Creating crime where there is no crime has become the government MO. Here’s a doctor treating legitimate patients at a legitimate clinic now going to prison.

William McCutchen III, 47, of North Carolina, was sentenced last week to 30 months in prison for the unlawful distribution of narcotics. He was convicted of four counts of oxycodone distribution by jury trial in March, 2017, along with Dr. Anthony Conrardy of Wisconsin for work done at a clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  McCutchen only worked at the clinic from March 2013 to January 2014 and his charges stem from patients he saw between May and October 2013.  This goes to show how the government has no qualms about going after any doctor they want to, even to the point of constructing a crime against them.

The charges were based on the usual illegal use of the Controlled Substance Act, using the exemption clause for doctors claiming he wrote controlled prescriptions to individuals “outside the course of professional medical practice and for no legitimate medical purpose”.

Juries are not given the Controlled Substance Act to see the actual law for themselves. Instead, they only get the interpretation of the law by the prosecution. Even so, the jury acquitted McCutchen of two counts of unlawful distribution of drugs and was hung on the more serious charge of conspiracy.

“The jury did not find Dr. McCutchen guilty of operating a ‘pill mill’ by conspiring with Lillian Meghnot or any other employees of the clinic,” said Ronald Chapman, Dr. McCutchen’s attorney.  And the four counts he was convicted of were a result of isolated interactions between Dr. McCutchen and two patients. If the jury had just been made aware of the law, those convictions would not have taken place. This should be substantive cause for an appeal.

The good news with the outcome, if it could be called good news, is that the jury deliberated for 8 days before returning the verdict. That means that there was someone on the jury who knew in his heart at least, that these charges are false, and that the doctors should have been acquitted. But I guess that person finally caved under pressure.

The government feeds propaganda to the media which then reports it as if the statements are fact. In this case, they cause a legitimate practice to be questioned by outright inflammatory lies such as:

  •  “running a ‘pill mill’ to supply drugs to customers at a fake medical center”
  • “fake medical clinic”
  • “Federal agents executed a search warrant at the purported medical clinic in March 2015 and found it was not a legitimate medical center.”
  • “staff and others to give the clinic the appearance of a medical clinic, but in reality is was a pill mill supplying narcotics to drug-seeking customers”
  • “writing narcotic prescriptions to people who had no legitimate medical use for the drugs”
  • “pain management center that wrote prescriptions for oxycodone, dilaudid, vicodin and other narcotics for people who didn’t need them”
  • In their propaganda machine, the government claimed that Lillian Meghnot, the owner, “hired staff and others to give the Meghnot Clinic the false appearance of a legitimate medical center, when in reality it was a pill mill supplying narcotics to drug-seeking customers.”

An illegal search warrant was carried out in March of 2015. This was a legitimate pain clinic. The government showed its legitimacy in their own attempt to make it sound “fake” in their indictment:

“The patient consultation process with physicians was not aimed at healing the patient or otherwise revealing a true medical condition, but instead to conceal that the true purpose of the visit was for the patient to receive an illegitimate prescription for controlled substances”.

“For example, among other things, physical examinations of patients, if performed, were often negligible and spurious.”

The center tested patients’ urine for the presence of prescription drugs and other illicit substances, “which had the effect of making the center appear to be legitimate.”

The fact that physical exams and urinalyses were performed and documented proves that the people coming to the clinic were patients. That automatically gives the doctors and therefore the clinic owner exemption from the use of the Controlled Substance Act. The gall of the government to call a legitimate pain clinic illegal!!! But they are doing it every day now.

Until she was probably pressured by her own attorneys to take a plea (defense attorneys get a bonus for this), Ms. Meghnot summarized the truth when she said:

“We were just doing a good job for people who need care. It’s a mistake that’s been made here.”

As usual, the government brags about the agencies that reap the harvest from these illegal prosecutions: the DEA, FBI, DHHS-OIG, IRS-Criminal Investigations, along with acting United States Attorney Daniel L. Lemisch and Assistant US Attorneys Charles J. Kalil II and Patrick J. Hurford looking for promotions and bonuses.