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Jeffrey Bado, D.O.Jeffrey Bado, DO, 60, of Philadelphia, is facing a September trial on a 322-count federal indictment related to opioid prescribing. Dr. Bado calls himself a “poster child” in the war against doctors.

Seeing the ineffectiveness of the usual interventional treatments of pain management clinics, Dr. Bado had gone to treating pharmacologically. That made him, according to the Board of Medicine, the 4th largest prescriber in the US outside large facilities, and therefore a target.

In fact, let’s hear from some of his patients. They spoke out rather disconcertedly at the end of one of the newspaper articles.

These two doctors have gotten me back to functioning again. [Other doctors] want a piece of my insurance money to do surgery or years of spinal injections. These doctors started the laser treatment and wow! headaches disappeared, my pain is much less and I’m back to running our very successful small business. Without these two doctors, I’d still be back in bed. People need to leave these doctors alone and let them do what they do best–treat people with real pain so they can live again.

Another patient said:

This entire incident that has unfolded is not only a shock, but complete NONSENSE!!!! I have been a patient of Dr Bado over 3 years now and have been so fortunate to have my quality of life improve in every aspect of my life due to the truly impeccable care of these 2 doctors. What these gentleman do for the patients should be viewed as a beautiful thing, definitely NOT AS A CRIME. And as for anyone who hasn’t walked so much as a day in the shoes of a truly chronic pain patient, I can promise you that just one day, and you would without question agree. Most importantly here, not only has an injustice been done to the patients who truly do what is right to receive proper treatment, but the real crime is that Dr Bado, a man of God, and one who has helped me in my relationship with GOD in a beautiful way, is being falsely accused of doing something contrary to his religious beliefs. And I know that GOD will see him as well as all of us through this! Dr Jeffrey Bado is just too good a person as is Dr Shushman. Our prayers are with you, and GOD will see us all through.

Another patient:

I have been a patient for several years. He and his staff have given me my life back to where I can get out of bed again and enjoy things I never thought I would enjoy again. I met Dr. B at church and one year had very little to give to my children. He gave me an envelope with 2 of each gift cards for teenagers and $100.00. His staff also dropped off all the fixings for dinner two days before that plus $25.00. Who does that? A criminal? I think not! He has always had my health and best interests at heart whether it be my pain or personal problems which he prayed over with me. I would have never stayed with him had I any suspicions that he was doing something illegal. But now where do we all go?

And another:

I have been a patient for over twenty years. This Dr. has saved my life on two occasions. I have been on disability for the past ten years and without him and this practice I would not be able to wake up every day and be a mother to my two children. The truth will come out and the township will have to apologize for trying to run out the only Dr. that has ever truly cared about me and so many others.

Last one:

So not true!!! My mother goes to him. She is in severe chronic pain due to many back and neck injuries she is on permanent disability. To even be considered as a patient you need an MRI and you need records that state the issues with pain over the course of a few years. Also they first try alternative treatments if these do not work they use medication. THEY DRUG TEST EVERY ONE if any one tests over OR UNDER they get a warming if it happens again they are no longer seen or treated. Testing under may mean you are selling them. My mom testes under because she simply didn’t want to take it that often so he cut her prescription on half. Also he does not allow you to be prescribed narcotics from any other doctor if you are seeing him. Not only that but if you test positive for any other drug (marijuana included ) you are never prescribed again from him and he will stop seeing you. Dr. Bado does everything 100 percent by the books.

U.S. Attorney Zane David Memeger’s actions and position is the same as other attacks on doctors all over the country, criticizing Dr. Bado’s method of patient evaluation and treatment. How does a US Attorney know the proper method of patient evaluation, or anything about medicine? They don’t. So their method of attacking a doctor’s decision-making has no basis. The fact that doctors are being indicted on these kinds of inflammatory statements without any proper knowledge is simply a poor reflection on our judicial system.

To protect his office from drug seekers, Dr. Bado created a security team to investigate. The prosecution claimed that his “security chief” sold most of his own pills. He became an FBI informant (probably after being caught selling), and hired an undercover agent as his assistant. More than likely the negative statements about Dr. Bado’s practice come from this undercover agent who will probably commit perjury for the prosecution. They have no qualms about doing that to obtain a conviction.

One of the actions US Attorneys take in the Grand Jury is to have someone commit perjury stating that the doctor “knew that his patients were addicted to oxycodone, were using illegal drugs, or were not even taking the oxycodone pills as prescribed.” They make those kind of accusations at my indictment as well, which were all lies. But they get away with it and they shouldn’t. The Justice Department should be held accountable for perjury the same as any other citizen, or even more so because they hold a higher level of trust.

The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General, the Haverford Township Police Department and the Philadelphia Police Department.  All of those jobs depend on the attack on one doctor. Follow the money and you’ll see why this is happening. I can guarantee you that once Dr. Bado’s case is over, another innocent doctor in the area will be targeted. The Justice Department has found out that the methods used by Hitler—blame one group of people for a societal problem—work and they are riding the gravy train.

Contrary to what the patients state above, the prosecutors claim that he ignored the results of his drug tests. That is highly unlikely in the climate today against opiates. They also cast a bad light on the doctor by saying that patients paid cash for visits and his exam of them was “cursory”. Now when has it become illegal for businesses to deal in cash? With the usual attack on pain management doctors being Medicare fraud to get into the office and confiscate records, it is completely understandable that doctors have chosen to change to an all-cash basis. I did. And even though my office visits only cost $150 for initial and $55 for follow-up, I was still accused of “doing it for the money”. As for the physical exam, once the initial visit is done, a complete physical is not necessary. The need to continue the pain medication is usually based on the patient’s answers to questions.

Dr. Bado, was also charged with more than 30 counts of insurance fraud by allegedly billing Medicare and private insurers for patient visits that occurred when he was out of the office, allegedly directing residents, nurses and other staff to see patients while he was away, and directed them to provide the patients with prescriptions that he had already filled out and signed. This doesn’t make sense because residents can write their own prescriptions. He was also charged with filling out patient records as if he had seen them, even though he was out of the country. Dr. Bado denies doing this. Since it would be easy to show he was out of the office, I don’t think he would be that stupid. Doctors are expected to sign records of patients seen by subordinates, to show that the treatment is agreed upon.

If convicted of all charges, Dr. Bado faces decades in prison, substantial fines, and criminal forfeiture. Of course, the point of all of this is money—confiscating an established doctor’s assets and collecting fines and paybacks to government insurance. The prison term gives job security to others in the Justice Department–one side looks after the other.

The patient statements at the beginning tell it all—that the government charges are bogus, purely an attempt to attack another innocent doctor for monetary reward. People need to get behind Dr. Bado in September, flood the courtroom with supporters, and make sure justice is done.