Kofi Shaw-Taylor, MD, is a 67 y/o urologist in Baltimore, MD who, by taking up the gauntlet of treating pain, has found himself the target of a law-breaking Justice Department.

Dr. Kofi Shaw-Taylor’s office was raided in April, 2017 from which he was indicted on one count Medicaid fraud. That shows the whole process is illegal. That charge was just an excuse to enter his office illegally. Any doctor can be charged with Medicaid fraud. Now, after combing through his records to create a crime, he has been indicted for 289 counts of conspiracy to commit drug distribution and other charges.

To leave a paper trail, since they work with the government against doctors, the Maryland Board of Physicians suspended Dr. Shaw-Taylor’s medical license in May, 2017 based on the assumption that prescription drugs are causing increased opioid-related deaths. The real cause is government overreach into medicine, closing offices and sending pain patients to the streets for self-treatment. States have jumped on the gravy train set by the Feds, putting criminal charges on doctors for medical care. I’m not familiar with all state laws, but legitimate pain management should not be one of them. Instead, in order to pad the state treasury coffers, doctors are being attacked with blame for the opioid epidemic.

And so, as admitted to the media, the attorney general’s office partners with local police and DEA agents to build the cases against physicians. According to the media, this case is among the first indictments from a new partnership of local police and federal agents working together in Maryland. Stating “Law Enforcement must use all available resources to fight the opioid epidemic. Medical professionals must and will be held accountable,” Chief Terrence B. Sheridan of the Baltimore County Police Department shows that even local law enforcement gets paid through “drug money”. DEA Special Agent Karl Colder, adding that four of five new heroin addicts begin by abusing pills. That’s just pure DEA propaganda because they’d rather attack easy targets like doctors than go after the real crooks—the illegal traffickers. “Go where the money is and the guns aren’t” as stated by a former US Attorney turned sides.

Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh says Dr. Shaw-Taylor killed two patients. Now two patients may have died, but the doctor didn’t “kill” them. That is pure propaganda published to tamper with the potential jury pool. This is an area that some states are starting to realize, is not under the doctor’s power—how the patients take the medications. Hopefully that charge won’t fly in Maryland.

Kofi Shaw-Taylor and nine co-defendants operated two clinics in which he is being charged with prescribing controlled substances “outside the scope of professional practice and without legitimate medical purpose”. This uses the phrase from the Controlled Substance Act that actually exempts physicians from attack. According to the law, if a doctor prescribes a controlled drug in his office for a medical purpose, he is not subject to the law. But the DOJ is now expert on creating crime where there is none for prosecution. Jobs, bonuses, promotions in the DOJ. That’s what it’s all about.

Dr. Shaw-Taylor, worked in 2 locations: Starlife Wellness Center and Westside Medical Group. The nurses, therapists and office workers are listed as co-conspirators. That’s so that the DOJ can threaten the employees so that they perjure themselves on the witness stand in order to convict the doctor. So if you understand their MO, that proves that the practice was legitimate, and they are witness tampering in order to convict.

They are also claiming Medicaid fraud. It was reported that Medicaid patients were prescribed medication but visits were not billed to Medicaid. That is not illegal. It could be that the patients didn’t even tell the office they were Medicaid. Or a simple billing error. The medical board stated that he had trouble finding qualified employees.

Then it was reported that people came to the clinic from large distances. Well now, with the inability to find a pain management physician in many areas, legitimate patients are forced to travel. Some of my patients in Virginia, in 2011, had to go to Georgia to find treatment. That doesn’t make the clinic a “drug dealer”, but compassionate. Compassion is also reflected by the fact that Dr. Shaw-Taylor accepted Medicaid (over 1000 patients)—the care of which doesn’t even pay the operating costs.

Just one demonstration of how the use of the Controlled Substance Act is being used illegally against doctors.  Here are some illegal offenses in the CSA:

  1. §858. Endangering human life while illegally manufacturing controlled substance
  2. §859. Distribution to persons under age twenty-one
  3. §860. Distribution or manufacturing in or near schools and colleges
  4. §860a. Consecutive sentence for manufacturing or distributing, or possessing with intent to manufacture or distribute, methamphetamine on premises where children are present or reside

These are obviously targeting the illegal drug market, not physician’s offices. Dr. Shaw-Taylor, however, is being charged with 92 counts of distribution near a school because one of his offices is located near a school. But this was not the intent of the law—to attack a doctor because of his location.  If these laws were intended to be used against doctors, than any pain treatment for a person under 21 would be liable per §859. Is that the next illegal direction they will go? So that children can’t get relief from pain following surgery or sickle cell anemia, or cancer?  Wake up America!  See what the DOJ is doing and derail this gravy train in the courtroom.

One final point. Dr. Shaw-Taylor is being charged illegally with the CSA, stating that he dispensed controlled substances without medical purpose. That is using a law illegally. But what is even worse is a City Government convicting him and Dr. Babaturk on their website before a trial has even taken place.  I should think that would be grounds for dismissal.

The Town of Morningside Maryland website states:

Two Maryland Physicians Indicted On Drug Charges After Illegally Prescribing Controlled Substance

Illegally convicted by government before trial

Another government error is assuming that pain patients are addicts. As a result of his office being shut down, health officials alerted Baltimore medical providers, emergency service providers, hospital emergency rooms and treatment centers, of a potential spike in drug withdrawals and overdoses among local patients. But they make the announcement by saying:

Dear Partners, A significant number of patients struggling with addiction may be at an increased risk for overdose and/or go into withdrawal without medical support.

That is a terrible conclusion, and is driving the opiaphobia in America today. With all the people using opioids appropriately for pain, only 1-2% become addicted.

“The concern here is that patients of this prescriber who may have been receiving opioids prescribed by him could go into withdrawal because they don’t have access to medications that they’re used to taking, or could seek out other substances on the street and wind up overdosing,” Mark O’Brien, Baltimore City Health Department Director of Opioid Overdose and Treatment said.

The government obviously knows that shutting down doctors’ offices forces people to the street for self-treatment. So why do they do it?  It is my belief that the government is shortsightedly trying to solve the burgeoning baby-boomer rise in government costs through legal genocide. Kill off the 5 “expendable” populations of Medicare/Medicaid insured, disabled, poor, and elderly.

Supposedly the state of Maryland planned on starting a new policy in July that required prior authorization to write opioids. Since it is usually a white-collar paper pusher, sometimes with only a high school education making those prior auth decisions, that means that someone without a medical degree is dispensing.  THAT, folks, is against the law. I wonder if they have gotten that through. It just goes to show how the government considers themselves above the law. One in five Marylanders will need prior authorization through the state’s Medicaid program. Is this another form of legal genocide, forcing government insured to street drugs and probable overdose?

I hope the authorities read this and understand that drugs don’t cause addiction. For the REAL cause, go to the home page or Videos. I am also available to come to Maryland and give talks/seminars on these topics.