has accustomed itself to carrying out against We The People. You can click here to see the article.

Let us do the math and watch the DEA’s case come crumbling down right before your eyes. Here are the facts that the DEA reported that positively and absolutely shows this doctor is innocent:

1). Dr. Taylor wrote 14,000 prescriptions over a 5 year period according to the DEA,

2). The ring leader brought 500 patients to Dr. Taylor’s office monthly, according to the DEA,

3). 1,374 fatal overdoses last year due to opioids, according to the DEA,

4). Patients paid 150.00 dollars to have Dr. Taylor write them a prescription according to the DEA, and

5). One Million dollars worth of prescription drugs from Dr. Taylor were sold on the streets.


  • 14,000 prescriptions over five years (60 months) span equals to 233 prescriptions per month.
  • 233 prescriptions a month is impossible because the DEA reported that there were 500 patients a month was taken to Dr. Taylor by the “ring” leader with the yellow Corvette. That’s 267 patients short of the 500 patients the DEA reported, the tally shows that if the prescription count is correct, only 233 patients a month could have gotten a prescription which equals to less than 10 patients a day. The numbers speak for themselves.
  • This is a quote right out of the article “accusing him of writing more than 14,000 oxycodone prescription for about 2.2 million pills over five years.” Well, you can see this is another flat out lie because 2.2M div x 14,000 = 157.00 dollar per each 30mg oxycodone which is false. The street value is only costing a “maximum” of 50.00 dollars per pill. This is another bold lie that the DEA has charged Dr. Taylor with.
  • Now let’s take a look at the 1,374 fatal overdoses that the DEA and the news media has attributed to Dr. Taylor’s prescriptions. Apparently, these agents must have forgotten about the illegal drugs that China is bringing in this country by the boat loads. It was just reported last week in New York, which turns out to be one of the biggest drug busts in the history of that state. The DEA confiscated enough Fentanyl to kill 32 Million Americans, but it appears that nobody is speaking of these illegal drugs that is really killing people and being sold on the streets.

Doctor David Taylor is innocent and the DEA states that he just sold them (500 patients taken to his clinic monthly) the prescriptions for 150.00 dollars. If that was the case, why did they not present their confidential informants showing that he did not do a clinical exam. The Oversight Committee exposed the DEA for corruption and some of these DEA agents were involved with killing innocent people. The head of this agency just resigned under scrutiny due to all the corruption that is going on.

The DEA botched this unlawful arrest of Dr. Taylor and the numbers are way off and they just can’t add up. These agencies are Policing for Profits and there is enormous misconduct within these investigations as well. Tampering with evidence, bullying, retaliation, making false reports, paying-off employees to be confidential informants, and paying off other people to incriminate Dr. Taylor when in fact, he is innocent. Everybody should write a letter to the DEA and the Governor and tell them to stop falsely incriminating doctors for prosecutorial and financial gain. SIGN OUR PETITION FOR POLICE REVIEW COMMITTEE to stop misconduct against Doctors and Nurses.