Jerome Sherard, MD, 60, of Hixon, TN, was the medical director for Superior One and Elite Care, the two clinics owned by Barbara Lang and Faith Blake. He also owned his own medical practice in Chattanooga. Dr. Sherard, along with the owners and a nurse practitioner, was charged August, 2012 with 66 counts of conspiring to illegally distribute and dispense controlled substances and distribution of controlled substances.  He pleaded not guilty.

Dr. Sherard finally accepted a guilty plea to writing controlled prescriptions in exchange for cash from “patients” who sometimes came from out of state. None of that is against the law. In fact, the law exempts doctors from charges for doing this very act—prescribing to patients in the office. Accepting cash in a business is not illegal.

During a hearing Thursday before U.S. District Court Judge Curtis Collier, prosecutor Gregg Sullivan credited Dr. Sherard for his accepting responsibility for his actions and agreed to a lesser sentence. In other words, Dr. Sherard was bribed with a lesser sentence if he gave false testimony against Barbara Lang, the owner. Dr. Sherard was sentenced to serve five years in prison while his nurse practitioner, Charles Larmore who didn’t testify, was sentenced to 13 years, even though nurse practitioners work under the supervision of the doctor. This shows how crooked the system is. Commit the illegal act of false testimony and we’ll lessen your sentence. Don’t, and we’ll sock it to you.

Dr. Sherard’s attorney, Robert Meeks, argued in a motion for a sentence lower than the federal guidelines, saying Sherard’s background and history of good works should justify a lesser sentence. He was raised in housing projects in Philadelphia and never knew his father. Yet he managed to lift himself from poverty and create a career as a successful pediatrician, “committed to healing people all his life,” Meeks said. More than 70 people wrote letters praising Sherard’s good works, including his 12- and 15-year-old sons. “Please give my dad another chance and release him so we can continue our lives together,” one boy wrote.

What do you think taking an innocent man away from two teenage boys will do to their understanding of justice? This is just pure evil.