Los Angeles – The Washington Post and 60 Minutes exposed Government Corruption, Lies, Deception, and research revealed that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and other Government Agencies like the Department of Justice (DOJ), including the Medical Boards are under the control of BIG PHARMA and Special Interest Groups. Not a good sign for patient care and the Doctor-Patient relationship.  see the Washington Post Article .

The War against chronic pain victims and doctors is a well-planned attack against the Medical Community, which involved special interest groups controlling Government Tax-Paying Agencies (GTPA) to monopolize and control top officials in these agencies; therefore, allowing these special interest groups to use GTPA’s to wedge a deliberate and vicious war against doctors and patients.

This War is about arresting thousands of doctors and calling them “drug dealers,” it’s about calling legitimate patients “drug addicts,” and it’s about blaming thousands of overdose deaths on doctors, which is a GTPA false narrative, according to recent Research findings. Illegal and illicit drugs from China are killing millions of Americans and blamed on the doctors legal and valid prescriptions.

The real basis for this war is greed and control over Patients Health and the Doctor-Patient relationship which has been jeopardized by GTPA’s under the direct control and influence of special interest groups, like the Washington Post exposed. The Medical Community is in jeopardy and we need laws to protect the Doctor-Patient relationship from corrupt Government and Special Interest Groups.

Billy Z. Earley is a healthcare advocate and he advocates on behalf of the American Pain Institute (API), Doctors of Courage (DOC), Black Doctors Matter (BDM), and the World Sickle Cell Federation (WSCF). These are the  facts about GTPA’s and Special Interest Groups:

1.  85% of opioid overdose deaths linked to illicit / illegal drugs from China and other countries,

2.  The Mainstream Media is purposely reporting that doctors are prescribing more, a blatant lie,

3.   The Special Interest Groups are utilizing the GTPA to fight their illegal war against doctors and patients,

4.  Doctors are being arrested by the thousands using false narratives. The CDC guidelines are illegal and was implemented by the Special Interest Groups,

5.  Doctors do not have Due Process and Constitutional rights and/or protections because of special interest led GTPA control over doctors. Corruption, Misconduct, and False Evidence is what GTPA’s use to eliminate the competition for Special Interest, and lastly

6.  RETAIL CLINICS such as Minute Clinics have benefited from this war against doctors and patients and by illegally arresting and criminalizing the doctors and patients, this has led to a Coercive Monopoly in which the GTPA’s have assisted Special Interest Groups to provide unlawful business competition and gaining market-shares of the community based healthcare clinics.

We need your support to continue fighting for victims of  Government and special interest abuse. We need volunteers and funding; we have an upcoming protest rally at the DOJ Headquarters on January 19, 2018, in front of the Ronald Reagan Building in Downtown Los Angeles.

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