Hasan H. Babaturk, MD, a 60 y/o general practitioner in Baltimore MD has been indicted on10 counts of Distribution of a Controlled Substance, 1 Count Keeping Common Nuisance, and 10 Counts Unlawful Prescription of a Controlled Substance. The indictment alleges that from December 2015 to March 2016, Dr. Babaturk unlawfully distributed oxycodone, oxymorphone, fentanyl, and Xanax and that he sold prescriptions for these narcotics from his vehicle. But according to the insurance charges, he billed for some home visits. Sounds like Maryland is trying to follow the footsteps of New Jersey calling legitimate medical practice a crime. But “dealing out of his car” sounds a whole lot more “guilty” than “doing a home visit.”

Dr. Babaturk is in a Baltimore County detention center serving a year-long sentence after pleading guilty in January to a previous drug charge. He was probably innocent of that as well, but thought the plea would end the attacks. There is no information on the internet about the basis for that plea.

The statements pertaining to the indictment from state Attorney General Brian Frosh were inflammatory, prejudicial, and claiming acts to be illegal that aren’t. I wonder: do states enjoy the same immunity as federal for wrongfully charging an innocent person for a crime? If not, the state of Maryland should be sued.

First, they blame doctors’ prescriptions for the opioid epidemic. Folks, drugs don’t cause addiction. You can learn that on my video The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse. While they chase doctors for money, THEY are allowing the opioid epidemic to get worse and kill more people. But as long as the forfeited assets of doctors make it into their salary payments, they really don’t care.  Nick DiGiulio, Special Agent in Charge for the Inspector General’s Office of the U.S. DHHS in Philadelphia is right when he says “Greed continues to be the main driver in the illegal diversion of opioids and other drugs, which leads to further addictions, broken homes, deaths, and a drain on resources that could be used to keep people healthy and safe.”  Mr. DiGiulio, you are speaking about yourself and your politician friends.

According to the press reports, Panel B under Maryland Code concludes that the public health, safety or welfare imperatively requires emergency action. Panel B bases its conclusion on the finding that 89% of all intoxication deaths in Maryland in 2016 were opioid-related, up 70% since 2015 and 400% since 2010.

The reasons for this increase are:

1.     The REAL cause of drug abuse is not being addressed.

2.     The attacks on pain management physicians is forcing legitimate pain patients to the streets seeking self-medication, where they accidently or purposefully overdose.

So, government, do your job. Instead of attacking doctors for money using the guise of the opioid epidemic, learn the real cause, address that, and let doctors take care of the legitimate pain patients.