Faith Blake, 42, of Chattanooga, Tenn., was sentenced October, 2015, to serve 44 years in federal prison. At the sentencing hearing, Judge Collier remarked that the sentence was intended to deter others from engaging in this activity and to keep her from ever committing this type of crime (i.e. owning a legitimate pain management business) in the future. In reality, the DOJ fills prison beds for money, jobs, and job security. But doctors and clinic owners do need to take note, and stop treating pain completely until the government stops this illegal targeting.

Additionally, she was ordered to forfeit $2,700,000 to the United States, which represented her gross income as owner of the pain management clinics. Is there any other area where the government confiscates the entire income from a legitimate business? NO! Is this the reason for these illegal attacks?  You bet!!

Ms. Blake was indicted August, 2012 for 66 counts of conspiring to illegally distribute and dispense controlled substances and maintaining drug-involved premises. This was in regards to two pain clinics in Chattanooga—Superior One Medical Clinic which the media said she co-owned, and Elite Care Medical Clinic. Also involved were her mother, Barbara Lang, also an owner, Dr. Jerome Sherard, and Charles Larmore, FNP.

Ms. Blake was arrested September, 2012 in Houston, Texas where she had relocated. She no longer lived in the area where the clinics were located, and had, in fact, sold the Superior One clinic. All associated with the case first entered a plea of not guilty. But eventually the only one to go to trial was Ms. Blake’s mother, Barbara Lang. Ms. Blake did finally plead guilty to conspiring to distribute prescription drugs outside the scope of professional practice and not for a legitimate medical purpose.

I met Faith in prison. I was at SFF Hazelton in 2015 when she was incarcerated there. We had a lot to share about the illegal, unethical actions of the Department of Justice. Her story was as unbelievable as mine, how the US Attorney’s office commits prosecutorial misconduct, and how the judge is just as involved supporting the prosecution because the court reaps the monetary benefits of a conviction.

Here are the facts she told me about her mother’s trial:

  1. The foreman of the jury was best friends with the prosecutor’s mother and lived in the neighborhood.
  2. Another juror made cupcakes for the US Marshals.
  3. Another juror went to the local rec center with the prosecutors.
  4. A private investigator followed the jury members around.
  5. The jury found her mother innocent of charges for 140 years, but the judge added them back.

It is supposed to be part of jury selection that people who know parties to the procedure are eliminated. That didn’t happen. The judge wouldn’t dismiss the jurors with personal connection to the prosecution.

The sentence for Ms. Blake, now 42, will basically constitute a life sentence. It is my hope that we can show the evil of this illegal activity and get all people imprisoned on these charges exonerated and released. It only takes informing the American people of the two truths found in these videos: The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse and Illegal Use of the Law Against Doctors. The videos give the basics, but for more thorough information, get the DVDs here:!/DVDs/c/20493001/offset=0&sort=normal