We Want YOUR Money!

The government is raising the deficit ceiling and needs payoff participants. The next victim, Dr. Anthony Conrardy, 61, of Wisconsin was sentenced last week to 30 months in prison along with William McCutchen III, MD. Dr. Conrardy was convicted of five counts of distribution. The indictment alleged that he illegally prescribed 625 units of oxycodone (Percocet) to patients between March and April 2014.  What that means is that the government can come into any doctor’s office and charge them criminally for any single prescription and make any doctor, even yours, a criminal.

These charges were based on the usual illegal use of the Controlled Substance Act, using the exemption clause for doctors claiming he wrote “outside the course of professional medical practice and for no legitimate medical purpose”. The good news, if it could be called good news with the outcome, is that the jury deliberated for 8 days before returning the verdict. That means that there was someone on the jury who knew in his heart at least, that these charges were false, and that the doctors should have been acquitted. But I guess that person finally caved under pressure.

Dr. Conrardy was the acting physician at the Meghnot Comprehensive Center for Hope in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the time of the raid in March, 2015. He had worked there for one year. All of the people involved with running the clinic, past and present—pleaded not guilty to the charges at first. However, a week before this doctor’s trial, the owner Lillian Meghnot, 86, and former physician Dr. Shardchandra Patel, 72, took pleas. They save their own lives, but little do they know they are putting nooses around the necks of hundreds more. I don’t know whether they testified at the trial or not.

The indictment charged Dr. Conrardy with “operating on a cash-only basis and refusing to take any medical insurance,” “patient consultations weren’t aimed at healing or diagnosing a condition but to conceal that the true purpose of the visit was for the patient to receive an illegitimate prescription for controlled substances.” Physical examinations “were often negligible and spurious.” “Ostensibly a pain management clinic selling medically unnecessary prescriptions for controlled substances in exchange for cash payments.”

However, just the fact that physical exams were done, and even urinalyses were performed shows that the doctor was treating patients, not distributing drugs on the street corner. The Supreme Court has stated repeatedly since Jin Fuey Moy vs US in 1920 that the law refers to distribution of illegal drugs in the usual sense. That is not what the government is doing attacking legitimate clinics and doctors like this.

At the time of the raid, a patient wrote the following comment in response to one of the propaganda articles: I’m one of those patients … and that makes it hard for patients like myself to get meds once something like this occurs at a facility and you have some really good doctors that throw their God giving talent to help the sick and disable patients. I’m in tears. I don’t know what I’m to do now. I suffer from fibromylalgia, herniated disk, neck and back pain. Even with the meds my neck hurts like crazy. I don’t know about all this being illegal but the doctor helped me.

Just for your information, patient, the clinic was not doing anything illegal. We have an illegal, out-of-control government.