Drug Cartel grandma? NOT!!

86 y/o Lillian “Bubbie” Meghnot was the owner of The Meghnot Comprehensive Center for Hope in Ann Arbor, Michigan, conducting legitimate pain management and yet shut down by the government in March, 2015. She, along with office manager Gerardo “Jerry” Alcala-Rivera and medical doctors Anthony Conrardy, William McCutchen III and Sharadchandra Patel were all indicted on various criminal charges pertaining to the working of this legitimate pain management clinic. Ms. Meghnot was indicted on one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, 15 counts of aiding and abetting in the unlawful distribution of controlled substances, and one count of maintaining drug-involved premises. That is all so that the government can confiscate all of her property and savings. Her office manager, Mr. Alcalda-Rivera, 37, faced the same charges, but was aiding and abetting Meghnot in the maintenance of drug-involved premises.

The indictment alleged that Ms. Meghnot established and maintained the clinic, hired staff and recruited doctors to prescribe controlled substances outside the scope of usual professional medical practices and for no legitimate medical purpose. But the clinic was legitimate, even demonstrated by the government’s own comments to the contrary. Comments like:

  • “They give the false appearance of a legitimate medical practice” and “they went to great lengths maintaining that front.”  Because they were legitimate.
  • “The patient consultation process with physicians…” demonstrating the patient did see the physician for evaluation.
  • “For example, among other things, physical examinations of patients…” showing that patients were evaluated.
  • “Urinalysis companies to test patients’ urine for the presence of prescription drugs and other illicit substances, which had the effect of making the center appear to be legitimate”  does show that the clinic was legitimate.
  • They “operated on a cash-only basis and refused to take any medical insurance.” Not only is that not illegal, but all doctors should be cash-only at this point. Stop working for insurance companies and start working for patients again.

At the time of the raid and arrests in March, 2015, Ms. Meghnot said the allegations were a mistake:

“We are just hardworking people and it is absolutely not like what they are saying about us,”
“We were just doing a good job for people who need care. It’s a mistake that’s been made here.”

She, along with all the others involved, originally pleaded “not guilty”. Eventually however, due to pressure, Ms. Meghnot and Dr. Patel finally took guilty pleas—Meghnot to conspiracy, health care fraud and money laundering and Dr. Patel, 72 to conspiracy—one week before the trials of Dr. McCutchen and Conrardy. Trying to save their own lives, they put nooses around the necks of hundreds more doctors and owners. Probably hurt by their pleas, the two doctors were convicted and sentenced to 30 months in prison.

A comment by a reader on one of the propaganda media articles stated:

I personally know Jerry [the office manager], he is a close friend of mine. He would not EVER involve himself in anything illegal. I read all these comments about greediness and about high schoolers becoming drug addicts and what not. Well he is not one of those people that would do that, he is NOT greedy. He is a hard working individual, and he is a good man that would give someone the shirt off his back. He would not intentionally do something illegal. All he was doing was helping people, he has a good heart.